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the hero Carius. Named from Torrhebus,

son of Atys. Tosale, a town of the Pasalse, India, near

Athenagura. Near Tipra. Totaium, a town of Bithynia, on Sangarius

fl., bet. Nicsea (40) and Dablse (28). Toum (Thmui), a town of Thebais, N. of

Ombi. Sacred to the goat. Toxaxdri, a people of Germania II., s. of

the Batavi, bet. the Rhine, the Mosa, and

the Scaldis.

Trabala, a town of Lycia. Tracana, a town of the Jazyges, Sarmatise,

N.E. of Ercabum. Trachas (Trachina), the Greek name of

Tarracina, in Latium. Trachea, an early name of Ephesus. Trachimi, a tribe of Malienses, in Thes-

saly, about Heraclea Trachinia. Trachis (Trechis, " rugged "), I. a town of

Maliensis, on Melas fl., 6 furlongs w. from

Heraclea Trachinia, 7^ m. from Thermo­pylae A town of Achilles. The adopted

scene of one of Sophocles' tragedies. II.

(Thracis), of Phocis, on the confines of

Boeotia, near Chseronea. Destroyed iu the

sacred war. Trachonitis, "rugged," a district of Deca-

polis, on the borders of Arabia Deserta, N.

of Batansea. Traciiys m., a m. of Arcadia, x. of Orcho-


Tractari, a people of Taurica Chersonesus. Trjli.ium, a town of the Edones, in Thrace,

s.w. of Philippi. Traete prom., the early name of Saturni

prom., Tarraconensis. Tragas^e, "voracious,"asalt-manufacturing

town of Troas, near the mouth of Satnioeis

fl. Tuzla.

Trage.-e, a town of Naxos ins. Tragia ins., an isl. of the jEgean, one of

the Sporades, bet. Astypalaea and Hippuris.

The birth-place of Theogiton. Tragonisi. Tragurium, a town of the Dalmatfie, in

Illyria, on the Adriatic, s. of Scardona, on

a piece of land separated from the con­tinent by an artificial canal. Noted for its

marble quarries. Trau. Tragus fl., a r. of Arcadia, rising at Nasi,

and falling into Ladon fl. near Mesoboa. Trais fl., a r. of Bruttium, falling into the

Ionian sea N. of Hylias fl. The scene of

two great defeats of the Sybarites. Trionto. Trajani mukimextum, a fortress built by

Drusus and repaired by Jub'an, on Msenus

fl., Germania, towards its junction with

the Rhine. Aschaffenberg. Trajanopolis, I. a town of the Cicones, in

Xhrace, on the Egnatia Via, bet. Tempyra

(8) and Dyme (13). II. of the Tremeno-thyritse, in Phrygia Magna, on the borders of Lydia, bet. Acmonia and Salala. The Tanupolis of Hierocles. III. of Cilicia, vide Selinus.

Trajectum (Trajectus Rheni, Vetus Tra-jectus), a town of the Batavi, towards the N. issue of the Rhine, bet. Albiniana and Manaritium. Utrecht, Oud-trecht, " old passage."

Trajectus, I. a village of the Belgse, on Avona fl., below Abone (8). Keyn&ham, II. a town of the Petrocorii, Aquitania II., on the Duronius, below Diolindum.

Trajectus genusi, a town of the Eordeti, in Illyria, on the Genusus fl., bet. Scampis (9) and Ad Dianam (7).

Tralles, prius Anthea, Euanthia, aliter Erynina, Seleucia, Antiochia, a city of Lydia, s.w. of Magnesia, on Eudon fl. A colony of Argives and Thracians. One of the wealthiest emporia of the ancient world. The birth-place of Queen Pitho-doris and of Alexander Trallianus. Ghiuzel Hissar.

Trallicon, a town of Caria, on Harpasus fl. Extinct in Pliny's time.

Trampe, a town of Ionia.

Trampya, a town of the Tymphiei, in Epirus, E. of Bunima, where Hercules, son of Alexander, was murdered by Polysperchon. Mezzovo.

Tranipsi, a tribe of Bithynians, in Bithynia.

Transcellensis m., m. on the coast of Mauritania Csesariensis, below Csesarea.

Transducta (Arabic^, Joza), a town of the Turtetani, Bartica, on Herculeum fretum, bet. Tingintera w. and Mellaria E. Named from the circumstance that it was popu­lated by the inhabitants of Zilis, in Mauri­tania, brought over hither by the Romans. A colonia (Julia). Tarifa.

Translit^e, a town of the Triballi, Moesia, bet. Turres and Ballanstra.

Transmariciolum, a town of the Psylli, in Africa, on Syrtis Maj., bet. Ad Palmam and Hippi prom.

Transmarisca, a town of the Getse, Moesise, on the Danube, bet. Candidiana and Ap-piaria.

Trans tierna, a town of the Albocenses, Dacia, on the Danube, at the mouth of Tierna fl., opposite Tierna.

Tranupara, I. a town of the Galabri, Moe-siae, under Scordus m., bet. Astibus and Scopi. II. of the Pelagones, at the junc­tion of Axius fl. with Erigonus fl., 30 m. N.e. from Stobi.

Trapera, a port of India i. Gangem, near Barygaza.

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