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still in his footsteps. Therefore in considering our debt to Greek medicine I shall look to the Hippocratic method, rather than to specific points of practice, referring to these more by way of illustration.

I have to thank my friend, Dr. Frederic S. Lee, Research Professor of Physiology in Columbia University, for his valuable sugges­tions upon reading my manuscript; also the New York Academy of Medicine for the privi­leges of its great medical library courteously extended. My friend, Professor Heidel of Wesleyan University has aided me throughout my work with books and counsel, and has had the kindness to read my proof and advise with me regarding it. His eminence in the field of Hippocratic studies and early Greek philoso­phy is known to all scholars. The italics in the text are due to Professor Hadzsits, one of the Editors in this series, who is also responsible for the " Outline, briefly showing the influence of Greek Biology and Medicine," printed as an Appendix to this volume.

henry osborn taylor

new york, October, 1922.


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