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giculenses, in Sardinia, S.e., below Sara-bus.

Succases, a people of Novem Populana. About Succos.

Succasini (i. e. Sub Casinum), the people of Interamna ad Lirim.

Socceianum, a town of Bruttinm, on Lo-crensis sin., bet. Cocinthum (20) and Sub-cisivum (24).

Succidava, a town of Moes. Inf., on the Danube, bet. Axiopolis and Sagadava.

Succinium, a town of Etruria, submerged by Ciminus lac.

Succoth, I. a town of Galeaditis, on the Jordan, at the confluence of Jabbok fl., E. of Zarthan. Named from Jacob's fixing his tent there. II. the Scriptural name of Serapium, Egypt.

Scccbbar (Zuchabbari), Mauritania, i. q. Tubusuptus.

Sctche, a town of the Adulitse, on Adulita-nus sin., bet. Sabte and Adulis.

Sccro, I. a r. of Tarraconensis, rising to­wards Segobriga, and after a course of 200 m. falling into Sucroneusius sin. below Sucro. Xucar. II. a town of the Sede-tani, Tarraconensis, on Sucro fl., near its mouth, below Saguntum. Extinct in Pliny's time. Cultera.

Sdcronensis sinus, a bay of the Mediterra­nean, in Tarraconensis, at Sucro, bet. Ca-prasia prom. N. and Artemisium prom. s. G. of Valencia.

Sudaya, a town of Mauritania Ctesar., to­wards Nasabath.

SunERTUM (Sudernum), a town of Etruria, near Volci. Sorano.

Scjdeti m., m. of Germania Mag., sepa­rating the Hermunduri N.w. from the Boii s.E. Ficktelberg.

Sudeni, a people of Germania Magna, s. of the Marcoraanni.

Suel, Phosnice, " fox," a port of the Tur-tetani, Beetica, 21 ni. s.w, from Malaca.

- A Phoenician colony. A municipium.

Castro de Fumoirola. Suelleni, a people of Arabia, N. of the

Salapeni. Sueltri, a tribe of Salyes, Narbonensis, N.

of the Commoni. About Esterel. Suerni, a tribe of Ubii, about Tolbiacum. Suessa auruncorum, a town of the Au-

runci, bet. Mintumse and Teanum. A

municipium. A colonia 313 B.c. (Julia

Felix.) Suessa pometia (Pomtia), a town of the

--- Volsci, s. of Appia Via, towards Forum

:~ Appii. An Alban col., the spoils of which

were applied by Tarquin to the foundation

- of the Capitol.

Suessetani, a tribe of Edetani, Tarraco­nensis, on Turia fl.

Suessiones, a people of Belgica II., s.w. of the Remi, s. of the Veromandui. De­partments of Oise and Aisne (Central), and Mamie, A*".

Suessula, a town of Campania, on Via Aquilia, bet. Calatia (3) and Nola (9). A colonia. Sessola.

Suetri, a people of Alpes Maritime, E. of the Var.

Suevi, in general the people of Germania Magna; specially, with Caesar, the Chatti; with Tacitus, the people occupying the country bet. the Danube and Codanus sin., the Albis, and the Vistula.

Suevicum mare, i. q. Codanus sin.

Soevus fl., the central issue of Viadrus fl.

Suffasar, a town of Mauritania Csesar., on Chinalaph fl., R., above Maliana.

Suffetula, a city of Byzacene, 25 m. s. from Sufes. Sfaitla.

Sufes, a town of Byzacene, 25 m. s. from Tucca. Sbiba,

Suga, the early name of Drepane, in Bithy-nia.

Sugolin, a town of Tripolis, Africa, at tho mouth of Cynyphs fl., bet. Leptis Magna and Nivirtigab.

Suia, a town on the s. coast of Crete, w. of Hierapytna; the port of Elyrus.

Suillum, Umbrise, i. q. Hehillum.

SuiNniNUM(Subdmnum,^os<eaCenomanni), capital of the Aulerci Cenomanni, w.N.w. of Genabum.

Suinus (Tessuinus) fl., a r. of Picenum, falling into the sea s. of Truentus fl. Sino.

Suiones, a people of Northern Germany. In Sweden.

Suismontium, a ridge of Apennines, in li-guria, N. of Genua.

Sulanes (Bulanes), a people of Sarmatia Asiatica.

Sulatha, a town of the Basanara, Ind., on Lanos fl.

Sulci (Solci, Sylci, Sulchi), a city of Sar­dinia, on the isthmus connecting Plumbe* ins. with the mainland. Next to Colaris, the most ancient town of Sardinia. A Carthaginian or Tyrrhenian settlement. Sant' Antioco.

Sulcitanum (Sulcense) prom., a pr. of Sardinia, E., at Sulci. Pvnta dell' Ulga.

Sulgas fl., a r. of Viennensis, falling into the Rhone above Avenio. Soroue.

Sulia (Sulena) prom., a pr. on the s. coast of Crete, w. of Psychium. C. San Paola.

Suliotes, a town of Thesprotia. About Suit ? . .

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