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Gythium (4) and Helos (10), over against which were the three islets which gave name to it. Trinisi.

Trine ins., an isl. of Argolis.

Trinemeis, a demus of Attica, of the tribe Cecropeis, at the source of the Ccphisius Atticus fl. Agios Soleros.

Trinesia ins., three isl. of India i. Gangem, 5geog. m. N. from Musiris prom. Andschi-dive Islands.

Trinessa, a town of Phrygia.

Trinios fl., a r. of Samnium, rising N. of ^sernia, and falling into the Adriatic s.E. of Histonium. Trigno.

Trinobantes (Celtice,trion-oban, "marshy district"), a people of Flavia Csesariensis, bet. the Cenimagni N., the Tamesis s., the Dobuni and Catevallauni w., and the Germ. Oc. E. Essex and Middlesex.

Trinion, i. q. Canthy, India.

Trinythis, a town of Libya, in Oasis Min.

Triobris fl., a r. of Gaul, falling into the Oltis. Truyere.

Triocala (Tricala), a town of Sicily, on Isborus fl., L. Named from its three good things; its plentiful and fine water, the fertility of its district, and its strength. The seat of the slave-king, Tryphon. Near Calata Bellota.

Triopium prom., a pr. of Caria, over against Istros ins. Here was a temple of Apollo, where the assemblies of the Dorian states were held. C. Krio.

Triparadisds, i. q. Paradisus.

Triphylia, I. a district of Elis, from Al-pheus fl. to 'Messenia. The kingdom of Nestor. Named, traditionally, from Tri-phylus, the Arcadian; but rather, as being settled by colonists from three tribes, the Elei, Epei, and Minyse. II. a town of Orestis, in Macedonia, on ^Eas fl., w. of Gyrtone.

Triphulum, a town of the Cistoboci, Dac., on the Tyras, above Patridava.

Tripodiscus, I. an ancient district of Me-garis. II. prius Tripodi, a town of Me-garis, at the E. foot of Geranea mons. Founded by the Argive Corsebus. The birth-place of Susarion, the comic writer.

Tripolis (Tripolitana), I. a district of Africa, on the Mediterranean, bet. Sabrata and Cynyps fl. Named from its three chief towns, jEa, Sabrata, and Leptis Magna. Tripoli. II. of Arcadia, comprising Cal-lise, Dipcena, and Nonacris. III. of La-conia, S.e. of Megalopolis, comprehending the towns of Belmina, jEgys, and Pel-lane. IV. a maritime district of Phoenicia, comprehending the territories of the thi'ee towns, Tyre, Sidon, and Aradus. V.

(Antoninopolis), a town of Lydia, on Msean-der fl., bet. Sardes and Laodicea, s. of Callibetus. Ostraven.' VI. prius Is-chopolis, a port of the Mosynceci, in Pontus, 11 m. E. from Zephyrium. Tire-boli. VII. a town of Pelasgiotis, in Thes-saly, on Peneus fl., 3 m. above Larissa.

Tr.ipolissi, a people of Epirus, on the con­fines of Thessaly.

Tripolus, a town of Crete. The birth-place of Plutus.

Tripontium, I. a town of the Coritani, Brit., on Aufona Maj. fl., bet. Venonae and Beneventum. Dovebridge. II. of the Volsci, near Appii Forum. Treponti.

Tripyrgia, a village of ^Egina ins., on its E. shore, 2 m. from Heracleium.

Trisanton fl., ar. of theRegni, Brit., falling into tlie sea at Anderis. Tees.

Trisarchis vicus, a maritime village of Marmarica, bet. Selinus portus and Apis.

Trisca, a village of Bithynia, under Ma-roscus m.

Trissum, a town of the Jazyges Metanastse.

Tristolus, a town of the Sinti, in Thrace, S.e. of Parthicopolis.

Trit^ea, I. one of the Twelve Cities of Achaia, near Pirus fl., 15 m. above Phara Tritse. Built by Menalippus, son of Mars. Agios Andria. II, a town of the Locri Ozolse, s.w. of Chalion. III. of Phocis, s.w. of Elata:a.

Tritium, surnamed Metallum, I. a town of the Berones, Tarraconensis, 18 m. w. of Varia. Treton, near Najera. II. stir-named Tuboricum, Tobolicum, of Tarraco­nensis, on Deva fl., 2 geog. m. w. from Virovesca. Near Mondragon. III. a town of the Autrigones.

Triton fl., I. ar. of Africa, rising in Usargala m., and, after forming Libya palus, Palla­dia lacus, and Tritonis palus, falling into the Mediterranean s. of Tacape. The name is erroneously connected by some with the Greek Minerva, said to have been born on its banks. Kabes. II. of Boeo-tia, falling into Copais lacus, w. of Alal-comense. III. of Crete.

Tritonis palus, I. a lake of Africa, receiving Triton fl. w. of Tacape. Shilkah-El-lowdiah. II. lacus, a lake of Cyrenaica, at Berenice, formed by the mouth of Eccius fl.

Tritonus, a town of Macedonia.

Tritta, an early name of Gnossus, in Crete.

Trittia, a town of the Salyes, Narbonensis II., near Aquae Sextise. Sacred to the goddess Trittia. Tretz.

Triturrita, a town of Etroria, bet. Pis-

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