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Uzela, I. a town of the Damnonii, Brit., E.

of Voliba. Launceston. TJzicATH (Thusicath), a town of Numidia,

bet. Culucitani (18) and Rusicada (25).

Vabar fl., a r. of Mauritania Csesar., falling into the sea w. of Salda. Giffer.

Vacca (Vacua, Vacua), a r. of Lusitania, falling into the Atlantic bet. the Durius N. and the Munda s. Vouga.

Vacc^e (Vaga, Baga), a town of Mauritania Csesar., s. of Sitifi. The principal mart of Numidia.

Vacc^ei, a people of Tarraconensis, on the Durius, R. and L., bet. the Astures Tv. and the Arevacse E.

Vacomagi, a people of Britannia Barbara, S.e. of the Caledonii. Nairn, Elgin, and Banff.

Vacua fl., i. q. Vacca.

Vada sabata, a maritime town of the Ingauni, in Liguria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Albingaunum (29) and Vicus Virginia (9). Vadi.

Vada volaterrana, the port of Vola-terrae, in Etruria, at the mouth of Csecina fl., on Aurelia Via, bet. Populonium (25) and Ad Fines. Vada.

Vadasi, a people of Media Magna, on the borders of Parthia, bet. Syro Media and Choarene.

Vadata, a town of Chammenene prefectura, in Cappadocia.

Vadei, Arabise, the people of Badia.

Vadeni, Arabise, i. q. Uadeni.

Vadicasses, a people of Lugdunensis I., bet. the Senones w. and the Lingones E.

Vadimonis lacus, a lake of Etruria, at Cas-tellum Amerinum, on which were some floating islands. The locality of the de­cisive defeat of the Etruscans by the Ro­mans ; and of the Senones by Dolabella, 310 B.c. It is now a marsh. Lago di Bassano.

Vadrius fl., Indise, i. q. Hydraotes.

Vadum arcndinis, a town of the Belgse, Brit. Near Redbridge.

V.ssapa (Varsapa), a town of Armenia Minor.

Vaga, I. Mauritanise Csesar., i. q. Vaccse. II. (Baga), a town of Zeugitana, under Cirna m. s., bet. Teglata and Elephan-taria.

Vag^e, a town of Mauritania Csesariensis, 18 m. N. of Gadaum Cast.

Vagienni, a people of Liguria, occupying its N.w. angle, bet. the Statielli E., Alpes Maritimae w. and s., and the Taurini N.

Vagniac*, a town of the Cantii, Brit., bet. Noviomagus and Durobrivse.

Vagoritum, a town of the Arvii, Lugdu­nensis III., w. of Suindinum.

Vagum prom., a pr. of Corsica E., above , Mariana.

Vahalis fl., the left or s. issue of the Rhine. Waal.

Vala fl., a r. of Mauritania Ting., bet. Hermseum prom, and Solis prom.

Valcum, a town of Pannonia, bet. Moge-tiana (80) and Silacense (28). Bottyan.

Valdasus fl., a r. of Pannonia, falling into the Savus fl. Bosna,

Valentia, I. a province of Britain, extend­ing across the island bet. Bodotria JEst. N., Ituna Mst. N.w., and Alaunus fl. N. II. a town of Phrygia. III. a surname of Rome. IV. Calabrise, i. q. Baletium. V. a town of Sardinia, s. of Aquas Nea-politanse. Iglesias. VI. of the Edetani, Tarraconensis, on Tuna fl., R., towards its mouth. Assigned by Junius Brutus to the soldiers of Viriathus, Destroyed by Pompey; restored by Caesar, and ap­pointed a colonia (Julia Valentia). Va­lencia. VII. of Mauritania, i. q. Banasa. VIII. capital of the Segelauni, Viennensis, on the Rhone, bet. Tegna and Umben-num. Valence.

Valeponga, a town of the Celtiberi, Tarra­conensis, s.w. of Lobetum.

Valeria, I. a pr. of Pannonia Inf., along the Danube. So named by Galerius, in honour of his wife. II. a town of the Celtiberi, Tarraconensis, on Sucre fl., L., towards its source, S.e. of Ergavica. A colonia. Cuenca ? III. with Strabo, i. q. Varia, in Latium, and Valentia, in Sardinia.

Vali, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., on the Rha, about its mouth.

Valla, Pierise, i. q. Bala.

Vallata, a town of the Astures, Tarraco­nensis, bet. Legio Septima Gemina X.e. and Asturica Augusta s.w. Vallatum, a town of the Catenates, in

Vindelicia. Valli, a town of Zeugitana, II m. s.w.

from Sicilibba. Vallis cariniana, a town of the Aravisci,

in Pannonia, bet. Gurtiana and Joviana. Vallis domitiana, a town of Moesia In­ferior, bet. Halmyris and Ad Salices, w. of Halmyris lacus.

Vallis julijb, a valley of the Ambidravi, in Noricum, bet. Dravus fl. and Julia fl.

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