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Interpromium (13) and Hadria (24), on

Via Valeria. Ckieti. Teba, a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica, bet.

Attegua N.n.e. and Sabora s.w. Tebavji, a tribe of Caturiges, Alpes Mari-

timse, w. of the Medulli. Valle'e d'Alle-

vard. Tebenda (Tebenna, Tomba), a town of

Pontus, towards Comana. Tecelia, I. one of the Electrides ins., Germ.,

off the mouth of Flevus fl. II. a town of

the Marsi, in Germany, s. of the mouth

of the Visurgis. Tecmon, a town of Molossis, near Passaro.


Tecoa, Palestine, i. q. Thecoa. Tectosages, a colony of the Tectosages, of

Gaul, established in Central Galatia, bet.

the Tolistoboii and the Trocmi. Tectosages, Galli<e, vide Volcte Tectosages. Tedanius fl., a r. of Illyria, the boundary

of Japydia. Zermayna. Tedit:m, a town of Arabia Deserta, on the

confines of Chaldaea. El Tediun. Tegea, I. a town of Crete. Founded by

Agamemnon. II. a city of Arcadia, bet.

Argos and Megalopolis. Founded by Te-

geus, son of Lycaon; consolidated as a

state by Aleus. Here was a temple of

Minerva Alea, built by Scopas ; in it was

preserved the hide of the Calydonian boar.

Near it was the tomb of Orestes, whence

the Spartans removed his bones. Piali. Tegessus, a town of Cyprus, at a cognomi-

nal prom.

Teoeum, a town of Mysia. Teglancm, a town of Campania, on Via

Aquilia, bet. Nola (5) and Nuceria (9).

Palma. Teglata, a town of Zeugitana, under Cirna

m. s., bet. Picus and Vaga. Tegna, a town of the Allobroges, Viennen-

sis, on the Rhone, bet. Ursolis and Valen-

tia. Tkgrjb, a town of the Gets, in Moesia, on

the Danube, bet. Appiaria and Scaidava. Tegranum, a town of Lucania, on Tanager

fl., L., N. of Sontia. Diano. Tegula, a maritime town of Sardinia s.,

within Chersonesus prom. Teulada. Tbgolisium, a town of the Getse, Moesise,

on the Danube, bet. Dorostolum and Ni-

griniana. Tegyra, a town of Bceotia, in Pelicania

regio. The birth-place, according to some

traditions, of Apollo ; with a temple and

oracle of that god. Tekes m., " the sacred mountain," a summit

of Scydisces m., overlooking Frigidarium

at a distance of about 50 m., whence the

Ten Thousand first saw the sea (the Eux-ine) on their return. Cop Dagh.

Tekoah, a city of Judah, S.e. of Jerusalem, near Bethlehem. Founded by Ashur; fortified by Rehoboam.

Tela, I. a town of the Vaccsei, Tarraconen-sis, above Amallobriga. Santoio ? II. of Mesopotamia, i. q. Antoninopolis.

Telabib, a town on Chaboras fl., of un­certain identification.

Telaeba, a town of the Olondse, SarmatiK, on the Caspian, N. of Gelda.

Telamo, I. a pr. of Etruria, at Telamo portus. II. (Portus Telamonis), a port of Etruria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Albinia (4) and Haste (8). An Argonautic and Pe-lasgic settlement under Telamon. Tala-mone.

Telanbrum prom., a pr. of Caria.

Telandrus, a town of Caria, at Telandrum prom.

Telchines, the primitive inhabitants of the N. coast of Crete. An ingenious and in­ventive people, they passed as enchanters, having control of the elements. They were among the first who practised the Cabiric worship.

Telchinia, a name of Creta ins., from its Telchinian settlers.

TELEBOjJi (Taphii), a tribe of Leleges, set­tled in the islands on the s. coast of Acar-nania ; conquered by Amphytrion.

Teleboarum, vel Taphiorum ins., a group of islands of Acamania, within Leucate prom. w. and Crithote prom. E. Settled by the Telebose. Remarkable for their fertility, and notorious for the pirates who frequented them.

Teleba, a town of Albania, bet. Gerrua fl. and Soana fl.

Telem.&a, a village of Bithynia, near Sophon lacus.

Telendos ins., an isl. of Lycia, in Lycium mare.

Telephi fons, a stream of Lycia, near Patara.

Telepte (Thala), a town of Numidia, 20 m. N.w. from Vicus Gemellse. A treasure fortress of Jugurtha, taken by Metellus. Ferreanah.

Telesaura, Syriie, a later name of Ger-manicia.

Telesia, a town of the Caudini, in Sam-nium, bet. Allifse (25) and Beneventum (1C). A colonia. The birth-place of Caius Pontius, the Samnite general, and of C. Pontius, the opponent of Sylla. Telese,

Telethrius m., a m. of Ellopia, in Euboea, S.e. of Histiiea. PloJcmouni.

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