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demned. The patricians in revenge charged Vol-scius with falsehood ; and in b. c. 459 the quaestors accused him before the comitia of the curiae or the centuries, of having borne false witness against Kaeso, but the tribunes prevented them from pro­secuting the charge. In the following year, b. c. 458, L. Cincinnatus, the father of Kaeso, was ap­pointed dictator, and presided in the comitia for the trial of Volscius. The tribunes dared not offer any further opposition, and Volscius was obliged to go into exile. (Liv. iii. 13, 24, 25, 29 ; Dionys. x. 7 ; Niebuhr, Hist, of Rome., vol. ii. pp. 289, 298.)

VOLTEIA GENS, known chiefly from coins, of which we have a considerable number. Some bear the name of l. volteius strabo [strabo] ; and others have on them m. volteius m. f. Of the latter a specimen is annexed : the obverse re­presents the head of Jupiter, the reverse a temple with four columns. (Eckhel, vol. v. p. 344.)


VOLTEIUS or VULTEIUS. 1. L. vol-teius, a friend of L. Metellus, who was propraetor of Sicily, b. c. 70. (Cic. V&rr. iii. 66.)

2. A tribune of the soldiers in Caesar's army, b. c. 48. (Flor. iv. 2. § 33.)

3. volteius menas, a praeco mentioned by Horace (Epist. i. 7, 55, foil.).

T. VOLTU'RCIUS, or VULTU'RCIUS, of Crotona, one of Catiline's conspirators, was sent by Lentulus to accompany the ambassadors of the Allobroges to Catiline. Arrested along with the ambassadors on the Mulvian bridge, and brought before the senate by Cicero, Volturcius turned in­former upon obtaining the promise of pardon, and after giving his evidence was amply rewarded by the senate. (Sail. Cat. 44, 45, 47, 50 ; Cic. Cat. iii. 2, 4, iv. 3 ; Appian, B. C. ii. 4.)

VOLUMNIA. 1. The wife of Coriolanus.


2. The freedwoman of Volumnius Eutrapelus, and the mistress of Antony, is better known under her name of Cytheris. [cytheris.]

VOLUMNIA GENS, patrician and plebeian. It was of great antiquity, for the wife of Corio­lanus belonged to it, and one of its members, P. Volumnius Gallus, held the consulship as early as b.c. 461, but it never attained much importance. The Volumnii bore the cognomens of gallus with the agnomen Amintinus, and of flamma with the agnomen Violens. A few persons of the name are mentioned without any surname. [volumnius,]

VOLUMNTUS. 1. M. volumnius, slain by Catiline, at the time of Sulla. (Ascon. in Tog. Cand. p. 84, ed. Orelli.)

2. P. volumnius, a judex on the trial of Clu-entius. (Cic. pro Cluent. 70.)

3. L. volumnius, a senator with whom Cicero was intimate (Cic. ad Fam. vii. 32 ; comp. Varr. R. R. ii. 4), is perhaps the same as the Volumnius Flaccus, who was a friend of D. Brutus. (Cic. ad Fam. xi. 12, 18.)


4. volumnius, or more correctly volnius, the author of some Tuscan tragedies. [VoLNius.J

5. P. volumnius, described by Plutarch as a philosopher, accompanied M. Brutus in his cam­paign against the triumvirs, and wrote an account of the prodigies which appeared before the death of Brutus, probably in a life of the latter. (Plut. Brut. 48.)

6. volumnius eutrapelus. [eutrape-

VOLUPIA, the personification of sensual pleasure among the Romans, who was honoured with a temple near the porta Romanula. (Plin. Epist. viii. 20, H. N. iii. 5 ; Varro, De Ling. Lot. v. 164 ; Macrob. Sat. i. 10 ; August. De Civ. Dei, iv. 8.) She is also called Voluptas. (Cic. De Nat. Deor. ii. 23.) [L. S.]



VOLUSIANUS, the son of the emperor Tre- bonianus Gallus, upon whose elevation in a. d. 251 he was styled Caesar and Princeps Juven- tutis. The year following he held the office of consul, and was invested with the title of Au­ gustus. As far as we can gather from the scanty notices of historians, his character resembled that of his father, along with whom he perished at Interamna in a. d. 253 or 254. [gallus tre- bonianus.] The names borne by this prince, as collected from medals and descriptions, appear to have been C. vibius volusianus trebonianus asinius gallus veldumnianus or vendum- nianus (Aurel. Vict. de Caes. 30, Epit. 30 ; Eutrop. ix. 5 ; Zosim. i. 24 Zonar. xii. 21 ; Eckhel, vol. vii. p, 369.) [W. R.]


VOLUSIUS. 1. An haruspex in the cohors of Verres. (Cic. Verr. iii. 11, 21.)

2. Q. volusius, a pupil of Cicero in oratory, accompanied Cicero to Cilicia, where he held some office under him. (Cic. ad Fam. v. 10,20, ad Att. v. 21.) In one passage (ad Att. v. 11) he is called Cn. Volusius, for there can be little doubt that this Cneius is the same person who is elsewhere called Marcus.

3. M. volusius, is mentioned by Cicero in b. c. 49 (ad Fam. xvi. 12). He is probably the same as the M. Volusius who was plebeian aedile in b. c. 43, and was proscribed by the triumvirs, but escaped by assuming1 the disguise of a priest of Isis. (Val. Max. vii. 3. § 8 ; Appian, B. C. iv. 47.)

L. VOLUSIUS MAECIA'NUS, a jurist, was in the consilium of Antoninus Pius. (Capitol. Antonin. Pius, c. 12.) Among the many illus­trious men who formed the character of Marcus Aurelius, was Maecianus : Aurelius was one of his auditores. (Capitol. Antonin. Philosoph. c. 3.) A rescript of the Divi Fratres (Dig. 37. tit. 14. s. 17), speaks of him in these terms : " Volusius Maecianus amicus noster, &c." Marcus in his Tuy els k

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