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cinse (8) and Pisae (12), on Via Aurelia, E. of Portus Herculis Labronis.

Triclatti, a people of Alpes Maritime, on Var fl.

Triumpili, a tribe of Euganei, bet. Larius lacus and Benacus lacus. Val Troppia.

Tkiumvirorum ins., an isl. in Rhenus fl., Gallias Cispad., 2 m. w. of Bononia, in which occurred the meeting of the Second Triumvirate. Crocetta del Trebbo.

Trivona fl., a r. of Britain, falling into Metaria yEstuarium. Ouse.

Trivicum, a town of the Hirpini, Samn., s.E. of Beneventum. Tririco.

Trivia lacus, the grove of Diana, on Ne-morensis lacus, in Latiutn.

Troas, a region of Mysia, extending along the coast from Rhffitcum prom, to Adra-myttenus sin., and inland to the range of Ida. Peopled by Pelasgi, Treres, ^Eoles, &c.

Trochos, a town of Argolis, under Chaon mons, on the Phryxus fl., bet. Argos and Hysiae.

Trocmi, a tribe of Gallo-Graci, occupying the E. portion of Galatia.

Troea, a port of Gedrosia, on Paragon sin., bet. Canasis and Talmena.

Troesmis (Trismis), a town of Mcesia Inf., on the Danube, bet. Arrubium and Be-reum.

Triezene, I. prius Orea, Hyperia, Posido-nia, a city of Argolis, N.e. of Hermione, 2 m. from the sea. Renamed after Trce-zen, son of Pelops. The birth-place of Theseus. Damala. II. (Troizen, Tre-zen, Troezenide), a town of Gallia Cisal-pina, N. of Alpes Maritime, near Massa-lia. Tracaro.

Trogilia ins., an islet of Ionia, off Tro-gilium prom.

Trogilium prom., a pr. of Ionia, opposite Samos oppidum, the "w. termination of Mycale m. C. Santa Maria. II. a ma­ritime village of Sicily, N. of Syracuse.

Trogilus, a town of Macedonia, The birth-place of Asclepiades, the critic.

Trogitis palus, a lake of Isauria, s.w. of Iconium. Noted for concreting salt na­turally.

Troglodyte, generally dwellers in caverns; specially, a people of Ethiopia, on the coast of the Red sea, from the Tropic of Cancer N. to Avalites sin. s.

Troglodyticus sin., a gulf of the Red sea, bet. Mnemium prom, and Satyrorum prom.

Troilium, Etrur., apud Livium, i. q. Tros-sulum.

Troja, I. a town of Lower Egypt, on the

Nile, R., bet. Scenae Mandrae and Baby­lon, opposite Memphis. II. (Ilium vetus), a city of Troas, near the source of Sca-mander fl. Built by Tros 13/4 B.c. Taken by the Greeks, after a ten years' siege, June 11, 1184 B.c. Bournarbachi. III. the early name of Xypete, in At­tica.

Trojanus pagus, the primitive settlement of the Veneti, in Italy, about Hadria Venet.

Tromilia, a town of Achaia. Noted for its goats' milk cheese.

Troxts, a district within the territory of Aulis Phocis.

Trop/ea drusi, a town of Germany, on the Vistula, towards its source.

Thophonii oraculum, the oracle of Tro-phonius, in a cavern near Lebadea, of Boeotia; those who consulted it never smiled again ; or, at least, not for a long period.

Tropixa, a port of India "W., 750 m- N« from Perimula prom.

Trossulum, a town of Etruria, w. of Fe-rentinum; it was taken by a squadron of Roman horse, unaided by infantry, whence the surname of Trossuli was given to the former force. Trosso.

Trotilum, a town of Sicily, at the mouth of Pantagias fl. Built 700 B.c.

Truextus fl., a r. of Picenum, falling into the sea at Castrum Truentinum. Tronic.

Trulla, "spoon," I. an isl. of Arabia Felix, off Cane. Barruhggur. II. a port of the Adramitse, Arab., E. of Cane em­porium.

Trutulexsis portus, a haven of Britannia Barbara. Firth of Tay ?

Trychas, a town of Euboea, towards Cher-sonesus prom.

Tu^esis jEsTUARiuM, I. the mouth of Tuaesis fl., bet. Vara ^Estuar. and Tasza-lumprom. Murray Frith. II. a town of the Decantae, Brit., near the mouth of Tuaesis fl. Nairn.

Tubantes, a tribe of Istsevones, in Ger­many, bet. the Rhine and the Sala fB., afterwards on Luppia fl., L., and finally in the territory of the Marsi.

Tuberos fl., Gedrosise, i. q. Tomerus.

Tcblinatium, a town of the Genaunes, Rheetiae. Toblino.

Tdbon.k, i. q. Thubonae.

Tuburbis (Tubarbo) majus, I. a town of Zeu-gitana, 28 m. S.e. from Carthage. Tu-bersole. II. minor, of Zeugitana, on Ampsagas fl., L., bet. Cluacaria (15) and Cigisa (15). Tuburbo.

Tobusuptus (Thubuscum, Succubar), a

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