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at the mouth of Zilia fl., R. A colonia of Augustus (Colonia Julia Constantia). Ar-ziUa. Zimaha, a town of Armenia Minor, towards

the w. source of the Euphrates. Zin, " shield," a wilderness of about 5 m. in breadth, extending from the Dead sea to the Red sea. El Ghor. Zinchi (Zingi), i. q. Zichi. Zingis, I. a district of Ethiopia, s. of Aza-nia. Zendge, Zanguebar. II. prom., a prom, of Azania, Africse, under Phalan-gis m., N. of Noti Cornu prom. Cape Delyada.

Zioberis fl., a r. of Parthia Comisene, on the confines of Hyrcania, which, in its course towards Rhidagus fl., alternately flowed on and under ground. Adschi-zu.

Zion "sunny" (Sion) m., one of the hills of Jerusalem, having Kedron vallis E., Hinnom vallis s. and w., Acra N., and Moriah N.e. Upon it stood a fortress of the Jehusites which, taken by Joab, became the city of David on his removal from Hebron. Here subsequently arose the temple of Solomon and Herod's palace. It was only pregnable on the N. side.

Ziph, I. a wilderness of Judah, E. of Hebron, where David concealed himself from Saul. II. a town of Judah, E. of Hebron, on the border of the wilderness of Ziph, fortified by Rehoboam.

Ziphron, a town of Israel, near Zedad.

Ziras fl., a r. of the Crobyzi, Mces., falling into the Euxine, at Cruni.

Zirca fl., a r. of Phoenicia, falling into the sea towards Darum.

Ziridava, a town of the Prsedavenses, in Dacia, on Tibiscus fl., L., above the junction of Marisus fl. Near MuMen-bach.

Zitha, a maritime town of Syrtica regio, bet. Gittis and Putea Pallene.

Zitta (Zetta), a town of Byzacene, near Thapsus.

Zoan " low," (Tanis,) the metropolis of the Nomos Tanaitis, on the Tanaitic branch of the Nile. The residence of the Pharaohs, and the scene of Moses' mira­cles. Founded circa 1997 B.c. Zan.

Zoaxa, a town of Pontus, s. of Halys fl., bet. Gundusa (23) and Tonosa (25).

Zoar, "small" (Bela, Salissa), a town of Moabitis, at the S.e. extremity of the Dead sea; the refuge of Lot, at whose prayer it had been exempted from the fate of Sodom.

Zobah (Aram Zobe), a city of Syria, the capital of a cognominal district on the

Euphrates, N. of Damascus, the king of

which, Hadarezer, was smitten by David. Zogorra, a town of Gauzonitis, Mesopo­tamia, on Saocoras fl., bet, Sergora and

Dicate. Zollana, a town of the Apsynthii, in

Thrace, bet. Colla and Syracella. Zoxe, a town of the Cicones, in Thrace, w.

of the mouth of Hebrus fl., where Orpheus

by his strains drew after him the woods,

alike with their living tenants. Zoporastus, a town of Melitene pref., in

Cappadocia, N.w. of Melitene. Zorah, " hornets' nest" (Zoreah, Zoran), a

city of Judah, afterwards transferred to

Dan, on the borders of either tribe, 10 m.

from Emmaus. Fortified by Rehoboam.

The birth-place of Samson. Surah. Zoralus fl., a r. of the Odrysae, in Thrace,

falling into the Propontis at Perin-

thus. Zorambus fl., a r. of Gedrosia, falling into

Indicum m. at Cophas. Zoropassus, i. q. Arabissus. Zoster prom., a headland of Attica, on

Saronicus sinus, in form like the Needles,

bet. CExone and Anagyrus ; so called from.

Latona's here loosening her girdle. Ha­lites.

Zuchis, Africse, i. q. Tarichea. Zuchubari m., m. of Tripolis, Africae, an E.

continuation of Girgiris m. Zumi, a tribe of Hermunduri, Germ., s. of

the Bonochsemse. Zuph, a district of Palestine, named after

Zuph, the ancestor of Samuel. Zcphon, a town of Zeugitana, ] 0 geog. m.

s. from Carthage. Zowan. Zur, a town of the Psylli, in Africa Prop.,

on Syrtis Maj., bet. Macomades and

Charax. Zurobara, a town of the Biephi, in Dacia,

on the s. mouth of Marisus fl., above its

junction with Tibiscus fl. Zusidava, a town of the Cotenses, Dacia,

N.e. of Netindava. Near Buseo. Zuthi, a people of Carmania Deserta, s. of

the Gadanopydres. Zuzims, i. q. Zuzummims. Zydret^e, a people of Sarmatia, near the

Lazi. Zygana ins., an isl. of Thebais, in the Red

sea, off Parvum prom. Jarnbo. Zygantes (Gyzantes), a people on the Tv.

coast of Syrtis Minor, Africae. Zygatis (Zagatis) fl., a r. of Pontus, fall­ing into the Euxine, 7 furlongs E. from


Zygiani, a people of Bithynia. Zygopolis, i. q. Cissa in Pontus.

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