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in the Opuscula Aurea Theologica of the latter, Rome, 16*49: a Latin version appears in the Con­cilia (col. 1227, &c., Labbe). 5. Epistola Catlio-lica sive Encyclica ad Graecos Ecclesiae CPolitanae subjectos de praestanda Romanae Ecclesiae Obedi-entia, Synodique Florentinae Decretis admittendis, et de sua in Patriarcliam CPolitanum Electione. This letter, noticed in our biographical sketch, was also published by Arcudio with a double version, one by himself, and one by Bessarion. A Latin ver­sion, apparently of this letter, as it is entitled Epistola ad Graecos^ was printed with a version of the work on the eucharist mentioned below at Strasburg, 4to. A. d. 1513. (Panzer, vol. vi. 62.) A Latin version also is given by Raynald, Annal. Ec-clesiast. ad ann. 1463, c. Iviii. &c. 6. Apologia adversus Gregorium Palamam pro Jo. Vecci^ Patri-arcliae CPolitani Libra adversus Responsiones Grae-Gorum de Processione Spiritus Sancti. This work, with a Latin version, was published by Arcudio. 7-Responsio ad quatuor Argumenta Maximi Planudae de Processione Spiritus Sancti ex solo Patre : pub­lished, with a Latin version, by Arcudio. 8. Grae-corum Confessio de Verbis Consecrationis, et Transub-stantiatione. A Latin version of this, by Niccolo Sagundino, is contained in the Museum Italicum of Mabillon, vol. i. part ii. p. 243, &c. 9. De Sancto Euckaristiae Mysterio, et quod per Verba Domini maacimefiat ConsecratiOj contra Marcum EpJtesium ; or, De Sacramento EucJiaristiae, et quibus Verbis Christi Corpus conficiatur. A Latin version of this was published, as we have noticed above, at Stras­burg, a. d. 1513; and also at Nuremburg, a. d. J527. (Panzer, vol. vii. p. 473). One appears in the Bibliotheca Patrum (vol. xxvi. p. 787, &c. ed. Lyon. 1677). 10. De ea Parte Evangelii,' Si eum volo manere'1) <Jfc., erudita et valde utilis Disceptatio, printed with the Dialoge of Salonius, of Vienna, 4to. Haguenau, 1532, Panzer, vol. vii. p. 109. 11. Ad Paulum II. P. M. Epistola^ qua suas de Pro­cessione Spiritus Sancti lucubrationes ei affert et dicat; and, 12. Ad Paulum II. P. M. de Errore PascMtis. These two letters are inserted in the Latina et Italica D. Marci Bibliotheca Codd. MSto-rum per Titulos Digesta, of Zanetti. Fol. Venice, 1741, pp. 76,196.

II. philosophical and miscellaneous works: 13. In Calumniatorem Platonis9 Libri V.; a reply in Latin to the Comparationes PMoso-pkorum Platonis et Aristotelis of George of Tre-bizond. [georgius, No. 48, trapezuntius.] Bessarion's work was first printed at Rome by Sweynheym and Pannartz, a. d. 1469. 14, De Natura et Arte adversus eundem Trapezuntium. This work, written some time before the pre­ceding, was printed with it as a sixth book. 15. Ad Pleihonem de Quatuor Quaestionibus Platonicis Epistola; written in Greek, and printed with a Latin version by Reimar, Leyden, A. d. 1722, from a MS. in the Bodleian Library. 16. Ad Micfiaelem Apostolium et Andronicum Callistum Epistolae. In these letters he severely reprehends Apostolius for the violent attack which he had made oh Theodore Gaza, and commends Callistus, who had replied in a moderate and decent manner to the attack of Apostolius. The letters of Bes­sarion were published by Boivin in his Historia Academiae Regiae Inscriptionum, vol. ii. p. 456. 17. Ad Demetrium et Andronicum Plethonis Filios, Epistola. This letter, written to the sons of George Gemistus after their father's death, was published


