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Ttlos ins., Major et Minor, two islands of Arabia Felix, on Persicus sin., over against Gerra. Bahrein isl.

Tymandrus, a town of Pisidia.

Tymbrium (Tymbrias, Tembrium, Tembri-cum), a town of Pisidia, on the borders of Phrygia, near Philomelium. In its vici­nity was the fountain in which Midas caught Silenus.

Tymen.ecm m., a m. of Phrygia.

Tymenna, a town of Lycia.

Tymnessus, Tymnus, Cariae, i. q. Thym-nia.

Tymph^a (Stymphasa), the district of the Tymphaei, in Epirus. About Mezzovo.

Tymph<ei, a people of Epirus, N. of the Mo-lossi, about Tyinphe m.

Tymphe (Stymphe) m., a branch of Pindus, occupying the N.E. angle of Epirus. Noted for a peculiar species of gypsum used to cleanse cloth. Zagora.

Tymphrestus m., a S.e. continuation of Pindus, separating jEniania from Atha-mania and Aperantia. Klytzas or Smo-cmo.

Tyndahid*, a town of Bithynia, on the Euxine, 6 m. N. from Posidium prom.

Tyndaris, I. a prom, of Sicily, N., at Tyn-daris. II. a city of Sicily, N., at the mouth of Helicon fl.; founded by Diony-sius the Elder. Named from Tyndarus, father of Leda. More than half the city was submerged by the sea. Tindaro.

Tyndarii Scopuli, four islets of Mannarica, off Chetasa.

Tyndis (Tundis), I. a r. of India i. Gangem, jailing into Gangeticus sin. by two mouths, N.e. of Msesolus fl. II. a maritime town of Limyrica, Indise, bet. Nitra and Arama-gara (5). Goa.

Tynna, a town of Cataonia.

Typjsum m., an eminence N.e. of Scillus, the place of execution assigned for women who had infringed the Olympic regula­tions.

Typana, a town of Triphylia in Elis, un­der Typseum m.

Tyka, a town of Dacia, on Tyras fl., to­wards its month (17i m.). A Milesian colony. By some identified with Ophiusa, but discriminated by Ptolemy. Acra-man?

Tyrambe, a town of Dandarica, Sarmat., on Palus Mteotis, at the mouth of Atticitus fl., S.e. of Phanagoria. A Milesian co­lony. Tyrangetje, a people of Sarmatia, on Tyras

fl., towards its mouth.

Tybas (Trusses, Danastrus) fl., a r. of Eu­rope, which separates Dacia from Sarma-

tia, and falls into the Euxine below Tyras, at one time, it would appear, by two mouths. Dniester.

Tyria, Lydise, i. q. Metropolis.

Tyri^eum, i. q. Titarion.

Tyricteca dia, a town of Taurica Cher-sonesus, on Bosporus Cimmerius, bet. Panticapseum and Nymphsea.

Tyrissa (Tauriana), a town of Emathia, on Axius fl., bet. Bserus and Aliudea. Aurethissar.

Tyrit^e, a people of Dacia and Sarmatia, E., about the mouth of Tyras fl.

Tyrmid^e, a demus of Attica, of the tribe (Eneis.

Tyrrhena ins., i. q. Ogyris.

Tykrhexi, I. a tribe of Pelasgi in Epirus, about Dodona, the progenitors of the Selli. II. (Tyrseni), a colony of the Greek Tyrrheni, who, circa 1280 B.c., established themselves, by the aid of the TJrnbri, in (Tyrrhenia) Etruria, where they formed a confederacy of twelve principal cities. Thence, crossing the Apennines, they ex­tended their conquests to the Alps, occu­pying the whole country between the two seas, with the exception of Venetia. In this New Etruria (afterwards Gallia Cis-alpina) they formed a second confederacy of twelve principal cities, representing, and respectively colonized by, the twelve Tyrrhenian cities, s. of the Apennines. Their conquests s., which probably reached Lucania, are extended by some antiquaries to the very extremity of the Peninsula; it is tolerably clear that, at all events, Rome was a Tyrrhenian foundation. The decided decline of the Tyrrhenian power began 453 B.c., when the Syracusans took vEtlialia ins., and was consummated by the conquests of the Gauls 403—388 B.c.

Tyrrhenia, the Greek form of Etruria.

Tyrrhenium mare, the upper portion of In-ferum mare, on the coast of Etruria.

Tyrsus, I. ins., i. q. Tylos. II. fl., a r; of Sardinia, falling into the sea below Othoca. Tirso; Oristagni?

Tyrus, I. a city of Phoenicia, on the coast, 25 m. s. from Sidon, 90 m. N.w. from Jerusalem. Built 1300 B.c. Destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. The later cognominal city, destroyed by Alexander, was after­wards restored. Soar. II. a town of La-conia. Tyscon, a town of Phrygia Epict., on Alanda

fl., towards Plitendus. Tziamo, a district of .Ethiopia, on Astaboras

fl., L., towards its source. Tzitzi, a town of Dodecaschcenus, on the Nile, L., bet. Parembole and Taphis (14).

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