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padan., falling into Padus-Eridanus, w. of

Sinnius fl. Santemo.

Vatrute, a town of Narbonensis, bet. Te-

dusia and Ugerni. Vallcrauyup.

Veamini, a tribe of Albioeci, ,^lpes Mari-timse, s. of the Bodiontici. In Toramenos.

Vectis (Ouectis, Vecta, Grace; Celtice, Gwydh) ins., an isl. of the Regni, bet. Magnus portus and Alaunus fl. Taken by Vespasian under Claudius. According to Diod. Siculus, here was a Carthaginian depot for the tin of the Cassiterides ins., on its way to Gades. Isle of Wight.

Vediantii, a tribe of Albioeci, Narbonen­sis II., on the Varus, L., towards its mouth.

Vedindm, a town of the Carni, in Venetia. Udine.

Vedra fl., a r. of the Brigantes, Brit., fall­ing into the Germanicus oceanus bet. Alaunus fl. and Dunum sin. Weare.

Vegesula, I. a town of Byzacene, bet. Me-negesem (20) and Sufetula (30). Fmana. II. of Numidia, bet. Timphadis (20) and Mascula (18).

Veii, one of the twelve cities of Etruria, on Via Cassia, bet. Roma (11) and Baccanse (9). Noted for the slaughter of the 300 Fabii, and for its ten years' siege by Ca-millus. A colonia of Julius Caesar, and a municipium. Isola Faraese, near La Storta.

Veiturii, a town of Liguria, E. of Genua. Voltaggio.

Velathri, the Tyrrhenian name of Vola-terrae.

Velatodurum, a town of the Sequani, Maxima Sequanorum, on Dubis fl., R., bet. Epamanduodurum and Loposagum.

Veldidena, capital of the Breuni, in RhiEtia, on CEnus fl., bet. Scarbia (19) and Matreium (18). The monastery of Wilden, near Innspruck.

Velefis, a town of Numidia, bet. Ad Pisi-nas and Vatari.

Veleia, a town of the Anamanes, in Gallia Cispadana, on Nura fi., R., 18 m. s. of Placentia. Overwhelmed by a land-slip. Atom Mancinesso and Liveia.

Velia (Veleja), I. a town of the Caristi, Tarraconensis, on the Iberus, R., above Contrebia. Viana. II. (Helia, Hyele), a city of Lucania, on the coast, 3 m. s. from Heles fl. Founded by Phocseans from Ionia, under Creontiades, circa 540 B.c. ; enlarged by a col. from Thurii B.c. 440. The birth-place of Zeno and Parmenides, and seat of the Eleatic sect. A col. circa 270 B.c. It was noted for its salubrity. Castel a mare della Bruca.

Veliates, surnamed Vecteri, Veleiaci, a people of Gallia Cispadana, on the con­fines of Liguria.

Velibari (Utelabri), a people of Hibemia. In Kerry.

Velin.e, i. q. Vada Volaterna.

Velinus fl., I. a r. of Sabinium, falling into Nar fl. below Cutilise. Velino. II. lacus, a lake of Sabinium, formed by Velinus fl. A channel to drain its waters into Nar fl. was constructed by Curius Dentatus, and produce^ ..he Fall of Terni (Caduta delle Marmore). Lago dipie di Lngo.

Velitr^, a city of the Volsci, in Latium, on the left of Appia Via, bet. Aricia and Ulu-brse, 20 m. S.e. from Rome. A colonia 494 B.c. The birth-place of Augustus. Velletri.

Vellauni, a tribe of Salyes, Narbonensis, on Varus fl., R., bet. the Egdini and the Bericini. About Vevelause.

Vellaunodunum, a town of the Senones, Lugdunensis IV., S.E. of Agedmcum. Beaune.

Vellavi, a people of Aquitania I., on the N. slopes of Cebenna m., N.e. of the Gabali. About Velay.

Vellica (Belgica), a town of the Turmo-digi, Tarraconensis, on Iberus fl., R., 1 m. from its source. Near Valdearroyo.

Vellocasses, a people of Lugdunensis II., on the Sequana, bet. the Bellovaces N.e. and the Lexovii and Aulerci Eburovices s.w.

Velpa m., m. of Cyrenaica, 25 geog. m. from the sea.

Velt^e, a people of Sarmatia, N. of the Ve-nedse.

Vemanije castrum, a town of RhiEtia, bet. Cambodunum (15) and Brigantium. Wan-gen.

Venafrum, a town of the Pentri, in 8am-nium, on Via Lat., bet. Ad Flexum (8) and Cluturnum. A colonia. Noted for its olive-oil.

Venamaxodurum, a town of Vindelicia, w. of Augusta Vindelicoium.

Venasa, a town of Cappadocia, S.e. of Par­nassus. Noted for its temple of Jupiter.

Vendelia, a town of the Autrigones, N.e. of Virovesca, s. of the Iberus.

Vendenje, a town of the Galabri, in Moesia, bet. Ad Fines and Vicinianum.

Vendum, a town of the Japydes, in Illyria. Vendo.

Ened^e (Venedi, Winidi), a people of Sar­matia E., on Venedicus sinus, extending for some distance s. along the Vistula. The progenitors of the Wends.

Venedicus sin., I. the E. extremity of Sar-

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