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Vogesus (Vosegus) m., m. of Gaul, com­mencing in the territory of the Lingones, and forming the boundary bet. the Leuci and the Sequani, and bet. the Medio-matrici and the Rauraci. Vosges; Vo-gesen.

Volana, a town of the Caudini, in Samnium. Volana ostium, one of the mouths of the

Padus. Po di Ferrara. Voi.andum, Armenia, i. q. Olane. Volaterr.e (Velathri), one of the twelve Tyrrhenian cities of Etruria, on Csecinafl., R., 15m. above its mouth. Memorable for its two years' siege by Sylla. A colonia and municipium. The birth-place of Per-sius. Volterra.

I'olc.e arecomici, a people of Narbo-neiisis I., on the Mediterranean, bet. the Atax and the Rhone. The term Volcae is simply the German Volk " folk." Volc.f. tectosages, ft people of Narbo-ncnsis I., bet. the Volcae Arecomici and the Mediterranean E. and Novem Popu-lana w. A colony of them migrated to Asia Minor, and settled in Galatia. Volcaeum stagnum, an inlet of the Medi­terranean, in Narbonensis I., E. of Agatha. Volcea (Peiso) lacus, a lake of Panuonia Inferior, extending s.w.—N.e. from above Valcum towards Acincum. Plaaten-see. Volci (Olkion), a Tyrrhenian town of Etru­ria, bet. Tuscania and Tarquinii. Piano di Void. II. (Vulceium, Volcentum, Ulci), a town of Lucania, N. of Tanager ri. Buccino. Volenes, a fortress of RLsetia, on the

Athesis. Volano. Volerius fl., a r. of Corsica, falling into

the sea s. of Tilox prom. Cigno. Voliba, a town of the Damnonii, Brit., at

the mouth of Cenion fl. Falmonth. Vologatis, a town of the Vocontii, Vien­nensis, bet. Lucus August! N.n.w. and Cambonum E.

Vologesia (Vologesocerta, Bolagasus), a town of Babylonia, on Naarsares canal, s.w. of Babylon (18). Built by Volo-gesus, king of Parthia. Kufa. Volsas sin., a bay of the Atlantic, on the coast of the Carnonacie, Brit., s. of Nobocus fl. Calvay Bay. Volsci, a tribe of Umbri, or of Osci, in Latium, extending along the coast from Antium to Tarracina, and about thirty miles inland. Volubiani m., m. of Mauritania, s. of


Volubilis, a town of Mauritania Ting., on a branch of Subur fl., 35 m. s.E. from Banasa. Gualili.

Voluntii (Usbintii), a maritime people of

Hibernia, s. of the Darini. On Dundalk


Volustana, i. q. Cambunius saltus. Vomanus fl., a r. of Picenum, falling into

the* sea s. of Castrum Novum. Vo-

mano. Vopisciana, a town of Mauritania Ting.,

on Subur fl., R., bet. Tremula (19) and

Gilda (24). Voruenses, a tribe of Vocontii, Viennensis,

on Sulgas fl. About Gordes. Voreda, a town of the Brigantes, Brit., bet.

Luguvallum and Brovonacse. Near Plump-ton Wall. Vorgium (Vorganium), capital of the Osis-

mii, Lugdunensis III., bet. Gesocribatae

s.w., and Ad Fines E. Variously placed

at Concarneau, Treguier, fyc. Vorincus, pustea Brocincus, a town of the

Volcae Arecomici, on Vardo fl. Brocen. Vorogium, a town of the Aulerci Branno-

vices, Lugdunensis I., w. of Ariolica. Vosavia, a town of the Treveri, Germania

I., on the Rhine, above Salipo. Ober-Wcxel.

VoTurfi, a people of Galatia ; predecessors of the Tectdsages.

Vulcani.e ins., i. q. JEo\i&.

Vulchalo, a town of Narbonensis, bet. Tolosa and Narbo.

Vulgientes, a tribe of Vocontii, Viennen­sis, w. of the Memini.

Vungo Vices, a town of the Remi, Belgica

II., L., bet. Noviomagus w.s.w. and Mosa N.e.

Vulsiniensis lacus, Tarquiniensis, a lake of Etruria, at Vulsinii. On it were two floating islands.

Vulsinii, one of the twelve cities of Etru­ria, on Vulsiniensis lacus, N.e., bet. Aquae Passeris and Clusium (30), on Via Cassia. Sacred to Nartia. The birth-place of Sejanus. Bolsena.

Vultur m., a volcanic m. of Daunia, Apulia, s. of Venusium. Celebrated by Horace as a scene of his boyish sports. Monte Vulture.

Vulturia (Vulturnia), a town of the Ceno-manni, in Gallia Transpad., on Padus fl., below Cremona. Valdoria.

Vultcrnum, I. a town of Campania, at the mouth of Vulturnus fl., N.w. of Liter-num. II. the Etruscan name of Capua.

Vulturnus fl., a r. of Campania, rising in Samnium, towards Aundena, and falling into the Tyrrhenian sea at Vulturnum. Noted for its rapid course, and for the magnificent bridge thrown over it on Via Domitiana by Domitian. Volturno.

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