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Grovii, Tarraconensis, N. of the mouth of

Minius fl. Vigo. Vicus Titiensis, a town of Umbria, on

Ariminus fl., L. Castel Sicchiano. Vicus Valeriani, a town of Numidia, on

or near Bagradas fl., L., bet. Ad Arvalla

and Vatari. Vicus Varianus, a town of the Cenomanni,

in Gallia Transpadana, on Atagis fl., R.,

bet. Vieus Serninus (20) and Anneianum

(18) on Via jEmilia. Bariano. Vicus Vatolanus, a maritime village of

Lucania, s. of Psestum. Vatolla. Vicus Virginis, a maritime town of the

Ingauni, in Liguria, on Via Aurelia, bet.

Vada Sabata (9) and Alba Docilia (13).

Veragine. Vidogara sin., a bay of Clota sestuar., N.

of Rerigonius sin. Vidrus fl., the northern branch of the

Rhine, falling into Flevus lacus. Vecht. Vidua fl., a r. of Hibernia, N., separating

the Robogdii from the Venicnii. Foyle. Vidubia, a town of the jEdui, Lugdunensis

I., near Augustodunum N.e. Viducasses, I. a people of Lugdunensis II., bet. the Lexovii E. and the Bajocasses w.

II. their capital. Vieux, near Caen. Vidulia, a town of Pannonia, bet. Sirmium

(8) and Spaneta (8). Vienna, capital of the AUobroges, Vien-

nensis, on the Rhone, L., below Lugdu-

num. Vienne. Vignve, a town of Latium, 7 m. x.w. from

Sublaqueum. Agosta. Vigenna fl., a r. of Gaul, rising among the

Lcmovices, and falling into the Liger near

the junction of the Caris. Vienne. Villa faustina, a town of the Trinobantes,

Brit., 18 m. from Iciani. Thetford. Villa rf.gis, a town of Etruria, erected

around a maritime palace of the Tyrrhenian

king MaliEotis, on Via Aurelia, bet. Quin-

tiana (3) and Armenia (3). Villa sele, a town of Numidia, on Tapsus

fl., L., bet. Rusicada and Ad Palmam. Villa serviliana, a village of Numidia,

bet. Hippo Regius and Aquse Tibilitanse. Villagai, a town of the Boii, in Pannonia,

on the Danube, bet. Vindobona (18) and

Jiquinoctium (4). Near Schwochat, E. villarium, a town of the Jemerii, in Gaul.

Valluvoire. Viminacium, a town of the Triballi, Moesia,

on the Danube, bet. Margus (10) and

Lederata. Widin. Vina, a town of Zeugitana, bet. Ad Mercu-

rium and Siagul. Vinaza, a town of the Bagi Gsetuli, in Libya,

bet. Thalalati and Auru.

Vincela, a town of the Tectosages, in Galatia.

Vindalum, a town of the Cavares, Vien-nensis, near the Rhone, above Avenio. The locality of the defeat of the Allo-broges by Domitius ^Enobarbus. Videne.

Vindama, a port of the Osismii, Lugdu­nensis III., S.e. of Coriallum.

Vindelia prom., a pr. of Britain, E. of Hellenis prom. Portland Bill.

Vindelicia, the N. portion of Rhsetia, named from its inhabitants, the Vindelici, who themselves were so called from their rivers the Vindo and Licus.

Vinderius fl., a r. of the Darini, in Hiber­nia, falling into the sea opposite Monarina ins.

Vindia, a town of the Tolistoboii, in Galatia, bet. Germa and Papira (32).

Vindili (Vandali), a people of Northern Germany, on the coast of Codanus oc., bet. Albia fl. and Vistula fl. There was a tribe of them on the Danube.

Vindilici m., m. of Germania Magna, on the confines of the Vindili, bet. Sudeta m. and Asciburgius m. Riesengebirge.

Vindilis ins., an isl. of the Namnetes, Lug­dunensis III., off the mouth of the Liger, N.w.

Vindinum, i. q. Sebudinum Aulercorum.

Vindius m., I. m. of India i. Gangem, parallel with Namadus fl. II. of Tarra­conensis, a w. continuation of the Py­renees, parallel with Cantabricum mare.

Vindo fl., a r. of Rhsetia, falling into the Licus near Augusta Vindelicoruni. Wer-tach.

Vindobala, a town of Britain, at Hadriani murus. Ronchester.

Vindobona (Vianomina, Vindomina, postea Juliobona), a town of the Boii, Pannonia, on the Danube, bet. Citium and Villagai (10). The station of the Legio Dechna Germaniana. Wien; Vienna.

Vindocladia (Vindelia), a town of the Du-rotriges, Brit., bet. Durnovaria and Venta Belgarum. Gussage.

Vindolana, a town of the Brigantes, Brit., at Hadriani murus. Little Chesters.

Vindomagus, a town of the Volcse Are-comicse, towards Nemausus. Vendemiaise.

Vindomara, a town of the Brigantes, Brit., bet. Corstopitum and Glanoventa. Near Ebchester.

Vindomis (Caer-Segont), a town of the Regni, Brit., bet. Venta Belgarum and Acela. Finkley Farm.

Vindo.nissa, a town of the Tigurini, Maxima Sequanorum, onArulafl., L., bet. Augusta Rauracorum and Vitodurum. Windisch.

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