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Trapezopolis, a town of Caria, bet. Ala-banda and Mseander fl. Carpuseli.

Trafezu prom., Dardaniae, i. q. Dardanium.

Teapezus, "table shape," I. a m. of Taurica Chersonesus, s., above Charax. II. a town of Arcadia, on the left bank of Al-pheus fl., N.w. of Megalopolis, the inha­bitants of which withdrew to Trapezus, on the Euxine. III. a maritime city of the Macrones, in Pontus, 74 m. from Her-monassa. A Sinopian colony. In the Lower Age, the seat of a petty empire. About it the people made a sort of honey from the rhododendron, of a peculiarly in­toxicating quality. Trebizond.

Traphia, a town of Boaotia.

Trariom, I. a town of JEolis Asiat., s. of Cisthene. II. (Trallmm), a town of Bi-thynia, on Astacenus sin., bet. Pantichium and Libyssa.

Trasimenus lacus, a lake* of Etruria, s. of Cortona, w. of Perusia. The locality of the defeat of Flaminius by Hannibal, 217 B.c. Named from the youth Thrasimenus. L. di Perugia.

Trausi, a tribe of the Caelelatae in Thrace.

Travus fl., a r. of the Bistones, in Thrace, rising in Rhodope m., and falling into the -flSgean at Bistonis lacus, E. of Bistonia.

Treba, a town of the J5qui, in Latium, near the source of Anio fl. A colonia of Augustus. Trevi.

Trebellicbm, a village of Campania, near Neapolis. Noted for its wine.

Trebia, I. a r. of Gallia Cispadana, rising in the m. of the Euburiates, of Liguria, and, after a course of 50 m., falling into Padus fl. w. of Placentia. Memorable for the defeat on its left bank, about 8 m. from Placentia, of Scipio and Sempronius Grac­chus by Hannibal. Trebia. II. a town of Umbria, on Via Flaminia, bet. Sacraria (4) and Fulginium (5). Trevi.

Trebhla (Trebia), surnamed Balinea, I. a town of the Sidicini, in Campania, 5 m. N.e. of Forum Popilii, under Callicula m. Trcglia. II. surnamed Suffena, of Sabi-nium, N. of Reate. Monte Leone delta Leonessa. III. surnamed Mutusca, of Sabinium, near Eretum. With a temple of Feronia, plundered by Hannibal. Monte Leone della Sabina.

Treia, a town of Picenum, on Flosis fl., L., bet. Septempeda (9) and Auximum (18). A municipium. Montecchio.

Tbemilje (Termilse), a body of Cretans who, under the command of Sarpedon, brother of Minos, colonized Lycia long prior to the Trojan war. Named from one of then-early chiefs.

Teemithus (Trimethus), an inland town of Cyprus, bet. Leucosia and Salamis. JVe-miti.

Tremitum ins., Apuliae, i. q. Diomedeia.

Tremula, a town of Mauritania Tingit., bet. Oppidum Novum (12) and Vopisciana (19), s.w. of Babba Julia. Ezadschen.

Tberes, a people of Moesia Inferior, under Scomius m., E. about Sardica.

Trerus fl., a r. of Latium, rising near Prse-neste, and falling into Liris fl. below Fa-brateria.

Tres arbores, a town of the Vasates, Novem Populana, on Serio fl., bet. Cossio N.w. and Oscineium S.e.

Tres insult, three isl. of Mauritania Ting., in the Mediterranean, at the mouth of Mulucha fl.

Tres tabern^, I. a town of the Dassaretce, on the Egnatia Via, bet. Candavia (9) and Pons Servilii (9). II. of the Insubres, in Gallia Transpad., bet. Laus Pompeia (9) and Ad Rotas (5), on Via yEmilia. HI. of Umbria, on Via Flaminia, bet. Interamnia (3) and Ad Tine Recina. IV. of the Volsci, in Latium, on Astura fl., bet. Aricia (7) and Forum Appii (16), on Via Appia. Mentioned by St. Paul. Castella. V. of the Tribocci, Germania I., bet. Pons Saravi and Argentoratum (21). Rhein Zabern.

Tresena, a town of Pamphylia.

Treta (Phrurion) prom., a pr. of Cyprus, Tv. of Curium, whence persons who had dese­crated the altar of Apollo were thrown into the sea. C. Bianco.

Tretum prom., I. a pr. of Numidia, at the •w. entrance of Olchachites sin. Bos Sebba Bus. II. of Crete, at the w. entrance to Martilus sin. C. Buso. III. (Sambracate) prom., a pr. of Arabia Felix, on Sachalitea sin., E. of Saphar.

Tretds saltus, a mountain defile of Argon's1, bet. Nemea and Corinth. Near it was the den of the Nemasan lion.

Treva, a town of the Suardones, Germania, on Treva (Chalusus) fl. Near Gluckstadl.

Treventinum, a town of the Pentri, in Samnium, on Trinius fl., s. of Maronea. A colonia of Caesar and municipium. Trivento.

Treveri, a people of Belgica I., extending into Germania I., on both banks of the Mosella, bet. the Mosa and the Rhine, s. of the Tungri. About Trenes.

Trevidon, a town of the Gaballi, Aqui-tania I., N.w. of Vindomagus. St. Laurent de Treves.

Tria capita, a maritime town of the Cose-tani, Tarraconensis, in m. N.e. from Der-tosa.

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