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padana by Rubico fl., from Etruria by the Tiber, from Sabinium by Nera fl., and from Picenum by jEsis fl. Its E. boun­dary was the Adriatic. Pliny says their name was given to them by the Greeks, upon their having escaped from some great inundation.

Umbria, vide Umbri.

Umbro fl., a r. of Etruria, falling into the sea, bet. Hasta (2) and Aprile lacus. The locality of a defeat of the Gauls, by Paulus jEmilius, 225 B.C. Omtrone.

Una fl., a r. of Mauritania Tingit., falling into the Atlantic s. of Usadium prom. Iffuzul.

Unelli, a people occupying the N.w. angle of Lugdunensis II., N. of the Lexovii. Cotentin.

Unsingis fl., a r. of the Frisii, Germ., falling into Germanicus ocean, s.w. of Amisia fl., below Manarmanis portus. Hunsing ?

Unuca, a town of Zeugitana, on Bagradas fl., R., bet. Ad Mercurium and Sicilibba.

Upelli, a town of the Ambilici, in Nori-cum, on Sana fl., bet. Collatio and Celeja.

Ur (Orche, Orchoe, postea Edessa), a town of Mesopotamia, towards Nisibis, 25 m. from Haran. The residence of Abraham.

Ura, I. Syrise, i. q. Sura. II. prom., Cypri, i. q. Dinaretum.

Uranopolis, I. a town of Acte penin., in Macedonia, on the Strymonicus sin., op­posite Calarna. Built by Alexander, brother of Cassander. Callitza. II. a town of Pisidia, w. of Termessus.

Urania, a town of Cyprus, near Carpasia.

Urea, capital of the Verbigeni, Maxima Sequanorum, bet. Ariolica and Lacus Lausonius. Orbe.

Urbana, a town of the Sidicini, in Cam­pania, on Via Appia, bet. Pons Campanus (3) and Ad Nonum (6). A colonia of Sylla; the inhabitants were transferred to Capua.

Urbanates, a people of Gallia Cisalpina, towards the Veliates. About Marano.

Urbate, a town of Pannonia Inf., on Savus fl., R., bet. Servitium (25) and Marsonia. Brod.

Urbiaca, a town of the Celtiberi, Tarra-conensis, s.E. of Arcobriga.

Urbigeni, vide Verbigeni.

Urbinum, surnamed Hortense, a town of Umbria, bet. Metaurus fl. and Pisaurus fl., 8 m. N.e. of Urbinum Met. The death-place of Valeria, the general of Vitellius. Urbino. II. surnamed Metaurense, a town of Umbria, on Metaurus fl., R., towards its source. Urbania.

Urbicus, a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into Durius fl. below Ocellodurutn. Orbigo.

Urbs (Odubria) fl., a r. of Liguria, rising N.w. of Hasta, and falling into Tanarus fl. w. of Dortona. Orba.

Urbs salvia, a town of Picenum, on Via Flaminia, bet. Septempeda (12) and Fir-mum (18). Urbisaglia.

Urce (Urgi, Virgi), a town of the Bastitani, Tarraconensis, on Portus Magnus, bet. Turaniana and Charidemi prom. Near Vera.

Urcesa, i. q. Althsea.

Urchoa, Chaldea;, i. q. Ur.

Urcinium, a maritime town of Corsica w., below Circidius fl. Ajaccio.

Urema, a town of Cyrrhestica, Syria, near the mouth of Singas fl.

Urgaon (Alba), a town of Baetica, N.w. of Bastia. A municipium. Arjona, near Andujar.

Ubgi, a people of Sarmatia Europsea, towards Mseotis palus.

Urgo ins. postea Gorgona, an isl. of Etruria, 25 m. w. from Portus Herculis Liburni. Gorgona.

Uria, I. a salt lake of Acarnania, on the s. coast, E. of Cynia palus, forming with this lake and Melite lacus the marshes of Mis-solonghi. II. (Ureium, Hyrium), a town of Daunia, Apul., on Urias sin., N. of Garganus m. Rodi. III. (Orra), a ma­ritime town of the Locri, in Bruttium, s. of Locri. Founded by Idomeneus, circa 1100 B.c. Palazzi. IV. a town of Mes-sapia, on Via Appia, bet. Mesochorion (10) and Scamnum (8). Rodi.

Urias sin., a bay of the Adriatic, at Una.

Uriconium (Viroconium), a town of the Cornavii, Brit., on Sabrina fl., L., bet. Rutunium and Magna. Wroxeter.

Urima (Urma Giganti), a town of Cyrrhes­tica, on the Euphrates, bet. Zeugma and Arulis.

Urinc.e, a town of the Rauraci, Maxima Sequanorum, N.w. of Cambete.

Urium, a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica, on Urius fl., near its mouth. Veos.

Urius fl., a r. of Bsetica, falling into the Atlantic at Ouoba. Rio Tinto; Rio Azige.

Urpanus fl., a r. of Pannonia, falling into the Savus. Verbas.

Ursa prom., Sardinia;, i. q. Arcti.

Ursentum, a town of Lucania, near the source of Laus fl. Orso Marso.

Urso (Ursaon, Orso, surnamed Gcnua Ur-banorum), a town of the Turtetani, Bajtica, bet. Callensis respublica, N.w., and Aa-tapa E. Qsmna.

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