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Tbiare, a district of Armenia Magna, on the

confines of Iberia, N. of Thasia. Thregkh. Tribactra, capital of the Tribactree, iSog-

diana, on Polytimetus fl., above Oxiana

palus. Near Bokhara, Tribala, a town of the Lusitani. Triballi, a people of Moesia Superior, N.w.

and central. Their eyes, when excited by

passion, were reputed to have the power of

killing people. Tribanta, a town of Phrygia Epict., near

Nacolea. Tribocci (Triboci), a people of Germany, on

the Rhine, bet. the Mediomatrices and the

Lirici. Alsace. Trica, a town of Daunia, Apulia, towards

Arpi. Destroyed by Diomed. Tricameros, a town of Zeugitana, 20 m.

from Carthage. Tricarana ins., an isl. of Argolis, w. of

Hydrea ins. Trikkera. Tricaranum, a fortress of Phlius, in Ar­golis, on the borders of Achaia, bet. Phlius

and Ornese. Tricasses, a people of Lugdunensis IV.,

bet. the Remi N. and the Vadicasses s.,

the Senones w. and the Remi and Lin-

gones E. Alout Troyes. Tricastini, a tribe of Cavares, Viennensis,

on the Rhone, E. of the Segelauni. Tricca, I. a city of Estiseotis, on the con­fines of Pelasgiotis, on Lethseus fl., 12 m.

s.E. from Gomphi. The birth-place of

.iEsculapius, and of his sons Podilarius and

Machaon. Tricala. II. a village of Mes-

senia. The birth-place, according to the

Messenians, of ^Esculapius. Tricciana, a town of Pannonia, bet. Man-

suetinapons (30) and Cimbriana (25).

Meso-Romarom. Tricesima, a town of the Gugerni, Ger-

mania I., near Castra Vetera. Drich. Tricesimcm, a town of the Volcse Tecto-

sages, Narbonensis I., bet. Carcasso w.

and Liviana E. Trichonium, a town of jEtolia, on or near

the s. shore of Trichonius lacus, to which

it gave name. Trichonius lacus, a lake of jEtolia, E. of

Trichonium. L. Vrachori. Tricoloxi, a town of Arcadia, 1} m. N. from

Charisia. With a temple of Neptune. Tricomia, I. a township of Attica, formed of

the three dcmi Cropia, Pelices, and Euri-

pydse. II. a town of Phrygia Epictetus,

bet. Midaeum (28) and Pessinus (21). Tricornium, a town of the Tribalh, Mcesia,

on the Danube, bet. Singidunum (l4) and

Aureus mons. Galmnbatz ? Tricorh, a tribe of Medulli, N. of Vapin-

cum, a colony of whom settled among the Salyes, Narbonensis, s.E. of the Anatili.

Tricoryphus (Triphyllus) prom., a pr. of Arabia Felix, E., at the N. extremity of Duatus sin. Chorfakan.

Tricorythus (Tricorynthus), a demus of Attica, of the tribe CEantis, bet. Phegus and Probalinthus, near Marathon. The residence of the Heraclidse in Attica. Souli.

Tricrena " three fountains " fons, a foun­tain of Arcadia, rising from three springs bet. Stymphalus and Pheneus, in which Mercury was washed after his birth.

Tricrorum prom., a pr. of Africa, on Syrtis Major, w. bet. Simnana and Tbubactis.

Tridentini, a tribe of Rhaeti, on both sides of Atagis fl., about Tridentum.

Tridentum (Tridentinum), capital of the Tridentini, in Venetia, on Atagis fl., L., bet. Endidae (16) and Ad Palatium (24 J. Trent.

Trieron prom., a pr. of Syrtica regio, of Cephalge prom. Cape Mesurata.

Trieris, a town of Phoenicia, near Tripolis.

Tripanum, a town of Latium, bet. Min-turnae and Sinuessa.

Tbigaboli, a town of Gallia Cispadana, on Padus fl., below Padinum, where tlie river separates into Spineticum ostium and Olana ostium.

Trig^ecini, a people of Tarraconensis.

Trigisamum (Augustiniana Castra), a town of the Boii, in Noricum, on the Danube, bet. Namare (16) and Piratortum (1!). Trasmauer.

Trigla, a suburban demus of Athens.

Triglyphum (Trilengon), a town of the Tiladse, India, s.E. of Talarga.

Trigundum, a town of the Artabri, Tarra­conensis, on Nelus fl., L., near its source.

Trileuci scopuli, three rocks of Tarraco­nensis, off Trileucam prom.

Trileucum (Cornu) prom., the N.w. extre­mity of Hispania, N.e. of Artabrum prom. C. Ortiguera, or Ortegal.

Trimanium, a town of the Getae, Mcesia, on the Danube, bet. Scaidava and Jatrum. Drimago ?

Trimetaria, a surname of Laodicea, in Phrygia.

Trimontium, a town of the Selgovae, N. of Blatum-Belgium. Near Loughholm.

Trimulopolis, i. q. Aspendus, Pamphylise.

Trinacria, a name of Sicily, from its three promontories ; and also of Rhodes.

Trinadi, a town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Caput Cellane and Auzia.

Trinasus, " tliree islands," a town of La-conia, at the head of Laconicus sin., bet.

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