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m., in Phrygia. Sacred to Cybele. Hence flows Peucella fl.

Stiboktes fl., i. q. Zioberis.

Stilida prom., i. q. Cocinthum.

Stimo, a town of Estiasotis, in Thessaly, N.e. of Lisinas.

Stira, I. a demus of Attica, of the tribe Pandionis,ontheroadbet. Brauron andPra-siae. The birth-place of Theramenes and Thrasybulus. Near it was the tomb of Hipparchus. II. a town of Euboea, on the w. coast, s. of Porthmus, opposite Marathon. A colony from Stira of Attica. Destroyed by the Persians. Stoura.

Stiria fl,, a r. of Noricum, falling into Anisus fl., above Laureacum.

Stiriate, a town of Noricum, on Stiria fl., towards its source. Steyrmarlc ?

Stiris, a town of Phocis, E. of Anticyra. With a temple of Ceres. A colony from Stira in Attica. Destroyed in the sacred war. Palceo Stiri.

Stobi, a town of Pelagonia, in Pseonia, on the Erigonus fl., towards its junction with the Axius fl., bet, Gurbita and Antigonea. Tlie salt-mart for Dardania. A colonia and municipium, and afterwards the me­tropolis of Macedonia Secunda or Salutaris. The birth-place of Stobeens.

Stoborrcm prom., a pr. of Numidia, at the w. entrance of Numidicus sin.

Stoechades " in a row " ins., five islets of Narbonensis II., off Olbia. Isles d'Hieres.

Stgexi, a people of Gallia Cisalpina, towards Benacus lacus.

Stoma-umne, I. the issue of Astromela palus, in Gallia Narbonensis. II. the name of Simois and Scamander ffl., after their junction at Troas. III. the E. mouth of the Rhone, towards Fossae Marinas. IV. a port of Cos, on the s. coast, w. of Dre-canum prom. Stafodino.

Stomata, a town of the Bituriges Vivisci, Aquitania II., on the Garumna, L., bet. Burdigala and Serio.

Stoni, I. a tribe of Euganei, Gallia Trans-pad., bet. Sebinus lac. and Benacus lac., N. of the Triumpilini. Val di Steneco. II. their town, on Cleusis fl., above Se­binus lac. A municipium.

Storgasia, a town of the Mcesi, Moesia Inferior, bet. CEscus and Doriones.

Stragona, a town of the Diduni, Germanise, N.e. of Strevinta.

Strapellum, a town of Daunia, Apulia, N. of Venusium. Rapolla.

Stratia (Stratus), a town of Arcadia, on Ladon fl.J towards Telphuaa. Named after a daughter of Phaneus. Extinct in Strabo's time.

Stratoclea, a town of Sarmatia, near Phanagoria, on Thracius Bosporus.

Straton fl., a r. of Media, falling into the Caspian. It separates the Drybices from the Anariacae.

Stratonice, I. a town of Acte penins., Macedonia, on the Singiticus sin., N.w. of Cleonas. II. of Caria, S.e. of Mylasa. Founded by Antiochus Soter, in honour of his queen Stratonice. Named by Hadrian, Hadrianopolis. The birth-place of the orator Menippus Calochas. Eslci-hissar.

Sthatonis ins., an isl. in the Bed sea, N. of Saba.

Stratus, the capital of Acarnania, on the right bank of Achelous fl., N. of Metropo­lis. The river was navigable up to this point. Porta.

Stravianjs, a town of'the Andizetes, Pannon., bet. Mursa (30) and Inicerum (24).

Streps A, a town of Mygdonia, in Macedonia, near Thessalonica.

Strevinta, a town of the Corcontii, Germ., under Asciburgius m., s., bet. Stragona and Meliodunum. Jagemdorf.

Strobilbs m., a summit of Caucasus, E. of Pityas.

Strogola, a town of Lydia.

Strongyle " round island " ins., I. an isl. of Sicily, one of the Lipari ins. The fabled residence of ^5olus, from the cir­cumstance that the population knew before­hand which way the wind was about to blow, from the direction of the smoke from the volcano. Stromboli. II. of Tarraco-nensis, in Illicus sin., N. of baturni prom. Grata.

Strongylus m., Carman., i. q. Semirami-dis.

Strophades (Cyparissiae) ins., two islands in the Ionium mare, S.e. of Zacynthua ins., over against Cyparissium prom. Named from the return hence of Zetes and Calais from the pursuit of the harpies. Strivali.

Strophi, a town of Babylonia, on the Tigris, over against Melitenc, Susianre.

Struthia, a town of Phrygia, on the borders of Lycaonia.

Struthnus prom., a pr. of Argolis, N. of Mases. C. Koraka.

Stryme, a maritime town of the Cicones, Thrace, at the mouth, w., of Lissus fl., opposite Mesembria. A Thasian colony.

Strymon fl., a r. of Europe, rising in Sco. mius m., towards ^Elea, and after separating Thrace from Macedonia, in a course of 200 miles, falling into the Strymonicus sin. below AmphipoUs. Fabled to have

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