by Allatius (Diatriba de Georgiis^ p. 392, and De Consensu Ecclesiae^ Occident, et Orient., lib. iii. c. iii. p. 937.) 18. Ad Thomae Palaeologi Filiorum Paedagogum Epistola. Thomas Palaeologus, despot of the Morea, and brother of the last Byzantine1 Emperor, Constantine XIII., when driven out of the Morea by the Turks, fled with his wife and children to Rome, where he was much indebted to. the good offices of Bessarion, who, upon his death,, continued his friendly care towards his orphan children. The letter of Bessarion was printed by Meursius, with the Opuscula of Hesychius of .Miletus [hesychius,No.9.], Leyden,a.d. 1613. 19. Ad Ducem et Senatum Venetumde Bibliothecae suae Donatione Epistola. This Latin letter is printed in the Historia Rerum Venetiarum of Jus-tiniani, at the end of the eighth book. 2(K Monodia in Obitum Manuelis Palaeologi Imperatoris. A Latin version of this Monody by Niccolo Perotti is given in the Annales Ecclesiastici of Bzovius, vol. xviii. p. 72, &c. 21. Orationes Quatuor ad Italos. Three of these orations, designed to rouse the states and princes of Western Europe against the Turks, were published at Paris, a. d. 1471, and apparently a second time in a. d. 1500 (Panzer, vol. ii. p. 332), and the whole four in the second volume of the Consultationes atque Orationes Turcicae of Ni-colas Reusner. An Italian version, we know not whether of the three or four, was printed, probably at Venice, a.d. 1471. (Panzer, vol. iii. p. 80.) 22. Ad Ludovicum Francorum Regem de sua Electione in Legatum ad ipsum et J)ucem Burgundiae^ pub­lished in the Spicikgium of B'Achery, vol. iv. Paris, 1661. 23. Various Epistolae and Orationes^ in-, eluding apparently some of those already noticed, in 1 vol. 4to., without note of place or year of pub­lication, but known to have been printed by Guil. Fitchet, Paris, about 1470 or 1472. (Panzer, vol.. ii. p. 271.)

His versions into Latin were of the following works : 1. Xenophontis de Dictis et Factis SocratiS) Libri /F", printed in various editions of Xenophon, and separately in 4to, at Louvain, a..d. 1533. 2. Aristotelis Metaphysicorum Libri XIV^ repeatedly; printed. 3. Theophrasti Metaphysica, repeatedly printed, subjoined to his version of the Metaphysica of Aristotle. 4. Basilii Magni Oratio in illud> ' Attende tibi ipsi;' et Homilia in Christi Natalem. These homilies are extant only in MS. The ver-, sions of Aristotle and Theophrastus are contained, with the work In Calumniatorem Platonis, in a> volume published by Aldus, Venice, 1516. (Aloy-sius Bandinius, De Vita et Rebus Gestis Bessarionis Cardinalis Nicaeni Commentarius^ 4to, Rome, 1777 ; Hody, De Graecis Illustribus Linguae Graecae, S^c. Instauratoribus; Boerner, De Doctis Hominibus; Graecis; Fabric. BibL Graec. vol. xi. p. 422, &c. ^ Cave, Hist. Litt. vol. ii. Appendix by Gery and Wharton, pp. 138, 139 ; Oudin, Commentar. de Scriptor. JEccles. vol. iii. col. 2411, &c.; Niceron, Memoires, vol. xxi. p. 129 ; Ducas, Hist. Byzant. c. xxxi.; Phranza, Philelphus Epistolae^ Labbe* Concilia^ Mansi Concilia^ II. cc.; Panzer, Annales Typograpnici (II. cc. and vol. ii. p. 411, vol. viii.5 pp. 363, 434) ; Laonicus Chalcocondyles, Historic Turcarum, vol. vi. viii. pp. 155, 228, ed. Paris, pp.. ]21,178, ed. Venice ; .Nic. .Comnenus Papadopoli, Hist. Gymnas. Patavini, vol. ii. lib. ii. c. 8, p. 171.).

22. calecas. [calecas.]

23. camaterus. [camaterus.]

24. cameniata. [cameniata.]

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