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Zagazama, vide Sagasama. Zagora, Paphlagonise, i. q. Gazorum. Zagri portae, denies of Zagrus m., bet.

Media and Assyria, w. of Ecbatana. Zagrus (Zarceeus) m., m. of Asia, separating

central Assyria from Media. Zagura, I. a r. of Mesopotamia, falling into the Saocoras below Zagura. II. a town of Gauzonitis, Mesopotamia, on Zagura fl., bet. Singara and Ad Pontem. Zagylis, a maritime village of Mannarica,

bet. Selinus and Chetsea. Zaitha (Zaita, Zitha, Zautha, "oil-produc­ing," Asaca), a town of Tingene, Mesopot., on tbe Eupbrates, below Chabura. Between it and Dura, at a place now called Zoxo-Sultaun, " the prince's tomb," still sub­sists the tumulus of Gordian, raised by the devotion of a single soldier. Zalack, a town of Media, on Amardus fl.

Langarud. Zai.acus m., m. of Mauritania Caesar., E.

of Ancorarius m.

Zai.ecus (Zaliscus, Halega), a r. of Paphla-gonia, falling into the Evuine, 12$ m. E. from Gazorum. II. a town of Paphla-gonia, at the mouth of the cognominal river. Zalissa, a town of Iberia, on Cyrus fl.,

towards Albania. Zalmon " shady" (Salmon) m., a m. of

Palestine, w. of Shechem. Zama, surnamed Regia, I. a city of Nu­midia, s.w. of Sitifis. The capital of Jugurtha. The locality of the decisive defeat of Hannibal by Scipio. A colonia of Hadrian (jElia Hadriana). Zainah. II. a town of Chammenene prefect., in Cappa-docia, bet. Tavium and Csesarea Mazaca. Zamarexi, Arabifie, i. q. Saraceni. Zames (Zamelas, Mesha) m., m. of Arabia Felix, intersecting the desert from s.w. to E., from about Marata to about Giratha. Ajam. Zamuchaxa, a town of Aria, on Arios fl.,

s.w. of Alexandria Arion. Zamzummins (Zuzims, "turbulent"), a gi­gantic race, N. of the Emims, s. of the Rephaim, E. of Jordan. Conquered by Chedorlaomer, and ultimately expelled by the Ammonites.

Zancle, " sickle," the early name of Mes-

sana, in Sicily, from King Zanclus, or

from the sickle of Saturn, or from the

curved character of the coast.

Zanoah, " marsh," a city in the m. of


Zao prom., a pr. of Narbonensis, E. of Mas-siiia. Bee de Sormion; Cap de la Croi-selte.

Zapara, a town of Macedonia II. Zapetia, a town of Commagene, towards the

Euphrates. Zabatra. Zar fl., I. Arabise, i. q. Canis. II. ins., an

isl. of Arabiee, at the mouth of Zar (Canis)

fl. Sharedsje. Zaua, I. a town of Pontus, on Halys fl.,

above Sebastia. II. (Zorava), capital of

Trachonitis, N.e. of Astaroth-Karnaim. Zaradrus fl., i. q. Hydaspes. Zaragaroia, Mes., vide Ozogarda. Zarai, a town of Numidia, bet. Predices (12)

and Lamasbua (25). Zarangia, an oriental form of Drangiana,

produced by the Eastern substitution of

the zaiii for the doled. Zarath, a town of Mauritania Cffisar., E. of

Sitifis. Zarat^e (Zeretse), a people of Scythia, under

Alani m. Zarax prom., I. a headland of Euboea, on

the E. coast, N. of Opheltes prom. II.

(Pyrrhi-Castra), a fortress of the Eleuthero

Lacones, in Laconia, on the _55gean, under

Barbosthenes m., 10 m. S.e. from Sparta.

In the first instance a fortified camp of

Pyrrhus, son of Achilles. Kari. Zarc^eus, vide Zagrus. Zarcoa, a town of Arabia, on Zar (Canis) fl.

Seer. Zarea, a town of Judah, in Judda, N.n.e.

of Bethsemes. Zared " embowered" (Zered) fl., a r. of

Moab, rising in Abarim m., and falling

into the Dead sea s. of Arnon fl. On its

banks the Hebrews encamped on their way

from Egypt. Zabgidava, a town of the Harpii, Dacia, N.

of Tamasidava. Zariaspa, i. q. Bactra. Zariaspa:, a people of Drangiana, about

Bactrus. Zariaspis, the early name of Bactrne

fl. Zarmizegethusa (Sarmisogethusa, Zarmi-

gethusa, Sarmategte), capital of Dacia, 15 m. from Pons Augusti. A colonia of Trajan (Ulpia Trajana, Augusta Dacica).


Zarpath, vide Sarepta. Zartan (Zaretan, Zartanah, Zarereth, Ze-reda, Zeredathah, Sarthan), a town on Jordan fl., near Bethshean; the place where the river retrograded to give pas­sage to the Israelites. The birth-place of Jeroboam. Zarcana, a town of Minyas, Armenise, s.w.

of Ararat. Zarchavan. Zarug, Mesopot., vide Batme. Zarzej.a, tide Zorzila. •',




Zau taberna, a maritime village of Cy-renaica, w., above Drepanum prom.

