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Turobolis, a maritime town of the Corsii, in Sardinia E., bet. Olbia and Elephantaria. Turones, a people of Lugdunensis III., bet. the Liger and the Sequana, having the Carnutes N.e. and the Pictones s.w. TuRoatJA, a town of the Grovii, Tarraconen-sis, on Lseron fl., L., above Ad Duos Pontes. Vedra. Turbes, a town of the Triballi, in Moesia,

bet. Latina and Translitse. Turris, I. a town of Zeugitana, bet. Sici-lil}ba and Vallis. II. surnamed Ad Algam, a fortress of Tripolis, Afric., E. of Oea. III. surnamed Augusti, a town of the Artabri, Tarraconensis, on Sars fl., w. of Iriaflavia. IV. surnamed Csesaris, Turris Aureliana, a maritime town of Calabria, •on Via Frentana, bet. Barium (15) and Dertum (9). Ripagnola. V. surnamed Csesaris, a fortress of Numidia, 15 m. s.E. from Sigus. VI. surnamed Ferrata, a fortress of Pannonia, near Sirmium. VII. surnamed Hannibalis, vide Sullectis. VIII. jfumamed Juliana, a fortress of Peucetia, on the Adriatic, bet. Barium (11) and Turris Aureliana (9), on Via Egnatia. Torre Pelosa. IX. surnamed Libyssonis, Ad Turrim, a maritime town of the Coracenses, in Sardinia, S.e. of Gorditanum prom. Porto Torre. X. surnamed Stratonis, Judsese, i. q. Casarea. XI. surnamed Veledse, a citadel of the Bructeri Min., Germ., on Lupia fl., below Bogadium.

Turrus fl., a r. of Venetia, falling into Na-tiso fl. above Ad XII. Torre.

Tursoni, a tribe of Hermunduri in Ger­many, on Moenus fl., R., bet. the Chatti N. anil the Curiones s.

Turtetani, a maritime people of Baetica, s.vr., bet. Luria fl. and the Mediterra­nean, w. of the Turtuli and Bastuli.

Turtuh, a people of Bsetica, on BaBtis fl., R. and L., and extending S.e. to Ilipual. Alganes.

Turulis fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into Sucro fl., L., above Sucro.

Turullus, a town of the Odryste, in Thrace, near Drusipara. Tehorlu.

Turum, I. a town of Peucetia, in Apulia, near Norba. Turo. II. of the Sevaces, in Noricum, on CEnus fl., bet. Jovisara (63) and Pons CEni.

Turuntes fl., a r. of Sarmatia, N.e. of Rhabon fl. Windau.

Tusca, I. a r. of Africa, falling into the Mediterranean at Tabraca. The boundary of Numidia and Africa Propria. Zain; Wad-el-Barbar ? II. a town of Numidia, on Tusca fl.

Tusoana, a town of Etruria, on Marta fl.,

R., bet. Blera (9) and Maternum (17), on Via Claudia. Built by Ascanius. Tosca-nella.

Tusci (Turci. Turae), "devastators," a people of Sarmatia As., bet. Caucasus and Ceraunii m. The progenitors of the mo­dern Turks.

Tusculanum, a town of the Stoni, in Gallia Transpad. near the ~w. shore of Benacus lac. A municipium. Toscolano.

Tusculum (Tysclum), a city of the Latini, in Latium, 12£ m. S.e. of Rome, E. of Bovillae. Founded by Telegonus, son of Ulysses and Circe. A favourite summer retreat of the Roman aristocracy. Near it (above the convent of Grotta Ferrata), among other villas there of Lucullus, Mae­cenas, &c., was the villa Tusculana, previ­ously belonging to Sylla, in which Cicerc* wrote his Tusculan Disputations. Tuscu-lum was the birth-place of M. Porcius Cato, of T. Coruncanius, Cn. Plancius, &c. Tuscolo, above Frascati.

Tutatio, a town of the Alauni, in Noricum, on Stiria fl., bet. Gabromagus (20) and Ernolatia (12). Near Schlierlach.

Tuthoa fl., a r. of Arcadia, falling into La-don fl., L., bet. Telphusa and Hersea.

Tutia, a town of the Edetani, Tarraconen­sis, near Sucro fl., L., above Seetabicula. Tom.

Tctini, the people of Turum, in Apulia.

Tutzis (Thosch, Pthah-ei," abode of Pthah"), a town of Dodecaschcenus, on the Nile, L., bet. Talmis (20) and Pselcis (12). Kish; Gyrsche.

Tyana (Dana, posted Eusebia), capital of Tyanitis, in Cappadocia, on the causeway of Semiramis, bet. Archelaus (75) and Po-dandus (34), 12 m. from Cadyna. Built by Thoas, king of the Tauro Scythi, in his pursuit of Orestes and Pylades. Named Eusebia from the worship of Jupiter As-mabaeus. The birth-place of Apollonius Tyanseus ; subsequently the metropolis of Cappadocia II. Ketchhissar.

Tyanitis prefecture, a prefecture of Cap­padocia, about Tyana.

Tyba, a town of Palmyrene, bet. Cholle and Adatha, w. of Circesium.

Tybracje, a people of Bactriana.

Tyc^e, a town of Paphlagonia, 15m. from Cereae.

Tydii, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica.

Tylangii (Tulangii), a people of Gaul, on the Rhone, towards Lemanus lacus. Vallee de Turnange in Le Valais.

Tylissus, a town of Crete.

Tyllesiuh prom., a pr. of Bmttium, s. of Clampetia. Capo Corica.

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