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1. Ardishir Babigan or Artaxerxes, A. d. 226—240.

2. Shapur or Sapor I., a. d. 240—273.

3. Hormuz or Hormisdas, a. d. 273—274.

4. Bahram or Varanes I., a. d. 274—277.

5. Bahram or Varanes II., a. d. 277—294.


6. Bahram or Vuranes III., a.d. 294.

7. Narsi or Narses, a. d. 294—303. 8. Hormuz or Hormisdas II., a. d. 303—310.

9. Shapur or Sapor II., Postumus, a. d. 310—381. Issue doubtful. See Nos. 11 and 12.

10. Ardishir or Artaxerxes, prince of royal blood, a. d. 381—385.

Shapur Ztilaktaf, prince of royal blood.


11. Sbapur or Sapor III., perhaps, with his brother Bahram, sons of Sapor II., a.d. 385—390.

12. Bahram or Varanes IV. Kermanshah, a. d. 390—404.

13. Yezdijird I. Ulathim (the Sinner), or Yezdigerd, son or brother of Bahrain IV., A. d. 404—420. 1 4. Bahram or Varanes V., surnamed Gour, or the Wild Ass, a. d, 420—448.


15. Yezdijird or Yezdigerd II., a.d. 448—458.

16. Hormuz or Hormisdas III., a. d. 458.

17. Firose or Peroses. a. d. 458—484.

18. Pallas or Palash (Valens or Vologeses), A. D. 484—488.

19. Kobad or Cobades, a. d. 488—498, then dethroned, and restored a. d. 502—531.

20. Jamaspes or Zames, usurps the throne, and loses it again, a. d. 498—502.

21. Khosrew or Chosroes I., surnamed Nushinvan, a. d. 531—579.

22. Hormuz or Hormisdas IV., a. d. 579—590, murdered.

23. Bahram or Varanes VI., a prince of royal blood, usurps the throne, A. d. 590—59 !• 24. Khosrew or Chosroes II., Purwiz, son of Hormuz IV., A. d. 591—628.

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Merdaza. 27. Puran-Dokht, queen. 29. Arzem-Dokht, ______ queen.

28. Shah-Shenendeh, cousin and lover of Puran-Dokht, reigns one month.

25. Shirweh, or Siroes, reigned 8 months, a. d. 628.

26. Ardishir, an infant, put to death a few days after his accession ; last of the Sas-sanidae.

30. Kesra, said to be a Sassanid, put to death.

31. Ferokhzad, said to be a son of Chosroes Purwiz, put to death.

32. Yezdijird or Yesdegerd, murdered A. D. 65], last of the dynasty, but neither he nor Nos. 29. and 30. were Sassanidae in the male line.

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