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had, under the Republic, the superinten­dence of the coinage of gold and silver, under the Empire that of the copper cur­rency only. (5) Quattuorviri vils in urbe purf/andls (four men for cleansing the streets in the city). And (6) Duoviri viis extra urbem purgandis (two for cleansing

under - magistrates became vigintiviri (twenty men). These were chosen from the knights, and the office of the viginti-virate served as the preliminary step to the qusstorship.

VlHcns. The Latin term for the steward of an estate. (See villa and slaves.)

(1) * VILLA MARINA. (Mural painting from Pompeii; Cell and Gandy's Pompdona, pi. GO.)


' PLAN OF VILLA SURURBANA of M. Arviu« PI6me<ies(Donaldsoii's Pompeii, ii 1).

1, door. 2, pJn'sfyHiun. 3, (altlnum. 4, gallery. 6. (ecus. 6, court. 7, crypfdporttcus. 8, triangular court with cold bath. 9, tepTddrTum. 10, cdtldartum. 11, bedroom. 12, staircase leading to lower fatory.

the streets outside the city), who were under the direction of the sediles. Under Augustus the duoviri last named disap­peared as well as the quattuorviri iuri dicwndo, and the collective name for the

Villa. A Latin word signifying a property in the country, consisting of a block of buildings for habitation and for domestic purposes. With the decline of agriculture and with the growing preference

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