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BOOK I. 121-123

121.—In the same Church

the house of the Virgin, like her Son, was destined to become a second gate of God. An ark hath appeared holier than that of old, not contain­ing the tables written by God's hand but having received within it God himself. Here are fountains of purification from the flesh, here is redemption of errors of the soul. There is no evil circumstance, but from Her gusheth a miraculous gift to cure it. Here, when She overthrew the foe, She destroyed them by water, not by the spear. She hath not one method of defeat alone, who bore Christ and putteth the barbarians to flight.


On the Virgin and Child

this is she who bore a child and remained a Virgin. Wonder not thereat, for the Child is God, who consented to put on flesh.


On the Rock of Calvary

thrice-blessed rock, who didst receive the blood that issued from God, the fiery children of Heaven guard thee around, and Kings, inhabitants of the Earth, sing thy praise. «


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