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lists, we follow Hermann's view, which he has I known: —



It should "be observed that the order of most of these months is merely conjectural, and of some it is not even certain as to whether they really were Lacedaemonian months. But here, as in the other


fully explained in the work refened to at the end of this article.

Of the year of the Boeotians, which began at the winter solstice, the following months are

1. Bucatius (Bou/ccmos),

2. Hermaeus ('Eftucuos)

3. Prostaterius (Ilpoa-ra.T'fjpios)

4. Unknown.

5. Theiluthius (QeiXovOios)

6. Unknown.

7. Unknown.

8. Hippodromius

9. Panamus

10. Unknown.

11. Damatrius

12. Alalcomenius

nearly corresponds to our January.

— — February.

— — March.

— — May.

— — August.

— — September.

—• — November,

— — December.

The months of the year at Delphi were —

1. Bucatius (Bou/ca-nos), nearly answers to our September.

2. Heraeus ('

3. Apellaeus

4. Unknown.

5. Dadaphorius

6. Poetropius (Hoirp6Tnos)

7. Bysius (Butnos)

8. Artemisius

9. Heracleius

10. Boathous (Boa66os)

11. Ilaeus (JI?vcuos)


—• — October.









— — November.

12. Theoxenius

The names of the months at Cyzicus are given founded only on a conjecture, and the last may be in the following order, though the first of them is either the 10th, llth, or 12th : —

1. Boedromion (BorjSpofjLiau/'), nearl}r answers to our October.

2. Cyanepsion (Kucwe^twv) — — November.

3. Apaturion (^Airarovpi^i/) — — December.

4. Poseideon

5. Lenaeon

6. Anthesterion

7. Artemision (5ApT6Jui<r(ci>z>)

8. Calamaeon

9. Panemus

] 0. Taureon (Tavpeuv) 31 and 12. are unknown.

January. February. March. April.

May. June. July.

Among the Sicilian months the following are known: —

probably answers to our October. — — November.

1. Thesmophorius

2. Dalius (AaAtos)

3. Unknown.

4. Agrianius ('Ayp

5. Unknown.

6. Theudasius (©evfidcrios)

7. Artamitius ('Apra^'trios)

8. Unknown.

9. Badromius (Baopopios')

10. Hyacinthius ('YaKivOios)

11. Carneius (Kapye?os)

12. Panamus (IIca'ajuos)

We further know the names of several isolated months of other Greek states ; but as it is as y'et impossible to determine what place they occupied in the calendar, and with which of our months they correspond, their enumeration here would be of little or no use. We shall therefore confine ourselves to giving some account of the Macedonian months, and of some of the Asiatic cities and islands, which are better known.

On the whole it appears that the Macedonian year agreed with that of the Greeks, and that ac-

—— •—• January.

—- — March.

— — April.

— — June.

— — July.

— — August.

— — September.

cordingly it was a lunar year of twelve months, since we find that Macedonian months are described as coincident with those of the Athenians. (See a letter of King Philip in Demosth. Zte Coron. p. 280 ; Plut. Camil.-l99 Akos. 3, 16.) All chro-nologers agree as to the order and succession of the Macedonian months ; but we are altogether ignorant as to the name and place of the intercalary month, which must have existed in the Macedonian year as well as in that of the Greek states. The order is as follows: — 1. Dins (Aios), 2. Apellaeus

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