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SutiuM, a town of the Veneti, Lugdunen

sis III., s.w. of Condate. Sullectis, a maritime town of Byzacene bet. Thapsus and Acholla (12). Here was the Tun-is Hannibalis, or castle, whence Hannibal took his departure on his fligh from Africa.

Sulloniac^e, a town of the Catavellauni

Brit., bet. Verolamium and Londinium

Brockley Hill, near Edgeware.

Sullucu (Sublucu), a maritime town o:

Numidia, w. of Siur portus (30). Sullect

Sulmo, I. a town of the Peligni, in Italy, on

Via Valeria, bet. Cornnium (7) and Temp

Jovis Palensei (7). Founded by Solymus

a companion of jEneas. A colonia. The

birth-place of Ovid. Sulmone. II. (Ser-

mona), a town of the Volsci, on Nymphseus

fl., L., s. of Norba. Extinct in Pliny's

time. Sermonetta Vecchia.

Sulsis, a maritime town of the Sulsitani,

Sardinia, E., bet. Viniola and Saralapis. Sulpicius portus, a port of Sardinia, on

Sseprus fl., 2 geog. m. from its mouth. Suma (Sumera, Samara), a town of Apollo-niatis, Assy rise, on the Tigris, bet. Carcha and Opia.

Sumatia, a town of Arcadia, under Mse nalus m. Founded by Sumatteus, son of Lycaon. The inhabitants removed to Me* galopolis.

Summontorium (Submontorium), a town of Rhsetia, bet. Abusina (18) and Vallatum (16). Reichershofen. Summuranum, a town of Lucania, 14 m.

from Nernlum. Murano. Summus lacus, a town of the Orobii, in Gall. Transp., at the N. extremity of La-rius lacM bet. Clavenna (10) and Comium (60). It was nearly destroyed by a land­slip. Samolico. Suna, a Tyrrhenian town of Sabinium, N. of

Mons Lucretilis. Nerola. Scnem (Sonna), a town of Issachar, 6 m. N.w. from Gilboa. The birth-place of Abi-sag, and the abode of the hostess of Elisha. Sunici, a people on Mosa fl. Sumista, 8 town of the Jassii, Pannonis,

bet. Jovia and Piretse.

Sunium, I. the s. extremity of Attica, on the j£gean. Sacred to Minerva and Nep­tune. C. Colonna. II. a demus of Attica, of the tribe Leontis, at Sunium prom. Scobeni, a people of Scythia i. Imanm, to­wards the Agathyrsi.

Scper eo.uum, a town of the Peligni, Ital., w. of Corfinium. A colonia. Castel Vec-ehio Subequo.

Supernates, a name of the Italians N. of, or above, the Apennines.

Superum mare, a name of the Adriatic, as

being N. of, or above, the Apennines. Suphta, the local name of Susia, Parthise. Sura (Surra), I. a town of Iberia, on Cyrus fl., N. of Mestleta. Zeheta. II. a village of Lycia, bet. Myra and Phellus, wher« auguries were given by means of a fish. III. (Ura), a town of Mesopotamia, w. of Philiscum. V. of Palmyrene, on the Euphrates, near Thapsacus. IV. fl., a r. of Germania II., falling into the Mosella, L., above Augusta Treverorum. Suragana, a town of Bactriana, on Oxus fl. Surani, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, un­der Hippici m., s.w. Surapuru, Indise, i. q. Clisobra. Surasene, a district of India i. Gangem,

bet. Diamuna fl. and Sambus fl. Surdaones, a tribe of Ilercaones, Tarraeo-nensis, on Sicorisfl., N.w. of the Cosetani. Surium, a town of the Manrali, in Colchis^ on Surius fi., at its junction with Phasis fl., above Mala. Asmuleti. Surius fl., a r. of Colchis, falling into the

Phasis 37 m. from the sea. Surrentinum (Minervse, Sirenusarum) prom., a pr. of Campania, at the s. entrance of Cumanus sin., below Surrentum. On it was a temple of Minerva. Punia della Campanella. Surrentum, a town of Campania, on Cu-manus sin., s.w., below ^Equa. Noted for its medicmal wines (which, however, Tiberius denounced as a better sort of vinegar, and Caligulus as a noble vapidity), and for its beautiful scenery. Sorrento. Suruba, a town of the Metibi, Sarmatise, on Vardanes fl., above Corusia. Ekatir-modar.

Bus fl., a r. of Pieria, in Macedonia, an in­undation of which, in fulfilment of the oracle, overwhelmed the adjacent town of Libethra. Leake identifies it with the Enipeus.

Susa (Susan, "lilies"), capital of Susiana, on Choaspes fl., 30 m. w. from Seleucia. The winter residence of the kings of Per­sia. Founded by Tithonius, father of Memnon; completed by Memnon ; re­stored by Darius Hystaspes. In circuit 15 m. The burial-place of Daniel. Sus. lusALEUS vicus, a town of Sardinia, near


Iusarmia, i. q. Hyssus, in Pontus. Susia (Suphtha), a town of Parthia, N.e. of

Nisa?a-Sauloe, on the confines of Aria. iusiADES Pyljs, Persides, i. q. Susiana;


Susiana (Susis), a country of Asia, bounded N. by Media, at Charbauus m., s. by Per-

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