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Tablat.e, a town of Africa, 156 m. S.e. from Tunis Tamellini.

Tabor, vide Thabor.

Tabraca, a town of Numidia, towards the mouth of Tusca fl. A colonia. Tabarca.

Tabuda aestuarium, the mouth of the Scaldis fl., s.w. of Helium ostium. Aas.

Tabula, a town of Lydia, on Hermus fl., L., bet. Attalea and Sattala. Toubaili,

Taburnus m., a m. of Samnium, E. of Sati-cula. Covered with olive-trees. M. Ta-burno.

Tacape, a town of Byzacene, on Syrtis Minor, s. of the mouth of Triton fl. A colonia. Tege ,• Gabe ?

Tacapitan^e aquae, baths of Byzacene, w. ofTacapa.

Tacarsata (Tacaseri), a town of Lower Egypt, on Bubasticus fl., R., bet. Thon (•24) and Daphnon (18).

Tacatua, a maritime town of Numidia, bet. Sullucu and Muharur. Mabra.

Tachori, i. q. Tochari.

Tacola, a port of Aurea Chersonesus, w. above Aurea Cherson. prom. Tavai.

Tacolosida, a town of Mauritania Ting., s. of Volubilis. Maghila.

Tacompso, " island of crocodiles " (Tachem-so, Tacompsos, contra Pselchis), ins., i. q. Metacompso.

Tacona, a town of Heptanomis, on the Nile, L., 24 m. N. from Oxyrinchus.

Tacoh^ei, a people of India e. Gangem, on (Edanes fl., R.

Tacosanna, a town of India e. Gangem. Arracan.

Tadmor, " pahn-tree," vide Palmyra.

Tader (Tereps) fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, rising in Ortospeda m. and falling into Illicitanus sin. s. of Illici. Segura.

Tadina (Ptanias), a town of Umbria, on Via Flaminia, bet. Nuceria (8) and Hel-villum (7). The death-place of Totila. S. Maria Tadina.

Tadnos, a mineral spring at Myoshormus.

Tadu ins., an isl. of Meroe, on the Nile, L., near Meroe.

Tjsnarum, I. a pr. of Lacouia, at the w. entrance of Laconicus sin. With a temple of Neptune: an inviolable sanctuary. Noted for its marble. The place at which Her­cules dragged forth Cerberus, and where Arion was landed by the Dolphin. C. Matapan. II. postea Caenopolis, a town of Laconia, bet. Thyrides prom. (2) and Tsenarum prom. (5). Near Cyparisso. T^enia longa, I. prom., a pr. of Mauritania Tingit., on the Mediterranean, w. of Co-bucta. Named from its form, a long tongue of land running out into the sea. II. a

town of Mauritania Ting., at Tsenia longa

prom. Torga.

, a town of Susiana, on Arosis fi., R.,

towards its mouth. T^ezali, a maritime people of Britannia

Barbara, E., bet. the Caledonii and the

Venicontes, towards Taezalum prom. Taezalum prom., a pr. of the Tsezali, Brit.,

E., at the s. entrance of Tuaesis testuar.

Kinnaird's Head. Taga, a town of Armenia Maj., on the

Cyrus, at the junction of the Araxes. Tagaba, a town of Judah, Judaea, on Eskol

fl., R., below Eglon. Tag^e (Tapae), a town of Parthia, on Labuta

m., bet. Hecatompylon and Hyrcania.


Tagama, a town of Libya Interior. Tagara, a town of Ariaca, India;, 15 m. N.E.

from Baetana. Deoghir. Tagaste (Thagaste), a town of Numidia, on

Rubricatus fl., R., bet. Hippo Regius and

Naraggara. A municipium. Tagoda, a town of Albania, near the source

of Alazonius fl. (8). Tagonius fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling

into the Tagus above Toletum. Tagori, I. a people of Sarmatia Asiatica,

towards Tanais. II. of Sarmatia Europaea,

on Tyras fl., towards the Tyrangetas. Tagulis (Tugulus, Thagulis), a town of the

Psylli, Africa, on Syrtis Maj., 25 m. w.

from Arae Philaenorum. Tagbra, a town of the Tabassae, Indias, B.

of Nasica. Tagus, Phcenic. " fish," I. a r. of Spain,

rising in Idubedam., towards Urbiaca, and

falling into the Atlantic at Olisipo. It

once abounded with gold and precious

stones. Tejo ; Tajo ; Tagus. II. m., m. of

the Lusitani, on the coast, K. of the Tagus. Tahapanes (Tehaphnehes, Tahpanhes, Ha-

nes), the Hebrew name of Daphne in Lower

Egypt. Taifalgi, a tribe of Pictones, in Gaul. In


Taiphali, a people of Dacia. Talabriga (Ercobrica), a maritime town of

the Lusitani, on Vacua fl., near its mouth.


Taladroca, a town of Hyrcania. Talacory, a port of Taprobane, N.e., under

Boreum prom. Near Pospyl. Talares, a colony from Tomarus m., of

Molossis, settled in Estiaeotis, of Thessaly,

on the slopes of Pindus, contiguous to the

jEthices. Extinct in Strabo's time. Talarga, a town of the Marundge, Indiae,

bet. the Ganges, near its mouth, and CEda-

nes fl.

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