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Pcemandria, a town of Boeotia, on Asopus fl., bet. Thebse and Oropus. With temples of Bacchus. Apollo, Venus, &c. Under Rome a free city. The birth-place of Corinna. Stigmatized for envy. Noted for its lighting-cocks and its wine. Grima-thi.

Tanais, " water," fl., I. a r. of Sarmatia, dividing Sarmatia Europeea from Sarmatia Asiatics. The boundary, in this direction, of Europe and Asia, falling into the N.e. extremity of the Palus Mseotis by two mouths. Don. II. a town of Sarmatia Europssa, at the mouth of the Tanais. A Milesian colony. Azof: Assow.

Tanarxts fl., a r. of Liguria, rising in the territory of the Casmonates and falling into Padus fl. w. of Ira fl. Tanaro.

Tanatis (Tanetos) ins., an insulated dis­trict of the Cantii, in Brit. I., on the N.e. coast. /. of Thanet.

Tanetum (Canetum), a town of Gallia Cis-padana, on Nicia fl., R., bet. Parma (8) and Regium (10), on Via ^Emilia Lepida. Noted in connexion with the defeat of the praetor Manlius by the Boii. St. Ilario.

Tangala, a town of India e. Gangem, s. of Carura.

Tangait^e, a town of .(Ethiopia, bet. the Colobi and the Memnones.

Tanis, prim Zoan, a city of Lower Egypt, on the Tanitic branch of the Nile, E. of Thmuis. The locality of the miracles of Moses. Sau.

Taniticum ostium, the sixth larger mouth of the Nile, E. from Alexandria. Named from Tanis.

Tanos fl., I. a r. of Argolis, rising in Par-non m. and falling into Thyreates sin. at Thyrea. Hagios Petros. II. a town of Crete.

Tantabra fl., India, i. q. Hydraotes.

Tantalus, I. the early name of Sipylus, in Lydia. II. a m. of Lesbos ins. Named from the hero Tantalus.

Tanupolis, i. q. Trajanopolis.

Tanusiga, a town of Mauritania Tingitana, at the mouth of Una fl., R., within Her-culis prom., s.

Tandit^s (Tanuchitas), a people of Arabia Felix, s.w. of Inapha.

Taoce (Oca), I. a port of Persis, N. of Bri-zana fl. II. Oce (capital), of Taocene, in Persia, E. of Taoce prom., on Rhogoma-nis fl.

Taocene, a maritime district of Persis Prop., about Taoce.

Taochi, a tribe of Scythae, in Armenia Int., about Boas fl., towards its source. Taikh.

Tapje, I. a town of the Potulatenses, Dacise, S.e. of Tiriscum. II. of Hyrcamse, i. q. Tag*.

Taphar, Arabise, i. q. Saphar.

Taphiassus m., a m. on the coast of jEto-lia, bet. Calydon and the sea. The scene of Nessus' death, whose blood communi­cated a fetid odour to the many springs that issue from its sides. Kakiscala.

Taphii, a tribe of Leleges, named after Ta-phius, son of Neptune.

Taphiorl... ins., i. q. Teleboarum.

Taphis (Tahis), a town of Dodecaschaenua, on the Nile, L., bet. Tzibzi and Talmis (8). Tufa.

Taphitis prom., Zeugitana, i. q. Clypea prom.

Taphnis, the name, with Ezekiel, of Zoan.

Taphos (Taphius, Taphiusa), I. chief of the Teleboarum ins. of Acarnania, w. of Car-mis ins. Meganisi. II. a town of Cephal-lenia, on the w. coast, under Beraea m. Taphios.

Taphros, " close," I. a name of Gallicum Fretum and Fossa Mariana. II. a town of Taurica Chersonesus, at its isthmus.

Taphrura, a maritime town of Byzacene, bet. Thense and Usilla. Sfax.

Tapis fl., a stream of Attica, rising in Ke-rata m., and, after separating Attica from Megaris, falling into Saronicus sin. w. of Megara.

Taposiris magna, a town of Lower Egypt, at the S.e. extremity of Mareotia lac. Its name indicates it to be the burial-place of Osiris. Abusir.

Taposiris parva, a town of Lower Egypt, at the N.e. extremity of Mareotis lac.

Tappuah, i. q. Thappuah.

Taprobane (Palsesimundi, Salice, Sielediva) ins., an isl. of India i. Gangem, at its S.e. extremity. Supposed by Mela and other geographers to be the first part of another continent. Ceylon.

Tapsus fl., a r. of Numidia, falling into Nu-midicus sin. E. of Rusicada.

Tapura, a town of Armenia Minor, bet. Salala and Nicopolis.

Tapuri (Tapari, Tapurei), a people of Hyr-cania, on the borders of Margiana. Ta~ beristan.

Tarabenordm vicus, a town of Corsica, on Circidius fl., R., s. of Palanta. Vico.

Tarachi, a people of Taprobane, on the E. coast, bet. the Semni and the Mor-duli.

Tarantus (Darantus), a town of Bithy-nia.

Taras fl., I, a r. of Messapia, falling into the sea w. of Tarentum. Tara. II. the

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