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Talaria, a town of Sicily, 9 m. from Syra-


Talbenda, a town of Pisidia. Talc A ins., an isl. of Hyrcania, in the Cas­pian, off the mouth of Maxera fl. Talcinum, a town of Corsica, on Tavola fl.,

L., towards its source. Talsini. Taletum m., the loftiest summit of Taygetus

m., behind Brysese. Sacred to the sun, in

whose honour horses were annually sacri­ficed. M. Agin Elio. Taliata (Talia), a town of Dacia, 4 geog.

m. from Tierna. Tallara, a town of the Bati, Indiee, on

Chaberis fl. Tallata (Tanatis), a town of the Moesi,

Moesia Sup., on the Danube, bet. Ad

Scrofulas and Pons Trajani, 25 m. E. from

Ad Novas. Talmena, a port of Gedrosia, on Paragon

sin., at the mouth of Hydriacus fl., bet.

Cyiza (125) and Canasis (50). Talmis, a city of Dodecaschoerms, on the

Nile, L., bet. Taphis and Tutzis (20).

The residence "of the priests and chieftains

of the surrounding districts. Kalabsche. Tai.ubath, a town of Libya Inf. Tamala, a port of India e. Gangem, near

Tabis prom. Baroban. Tamalleni turris, a fortress of Syrtica reg.,

bet. Agariaba (30) and Putea. Tamalluma, a town of Mauritania Caesar.,

Tv. of Sitifis. Callah. Tamara, a town of the Damnonii, at the

mouth of Tamarus fl., Tv. of Ad Durium.

Tamerton. Tamari ostium, an estuary of Britain, at

the mouth of the Tamarus. Plymouth

Sound. Tamarici, a people of Tarraconensis, on

Tamarus fl. Tamaricidm palmas, a maritime town of

Sicily, bet. Messana (25) and Taurominium

(15). Torre di Palma. Tamarus fl., I. a i. of the Damnonii, falling

into the sea below Tamara. Tamar. II.

of Samnium, rising above Ad Tamarum and

falling into Calor fl. above Beneventum.

Tamaro. III. of Tarraconensis, falling

into the Atlantic at Novium, bet. Grandi-

murum N. and Ebora s. Tambre. Tamascandm, a town of Mauritania Csesar.,

on Audus fl., 10 m. from Tamunana. Tamasici, a town of the Taurisci, Noricum,

on Murus fl., near its source. Tamasida, a maritime town of Mauritania

Ting., w., bet. Sala and Banasa. Tamasioava, a town of the Harpii, Daciee,

on the Parata, s.w. of Ophiusa. Near


Tamasis (Thanusar), a town of the Nani-

chse, Ind., Tv. of Catadupa. Tamasus, an inland city of Cyprus, bet.

Limenia and Leucosia. Noted for its

copper and its calcanthum. Here grew

the golden apples of Hippomenes. Tambrax, Hyrcanise, i. q. Talabroca. Tambyzi, a people of Bactriana. Tamer*., a people of India e. Gangem, s. of

the Tiladee. Tamesis (Tamesa) fl., the combined waters

of the Tamis and Isis (fl., Britannise, falling

into the sea at Toliatis ins. According to

some writers, it was throughout entitled

Tamesis, and no such name as Isis was.

known in connexion with this river. Tamia, a town of the Caledonii, Brit.,

of Victoria. Dunkeld. Tamiathis, a maritime town of Lower

Egypt, on the Phatmetic branch of the

Nile, near its mouth. Damietta. Tamis (Tamh, Celtice, " great water "), fl.t

a r. of the Dobuni, Brit., falling into Isis

fl. at Dorcinise Civitas. Tamisa, a town of Elegosine, Armen., on

the Euphrates, bet. Corne and Claudias. Tammacum (Agdami), a town of Arabia

Felix, near Carman regia, N.e. Al Tayf. Tamna (Thamna, Thomna), capital of the

Gebanitse, Arabia Pel., of Nagia.

Shibam ? Tamnum, a town of the Santones, Aquitania

II., on the Garumna, bet. Novioregum and

Blavium. Mortagne. Tamontum, a town of Heptanomis, on the

Nile, L., bet. Oxyrynchus and Co. Tamos prom., India, i. q. Tabis. Tamuda (Taluda) fl., a r. of Mauritania

Ting., falling into the Mediterranean at

Aquila Major. Tamugadis, a town of Numidia, bet. Pople-

tum and Lambsese. Tamununa, a town of Mauritania Csesar.,

bet. Sava and Sitifis. Tamyn.s, a town of Eubcea, on the Tv. coast,

S.e. of Eretria. With a temple of Apollo,

erected by Admetus. Tamyrace, a town of the Hylte, Sarmat.,

on Hylseum mare, s.w. of Carcina. Tamyras fl., a r. of Phoenicia, falling into

the Mediterranean at Platanon, bet. Hel-

dua and Porphyrion. Darner. Tanadaris (Ptanadari), a town of Cataonia,

Cappadocia, bet. Comana (24) and Cucu-

sus (38). Tanager (Tanagrus) fl., a r. of Lucania,

rising s. of ^ Casilinum and falling into

Silarus fl. a'oove Ad Silarum. Two miles

of its course are subterraneous. Negro. Tanagra, prius Grsea or Gephyrsea, and

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