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to Hercea, have been translated and prepared for the press by Professor Nettleship; the second part (Hermce to Zosimus), has been translated under the supervision of Dr. Sandys; while the proof sheets of the whole have been repeatedly read by both editors. The additions in­serted by the editors are generally distinguished by being placed within square brackets, or printed as notes at the foot of the page. Most of the notes and other additions bearing on Latin Literature, and a few bearing on Latin Antiquities, are due to Professor Nettleship ; while Dr. Sandys has supplied references to classical authors and modern authorities wher­ever such references appeared either necessary or desirable. It is hoped that these additions may serve to increase the usefulness of the book. The references to Cicero and Pliny are by the shorter sections now in general use. The ancient authorities quoted include Aristotle's newly discovered Constitution of Athens, which has been cited under the head of the Solonian Constitution and other articles which have passed through the press since the publication of the editio princeps. In this and other respects every endeavour has been made to bring the articles up to date.

Dr. Sandys has written articles on the following archaeological subjects, which were either omitted in the original work or appeared to deserve a fuller treatment than was there accorded them: Mosaics, Pigments (under Painting), Ccdatura (under Toreutic Art), and Vases (with 17 illustrations). He has also supplied brief notices of the Edict of Diocletian, the Olympieum, the artists Mentor, Mys, Pauson, and the younger Polyclitus; Philo, the architect, and three others of the same name who were not included in Dr. SeySert's Lexikon. The short article on Fulcra is abridged from a valuable paper in the Classical Review by Mr. "W. C. F. Anderson, Professor of Classics at Firth College, Sheffield; that on the Law of Gortyn has been kindly contributed by Mr. C. A. M. Pond, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.

The number of the illustrations has been largely increased. These have been selected mainly from the following works : Schreiber's Kultur-historischer Bilder-Atlas, ed. 1888, and Bilder-Atlas zur Ilias und Odyssee, 1889, both published by Seemann of Leipzig; Baumeister's Denkmaler des Klassischen Alterthums, 1884-1888, by Oldenbourg of Munich; Guhl and Koner's Life of the Greeks and Romans, English edition (Chatto & Windus); and Perry's Greek and Roman Sculpture (Longmans, 1882). The publishers are also indebted to Messrs. George Bell & Sons for the additional illustrations in the article on Gems, and for the portraits of

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