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206 . ,r , APPENDIX C.

in number") were to be chosen by a process of double election, while the minor magistracies were to be ap­pointed from outside the council by lot. In case of need each member of the council might call in another citizen, himself qualified for the council, to take part in its de­liberations. Regular sittings were prescribed: the archons were to call the council together, and five members chosen by lot, with one of their number as actual president, were to superintend the voting and the order of business. Lastly attendance at the council was enforced by a fine™. To the council thus constituted all powers of govern­ment were entrusted: there was no other power of state except the magistrates, and they were chosen from and by the council and were probably responsible to it. Of the duties of the council few details are given: nothing is said of the law-courts, but special mention is made of the control of finance™. The system of divided control and responsibility which ruled in the democratic exchequer was to be abolished, and the council was to have authority, aided by all the important financial officers, although the Hellenotamiae, who were actually on duty, were not to attend its meetings61.

eluding the members between 20 and 30, would probably namber some­thing less than a thousand.

58 Ar. 30 2. The magistrates mentioned there would be more than 100.

58 These details are derived from Aristotle c. 30.

60 Ar. 30 4 /3ouXeiW0<u Si jj o» 80x5 aiiroa tpurra t£cu> irtpt rt two XptnATW.. .nai rtpl rut> a\\<m> iis Sv Svvwrrai Hpurra.

61 Von Wilamowitz-Mollendorfl op. cit. p. 119 explains the apparent inconsistency in the mention ol the eXX^vora/^at in 30 2 by the assumption that the duties of the Hellenotamiae were divided between the different members of the board, and those acting as treasurers were not on the

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