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men Drusus for himself and his descendants, by having slain in close combat one Drausus, a chief­tain of the enemy. This Livius Drusus, he goes on to say, was propraetor in Gaul, and, according to one tradition, on his return to Rome, brought from his province the gold which had been paid to the Senones at the time when the Capitol was be­sieged. This account seems to be as little deserving of credit as the story that Camillus prevented the gold from being paid, or obliged it to be restored in the first instance.

Of the time when the first Livius Drusus flou­rished, nothing more precise is recorded than that M. Livius Drusus, who was tribune of the plebs with C. Gracchus in b.c. 122, was his abnej)os> This word, which literally means grandson's grandson, may possibly mean indefinitely a more distant de­scendant, as atavus in Horace (Carm. i. 1) is used indefinitely for an ancestor.

Pighius (Annales, i. p. 416) conjectures, that the first Livius Drusus was a son of M. Livius Denter, who was consul in b. c. 302, and that Livius Denter, the son, acquired the agnomen of Drusns in the campaign against the Senones under Cornelius Dolabella, in b. c. 283. He thinks that the descendants of this Livius Denter Drusus assumed Drusus as a family cognomen in place of Denter. There is much probability in this conjec­ture, if the origin of the name given by Suetonius be correct; for the Senones were so completely

subdued by Dolabella and Domitius Calvinus (Ap-


pian, Gall. iv. fr. 11, eel. Schweigh.), that they seem to have been annihilated as an independent people, and we never afterwards read of them as being engaged in war against Rome. On this supposition, however, according to the ordinary duration of human life, M. Livius Drusus, the patronus senatus of b. c. 122, must have been, not the abnepos, but the adnepos, or grandson's grand­son's son, of the first Drusus, and hence Pighius (I. c.) proposes to read in Suetonius adnepos in place of abnepos.

Suetonius (Tib. 2) mentions a Claudius Drusus, who erected in his own honour a statue with a diadem at Appii Forum, and endeavoured to get all Italy within his power by overrunning it with his clientelae. If we may judge from the position which this Claudius Drusus occupies in the text of Suetonius, he was not later than P. Claudius Pulcher, who was consul in b. c. 249. It is not easy to imagine any rational origin of the cogno­men Drusus in the case of this early Claudius, which would be consistent with the account of the origin of the cognomen given by Suetonius in the case of the first Livius Drusus. The asserted origin from the chieftain Drausus may be, as Bayle (Dictionnaire, s. v. Drusus} surmises, one of those fables by which genealogists strive to increase the importance of families. The connexion of the family of Drusus with the first emperors probably reflected a retrospective lustre upon its republican

greatness. (Virg. Aen. vi. 825.)

stemma drusorum. 1. M. Livius Drusus.

2. M. Livius Drusus Aemilianus (qu. Mamilianus). 3. C. Livius Drusus, Cos. b. c. 147.


5. C. Livius Drusus.

4. M. Livius Drusus, Cos. b. c. 112 ; married Cornelia.


6. M. Livius Drusus, Trib. PL; killed b. c. 91; married Servilia, sister of Q. Servilius Caepio.

Livia ; married 1. ? Q. Servilius Caepio. = married 2.? M. Porcius Cato.

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Q. Servilius Servilia; married 1. M. Servilia; M. Cato Porcia; Caepio, Junius Brutus [m, 2. D. married Utic. married Trib. Mil. Junius Silanus]. Lucullus. L.Domit. b. c. 72. | Aheno- 7. Livius Drusus Claudianus. M. Junius Brutus, tyrannic. barbus. adopted by No. 6. ?

8. M'. Livius Drusus Libo, Consul b. c. 15; adopted by No. 7 ? ; married Pompeia?

9. Livia Drusilla, afterwards named Julia Augusta; m. 1. Tiberius Claudius Nero [2. Augustus Caesar],

10. L. Scribonius Libo Drusus, son of No. 8. ?


11. Nero Claudius Drusus (senior), afterwards Drusus Germanicus; married An-tonia, minor.


12. Tiberius Nero Caesar (emperor tiberius) ; me 1. Vi )sania Agrippina.

13. Germanicus Caesar; married Agrippina.

I a

14. Livia; 15. Ti. Claudius Drusus Caesar

m. I.C.Caesar; (emperor claudius); married

2. No. 16. 1. Urgulanilla.


16. Drusus Caesar (ju­nior) ; died A. d. 23, leaving a daugh. Julia,

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