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eicus sin., w. by Assyria, E. by Persis.

Sometimes described as a part of Persis,

and its extent N. limited to Cissia. The

people were famous for their skill in

archery. Khusistan. Susiaism: portffi, defiles bet. the s. extremity

of Susiana Cabandene and Persis Prop. Susicana, a town of Gedrosia, on the Indus,

L., bet. Sindomana and Alexandria Sog-

diorum. Susudata, a town of the Silingi, Germ.,

under Vindilici m. N. Scthul, a treasure fortress of Numidia. Sutrium, a town of Etruria, on Via Cassia,

bet. Baccanse (12) and Forum Cassii (11).

A colonia. Considered the key of Etruria.

Memorable for its rapid capture by Camil-

lus. Sutri, Scz^ei, a people of Persis, occupying its s.w.

angle. Suzan, " lilies," the Scriptural name of

Susa, from the abundance of those flowers

in its vicinity. Syagela, " royal tomb," aLelegian town of

Caria, near Pedasa. The burial-place of Car. Syagra, a village of Cilicia Trachea, near

Laertes. Syagrius prom., a pr. of Arabia Felix, N.

of Dioscorides ins., midway bet. Persicus

sin. and Rubrum mare. Described by

- Arrian to be the largest prom, in the

world. Has Fartask. Sybaris, I. a r. of Lucania, falling into

Crathis fl. above Sybaris, at present 14 m.

from the sea, but its ancient junction must

have been 8 or 10 m. lower down. Its

- water made sheep and oxen black, caused

norses to sneeze and shy, and gilded the

. human hair. Cochile. II. Calabriae, i. q.

.~ !Lupia. III. a city of Lucania, on Crathis

,: fl., below its junction with Sybaris fl.

i Founded circa 1160 B.C. by Trcezenians ;

, enlarged circa 720 B.c. by Achseans under

Isiliceus. Infamous for its luxury. De-

, stroyed by the people of Crotona, who

submerged it beneath the waters of the

Sybaris circa 510 B.c.

Sybota, a harbour of Thesprotia, opposite

Leucimna prom., in Corcyra. Sivota. Sybot^e "swine-feeding" ins., three small islands of Thesprotia, opposite the coe-nominal town. It was on one of them that the Corcyraeans erected a trophy after their victory, aided by the Athenians, over the Corinthians. Sybrid^e, a demus of Attica, of the tribe


Sycaminoph (Chephs), A town of Phoenicia, N. of Ecbatana. Named from its wild fig. . trees. Kaffa.

, postea Justiniana, a bay of the Bos­porus, at Byzantium.

Syce, a town of the Zygritse, in Marmarica, on the coast, bet. Ansesyphira and Tetra-pyrgia.

Syceon, a town of Galatia, near the conflu­ence of Hieros fl. with the Sangarius.

Sycurium, an encampment of Perseus, in Pelasgiotis, in Thessaly, N.e. of Scotussa, on the s. slope of Ossa m. Sariniki.

Sycussa ins., an isl. of Ionia, in Hermius sin., opposite Clazomenae.

Sydros, a town of India i. Gangem, near the E. mouth of the Indus. Nmserpur.

Syebi (Sycbi), a people of Scythia i. Imaum, towards the Suobeni.

Syedra, a maritime town of Cilicia Trachea, s.E. of Coracesium.

Syene, a city of Thebais, on a peninsula of the Nile, R., bet. Ombi and Phylse. Near it (s.) was a well which indicated the sum­mer solstice, being under the tropic of Cancer. The Romans maintained a gar­rison at Syene, deeming it one of the keys of the empire. Assuan.

Syessa, a village of Lycia, named from the hostess of Latona.

Sygela (Suagela), a town of Caria, towards Myndus.

Syleus campus, a district of Bisaltia, in Macedonia, on the Strymonicus sinus, bet. Bromiscus and Argilus.

Sylin.e ins., i. q. Cassiteridcs.

SYLL^EtJM (Sulacum), Arabia, i. q. Labecia.

Sylleum (Syllium), a town of Pamphylia, on Ccstrus fl., R., 3 m. below Perga.

Sym^tha, a town of Thessaly.

Sym.bthus, I. a r. of Sicily, falling into Siculum mare N. of Amenanus r. Noted for its mullets. Jaretta. II. a town of Sicily, on Symsethus fl., towards its source.

Symbol as, a village of Arcadia, near Tegea.

Symboli portus, a harbour of Taurica Cher-sonesus, at Palacium.

Symbra, a town of Apolloniatis, Assyrise, on the Tigris, bet. Nysbara and Sittace.

Symbri, the name given by Strabo to a remnant of the Cimbrian invasion, settled in the hills above Verona.

Syme (prius Metapontis, -lEgle), I. an isl. of Caria, at the entrance of Doridis sin. Symi. II. its capital, the abode of Homer's Nereus.

Symmachi, a town of Numidia, bet. Basi­lica Diadumene and Ad Duo Flumina.

Symplegades ins., i. q. Cyanese.

Syndromades ins., i. q. Cyaneffi.

Synhiet^e, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, on the Tanais.

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