Zeboim, a town of Benjamin, in a cogno-minal valley.

Zeboim, " harts," one of the cities of the plain, destroyed with Sodom and Go-morrha,

Zebclon (Zibulon), I. a tribe of Israel, bounded N. by Asser (w. above Rana) and Napthali (e. above Migdol), s. by Issachar, at Dobrath, w. by Asser, w. of Kana, E. by the Jordan and Tiberias lacus. II. its chief town, on the Mediterranean, near Ptolemais.

Zedah (Zedad), "broad," a town on the N.e. frontier of Israel.

Zede, a town of Cilicia Trachea,

Zeeritjs, a people of Arabia Felix, under Zarares m., E. Beni Zerah.

Zela, capital of Zelitis regio, in Pontus, on the left bank of Iris fl., bet. Gazioura and Daranon. With temples of Anaitis and of Omanus and Anandates, the former erected on the mound of Semiramis. En­larged by Pompey, after the defeat of Mithridates. The locality of the " Veni, vidi, vici," of Caesar. Zeleh.

Zelasium prom., a headland of Magnesia, in Thessaly, on Pagasseus sin., opposite Cicynethus ins.

ZELEiA,'a town of Mysia, on J5sepus fl., 10 m. from its mouth, near Aphnitis lacus; the city of Pandarus. Biga.

Zemaraim, I. a town of Benjamin, near Bethel. II. of Ephraim, on Ephraim m.

Zemythcs, a town of PentapoUs, Cyrenaicte, s.w. of Cyrene.

Zenobia, i. q. Thapsacus.

Zenobii ins., seven islets of Arabia Felix, on Sachalites sin.

Zenodori domus, i. q. Gaulonitis.

Zenodotium (Zenodotia), a town of Os-rhoene, Mesopotamia, near Nicephorium. Noted for its treachery to Crassus.

Zenonis chersonesus, an elongated penin­sula of Taurica Chcrsonesus, on Palus Mseotis, w.

Zephath, a city of Simeon .

Zephath pyl.k, a pass in Akrabbim m., Idumiete, S.e. of Arad.

Zephathah vallis, a valley of Jndah, near Mareshab, in which occurred the battle between the Jews and the Ethiopians.

Zephyre ins., an isl. of Crete, off Sammo-nium prom.

Zephyria, an early name of Halicar-nassus.

Zephyrium prom., I. a pr. of Bruttium, N. of lleracleum prom. It gave name to the

Locri Epizcphyrii. Capo lii Bruzzano. II. of Caria, at the s. entrance of Jassicus sin. III. of Ciliciie, i. q. Anemurium prom. IV. (Veneris prom.), of Cilicia Trachea, E. of Cruni prom. C. Cavaliere. V. of Crete, at the w. entrance of Didymi sin. C. San Giovanni. VI. of Cyprus, w. of Paphos. VII. of Cyrenaica, N.w. of Dar-nis. Cabo Derne. VIII. of Marmarica, near Derris prom. IX. of Paphlagonia, 0 m. E. from Callistratia. X. of Pontus, 15 m. E. from Aretias ins., with a cog-nominal town. Zcfre.

Zepryricum, a town of Taurica Cherso-nesus.

Zerbis " goat" fl., i. q. Caprus, Assyr.

Zereda, i. q. Zartan.

Zekedathah, i. q. Zartan.

Zererath, i. q. Zartan.

Zerinia, a town of the Cicones, in Thrace, on Hebrus fl., bet. Dyme and Plotino-polis.

Zermizirga, a town of Dacia, S.e. of Ziri-dava.

Zernesium (Zemis), i. q. Tierna.

Zerynthus, a town of the Apsynthii, in Thrace, where Apollo was peculiarly wor­shipped, and where was also, according to Lycophron, a cave sacred to Hecate, hence surnamed Zirynthia. Ovid, however, as­signs this cave to Samothrace.

Zesutera, a town of the Apsynthii, in Thrace, on the Via Egnatia, bet. Syracella (10) and Apri(12).

Zethts, Carmaniffi, i. q. Salmunti.

Zeudracarta, i. q. Zadracarta.

Zeugisa prom., a pr. of Azania, on Barba-ricus sin.

Zeugitana (Zeugis), the N. division of Africa Propria, separated from Byzacene by a line drawn from Horrea, and from Numidia by Tusca fl.

Zeugma, I. a town of Cyrrhestica, on the Euphrates, bet. Europus and Urima, op­posite Apamea, with which it communicates by a bridge, whence its name. Zegme. II. of Dacia, i. q. Pons Augusti.

Zichi (Zigtt), a people of Sarmatia Asiat., on the Caspian, N. of the Abasgi. The progenitors of the Circassians.

Zigaxa, a town of Pontus, s. of Cerasus.

Ziklag "pressed" (Siclag, Sicelli), a town of Simeon, but locally in Judah, where David took refuge from Saul, by permis­sion of Achish, king of the Philistines, in whose possession it was at that pe­riod.

Zilia (Zilis) fl., I. a r. of Mauritania Tingit., falling into the Atlantic near Ampelusia prom., s. II. a port of Mauritania Tingit.,

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