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Synnada, a city of Phrygia Magna, bet. Eucarpia and Ipsus, N.e. of Apamea Ci-botus. Noted for its fine purple-veined marble.

Synnaus, a town of the Abbaites, Phrygia Epictetus, s.E. of Ancyra.

Synobra, a town of Lycia.

Synoria, a fortress of Armenia Minor, built by Mithridates. Senarvir.

Sypalettus, a detnus of Attica, of the tribe Cecropis.

Syph^eum, a town of Bruttium, 25 m. N. from Consentia. Montalto.

Sypicius portus, SardiniEe, i. q. Saralapis.

Syracell a, a town of the Apsynthii, Thrace, on the Egnatia Via, bet. Drippa (14) and Zesutera (10). Malgara.

Syracuse (Syracusa, Syracossae, Syracosa), a city of Sicily, on the E. coast, at the mouth of Anapus fl., L. Founded by a joint colony of Corinthians, under Archias, and Dorians. It was a five-fold city, its divisions being respectively named Nasos or Ortygia (s.E.), Achradina (e.), Tyche (central), Neapolis (s.w.) and Epipoplse (w.). The latter, being but thinly inha­bited, was not taken notice of by many topographers. The circuit of the city was 15 m. Restored by Augustus. The birth-place of Archimedes, Theocritus, Philemon, Vopiscus, &c. Syracusa.

Syracusanorum portus, a port of Corsica, E., bet. Favonius portus and Palla.

Syrapus fl., a r. of Lucania, falling into Siris fl. Serrapotamo,

Syrastrene, a district of India e. Gangem, bet. Canthy sin. and Barygazenus sin.

Syrgis fl., a r. of Sarmatia, falling into Mseotis palus E. of the Tanais.

Syria, I. an isl. of Ionia, at the mouth of Cayetrua fl. In Pliny's time joined to the mainland by deposits of the river. II. & country of Asia, bounded N. by Amanus m., s. by Arabia and Egypt, w. by the Mediterranean, E. by the Euphrates and Arabia. The Aram of Scripture, as peopled by the children of Aram. Syria; Belad el Sc/iam.

Syrias prom., Paphlagonise, i. q. Lepte.

Syrieni, a people of India, near the mouth of the Indus.

Syrinthds, a town of Crete.

Syrinx, Hyrcanire, i. q. Zadracarta.

Syrxa, a town of Caria, founded by Poda-lirius.

Strnota, a town of the Odrysse, Thrace, bet. Philippopolia and Parembole. Stani-mak.

Syro-media, a district of Media Magna, on the borders of Susiana and Parthia.

Syrtica regio, a maritime district of Africa,

bet. Syrtis Minor, at Triton fl., and Syrtis

Major, at Cynyps fl. Serb; Tripoli. Syrtis major, a gulf of the Mediterranean,

in Africa, bet. Boreum prom, and Cephalse

prom. In extent 230 geog. m. G. of

Sidra. Syrtis minor, a gulf of the Mediterranean,

in Africa, bet. Meninx ins. and Brachodes

prom., w. of Syrtis Major. In length 60

geog. m. G. of Khabs. Syrus, I. a r. of Arcadia, falling into

Alpheus fl. towards Phsedria. II. an isl.

of the jEgean, one of the Cyclades, bet.

Cythnus and Rhenea. In circuit 20 m.

Syra. III. its capital, on the E. coast.

The birth-place of Pherecydes. Syra. Sythas fl., a r. of Achaia, rising in Geron-

teum m. and falling into Corinthiacus sin.

at Aristonautse. Jfylo Castro.


Taanach, a town of Mana^seh, near Me-

giddo. Tab/e, " a rock," I. a port of -.Ethiopia, on

Indicus oceanus, E., bet. Panon andOpone.

II. a town of Persia, towards Ecbatana.

III. (Tiaba), a town of Phrygia, on the

borders of Pisidia. Founded by the hero

Tabus. Thaous or Davas. Tabala (Gabala), a town of Lydia, on Her.

mus fl. Tabalta (Thasbalte), a town of Byzacene,

bet. Macomades (15) and Septimunicia


Tabana, a town of Taurica Chersonesus. Tabass^e, a people of India i. Gangem, bet.

Nanaguna fl. and Tyndis fl., w. of the

Adisathri. In Popal and Berar. Tabellaria, a town of Etruria, bet. Gra-

viscse (5) and Forum Aurelii (3). Taberna, a valley of the Psylli, Africa, bet.

Pisidium and Taguh's. Taberna frigida, a maritime town of

Etruria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Fossse Papi-

rianse (12) and Luna (10). Frigido. Tabidicm (Thabudis), a town of Libya, near

the springs of Bagradas fl. Tabiena ins., an isl. of Persis, N.w. of Me-


Tabieni, a people of Scythia i. Imaum. Tabis (Tamos) prom., a pr. of India e.

Gangem, towards Serica. Tabl^e, a town of the Batavi, on the Rhine,

R., bet. Caspingium and Flevum. Atlas.

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