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Ursolis, a town of the Allobroges, Vien-nensis, on the Rhone, bet. Figlinis anc Tegna. Urus fl., a r. of the Brigantes, Brit, falling

into Abua fl. at Isurnum. Ouse. Urusa, a town of Rhffitia, bet. Abodiacum

(13) and Bratananium (12). Usal, I. a district of Arabia Felix, N. of the

Sabari. II. its capital, E. of Napegus. Usai.etcs (Vasaletum) mons, m. of Zeu-

gitana, extending s.w, into Byzacene. Usalitanum oppidum, vide Uzan. Usargala m., m. of Gaetulia, a S.e. con-

tinuation of Madethubadus m.

Usbium, a town of the Boii, in Noricum, on

the Danube, bet. Arelate and Isis fl.


Uscana, capital of the Peneste, on the

Drilo niger, bet. Diborus Superior and

Draudacum. Near Isturga.

Uscardei, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica.

Uscenum, a town of the Jazyges Meta-

nastae, towards Granua fl. Usceta, vide Uzita.

Uscosium, a town of the Frentani, on Ti-fernus fl., L., bet. Histonum (15) and Larinum (14), on Via Frentana. Vicoso. Usdi^e, a people of Hibernia, w. of the

Menapii. Part of Cork co. Usellis, a city of the Celsitani, in Sardinia, w., bet. Neapolis and Forum Trajani. A colonia of Augustus, as Col. Jul. Aug. Torre Fontanamar. Usilla, a maritime town of Byzacene, bet.

Ruspae and Taphrura.

Usipii (Usipetes), a tribe of Germania, on the Rhine ; of varying locality ; at one time occupying the territories of the Me­napii, Eburones, and Condrusi. They finally became fused with the Alemanni. Usita (Usceta), a town of Zeugitana, near

Ruspina. Usluntii, a people of Hibernia E., bet. the

Darini N. and the Eblani s. Uspe, capital of the Siraci, Sarmatise. Ussadium prom., a pr. of Mauritania Tin-gitana, s. of Herculis prom., 15 m. N. of Onellana.

Ussubium, a town of the Vasates, Novem Populana, on the Garumna, R., bet. Alingo and Ad Fines. Ustica ins., one of the westernmost of the

Uscerva, a town of the Volcse Tectosages, Narbonensis I., bet. Liviana w. and Narbo E. Aubere.

Utellabri, i. q. Vehbori.

Uthisna, a town of Zeugitana.

Utica, " old" (Ityca), a maritime city of Zeugitana, within Apollonium prom., on

Bagradas fl., close to its mouth. A Tyrian settlement, older than Carthage, and, after the destruction of that city, the capital of Africa Prop. The death-place of Cato. Biserta. Utidava, a town of the Cistoboci, in Dacia,

on Parata fl., L., below Arcobadara. Utidorsi, i. q. Aorsi.

Utis (Utens, Vibis) fl., a r. of Gallia Cis-padana, falling into the Adriatic at Classis. Montane. Utocetum, a town of the Cornavii, Brit.

Romana, bet. Condate and Ripandunum. Utus (Artenes), I. a r. of Moesia Inferior, rising in Haemus m., and falling into the Danube at Utus. II. a town of the Mcesi, in Mcesia Inf., on the Rhine, bet. Castra Nova and Anasamus, at the mouth, L., of Utus fl. Uxacon a, a town of Britain, bet. Uriconium

(11) and Pennocrucium (12). Uxama, *KrnamedArgella,Vasama,Auxima, Auxierium, Uxamabarca, a town of the Arevacae, Tarraconensis, on Areva fl., L., at its junction with Durius fl., 24 m. E. of Clunia. Noted for its horses. Osma. Uxantis ins., i. q. Uxisama. Uxela, a town of the Damnonii, Brit., w.

of Isca Damnoniorum.

Uxellodunum, a town of the Cadurci, Aquitania I., N.e. of Divona. Capde-nac.

Uxelum, a town of the Selgovse, Brit., at the mouth of Novius fl., R. Near Drum-lanrig.

Uxentum, a town of the Salentini, in

Japygia, on Tarentinus sin., bet. Veretuni

(10) and Aletium (12), N.w. of Japygium

prom. Ugento.

Uxen-tus m., m. of India i. Gangem, bet.

the Ganges and Mana fl. Uxia (Uxiana), the country of the Uxii, in


Uxn (Oxii, Uskangli), a tribe of Elymsei, on Aroatis fl., in the N.e. division of Susiana. Uxiorum arx (Climax), a fortress of the

Uxii Susian., at Susianse portae. Uxisama ins., an isl. of Lugdunensis, near

Calbium prom. Ouessant. Uz (Huz, Ausitis), a district of Arabia De-serta, on the confines of Edom. Named after Uz, grandson of Shem, by whose posterity it was colonized. The country of Job.

[JzAL, Arabia?, i. q. Sabe Regia. Uzan (Usalis, Usalitanum oppidum), a town

of Zeugitana, w. of Utica. A colonia. Uzappa, a town of Byzacene, bet. Autip-sida and Manange.

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