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town of Mauritania Cassar., 25 m. S.e. from Salda. A colonia of Augustus.

Tucabath, a town of Libya Interior.

Tucca tereeixthixa (Thugga, Tuccabora, Thuccabori), I. a town of Byzacene, bet. Sufes (25) and Assura (12), s.w. of Zama. II. of Mauritania Ceesar., on Ampsaga fl., near its mouth, 46 m. S.e. from Teibeilis. Duijga. III. of Zeugitana, N. of Zama.

Tucci (Tacubis), I. a town of the Lusitani, on the Tagus, R., above Scalabis. II. a city of the Turtuli, Bcetica, S.e. of Cor-duba, bet. Segeda N. and Iscadia s. A colonia (Augusta Gemella). III. a town of the Turtetani, Bietica, w. of Italica (18). Tejada.

Tud^e (Tyde), a town of the Grovii, Tarra-conensis, on Minius fl., R., towards its mouth, 22 m. N. from Limia. Built by Diomedes, and hence surnamed ^Etola. Tuy.

Tuder, a town of Umbria, on the Tiber, L., bet. Ameria (16) and Vettona (14), on Via Amerina. Sacred to Mars. A colonia (Fida). Todi.

Tuderium, a town of Northern Germany, on the Amisus fl. Mcppen.

Tuerobis fl., a r. of the Demeta:, Brit., falling into the sea s, of Luentium. Teify.

Tuficum, a town of Umbria, on Sena fl. Near Pergola.

Tugexi, the people of Tugenus pagus, Maxima Sequanorum, bet. the Tigurini and the Sarunetes. About Tugen.

Tugia, a town of the Oretani, Tarraconen-sis, 35 m. S.e. from Castulo. Toia.

Tugma, a town of the Tiladse, Indiee, N. of Triglyphum. Koduascan.

Tulcis fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into the Mediterranean at Tarraco. Francoli.

Tduxgi, a tribe of Vindelici, in Rhsetia, w. of Brigantinus lacus, under Abnoba m.

Tuliphurdum, a town of the Dulgibini, Germ., on Visurgis fl., on the confines of the Angrivarii. Verden.

Tulisurgium, a town of Northern Ger­many. Bodenworder.

Tullina fl., a r. of Noricum, flowing near Comageni. Tuln.

Tullonium, a town of the Varduli, Tarra­conensis, bet. Velia s.w. and Alba N.e.

Tullum, a town of the Leuci, Belgica I., on the Mosella, L., bet. Scarpona and tSolimariaca. Tow/.

Tullus m., a ridge of theAlpesCarniese, on the confines of Pannonia, w. of Carvancas m.

Tumera, a town of Assyria, near Sumera.

Tun£s (Thunis), a town of Zeugitana, on Carthag, sin., bet. Carthage (15) and Maxula (7J). The locality of the defeat of the Romans, under Regulus, by the Cartha­ginians, under Xantippus. Tunis.

Tuxgri, a German people who crossed the Rhine, and took possession of the country of the Eburones and Aduatici.

Tuxiza, Numidise, i. q. Tinissa.

Tuxnocelum, a town of the Selgovse, Brit., at the w. termination of Hadriani murus N. Boulness.

Tuphium, a town of Thebais, on the Nile, over against Hermonthis. Tod.

Turaxiaxa, a town of Baetica, on Portus Magnus, bet. Murgis and Urci.

Turba (Tarba, Tarvia), a town of the Bi-gerrones, Novem Populana, bet. Bigerra N, and Aquee Convenarum s. Tarbes.

Turbula, a town of the Bastitani, Tarra­conensis. Tabarra.

Turc.e, Sarmatise, vide Tusci.

Turcilingi, a tribe of Rugii, Germanise.

Turecionum, a town of the Allobroges, Viennensis, bet. Vienna N.w. and Morgin-num S.e.

Turexum, a maritime town of Peucetia, on Via Frentana, bet. Aveldius fl. (!)) and Natiolum (C). Trani.

Turia (Tucia), I. a r. of Sabinium, passing by the town of Feronia, near Eretum, and falling into the Tiber, L., G m. X.e. from Rome. II. (Tyria), a town of the Ede-tani, Tarraconensis, on Turis fl., w. of Valentia.

Turiaso, a town of the Celtiberi, Tarra­conensis, s. of Ergavica. A municipium and colonia. Noted for its steel-manu­factures. Tarazona.

Turicum, a town of the Helvetii, on Lima-gus fl. Zurich.

Toris (Turulis, Tyrius, Duria) fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, rising towards Lobetum, and falling into Sucronensis sin. below Valentia. Its banks were the locality of the defeat of Sempronius by Pompey. Guadalaviar.

Turissa (Iturissa), a town of the Varduli, Tarraconensis, on Magrada fl., 22 m. N.x.vv. from Pompelo. Ituren.

Tuhmeda, i. q. Thapsacus.

Turmodiges, a tribe of Cantabri, s. of the Iberus, w. of the Berones.

Turmuli, a town of the Vettones, Lusi-tania, on the Tagus, R., above Norba Csesarea.

Turnacum, a town of the Nervii, Belgica II., on the Scaldis, L., bet. Viroviacum N.w. and Origiacum s.w. Tournai.

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