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Soloce (Sodome), Susianae, i. q. Seleucia. Solodurum (Salodurum), a town of the Rauraci, Maxima Sequanorum, on Arula fl., bet. Ultinum and Petinesca. Solothurn, Soleure.

Soloe, vide Soli.

Soloeis prom., I. a pr. of Maurit. Ting., i. q.

Solis m. II. the Greek name of Soluntum

in Sicily and of Soli.

Soloentum prom., a pr. of Libya, on the

Atlantic, s. of Nujus fl. C. Bogador. Solona, a town of the Boii, in Gallia Cis-padana, on Utis fl., below Forum Livii. Solaria.

Solonium, I. a town of the Allobroges, in Gaul, w. of the Rhone. The locality of the defeat of the Allobroges by Pomptinus. Scillonaz. II. a Tyrrhenian town of La­tium, near Ardea. Solo.vius campus, the district about Solo-

nium, in Latium.

Soloon fl., a rivulet of Bithynia, running by Pythopolis into Ascanius lacus. Named after one of the companions of Theseus. Solorius m., a s.w. continuation of Ortos-peda m., in Baetica, N. of the Bastuli, the Tv, boundary of Tarraconensis. Sierra di Solaria.

Solus (Solentum, prius Selaim, Soloeis), a maritime town of Sicily, N. bet. Himera and Panormus. A Phoenician colony. Solanto.

Solygta, a village of Corinthia, on Saronicus sin., bet. Chersonesus and Rheitum, under Solygiua m. Mertese.

Solygius m., a hill of Corinthia, one of

Oneius m., on the S.e. coast, above Solygia.

Solyma, I. a summit of Taurus, in Lycia,

at Phaselis. II. a town of Auranitis, E. of


Solymi, postea Milyae, a tribe of Phoenicians, first settlers of Lycia, especially in Milyas, and of Pisidia, about Pisidicus lacus. Solymos m., Pisidise, i. q. Sardemisus. Sonisera, a town of Balearis Min., on the

S.e. coast. Sontia, a town of Lucania, s. of Tcgianum.

A Sybarite colony. Sanzo. Sontius fl., a r. of Venetia, rising in Tullus m., and falling into the Adriatic E. of Aquileia. Isonzo.

Sonus (Eronobaos) fl., a r. of India i. Gan-gem, rising in Vindius m., and falling into the Ganges near Gange. Sane. Soonautes fl., Bithyniae, i. q. Oxinas. Sopf.i, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., on Ocha-

rius fl.

Sophanit*, a people of Arabia Felix, par-tially on the desert, E. of the Minaei. Beni Sephian.

Sopbene, a district of Armenia Maj., occu­pying its s.w. extremity, w. of Gordiene, s. of Armenia Minor. Dzophkh. Sophon (Siphones, Sunonensis, Sumonen-sis, Boane), I. a lake of Bithynia, S.e. of Nicomedia. Shalianja. II. m. of Bithy­nia, w. and s. of Nicomedia. SopHTHAins., an isl. of Persia, s. of Tabiena


Sopian^e, a town of the Hercuniatse, Pan-non., 30 m. N.w. from Antiana. Funf-kircfien.

Sora, I. a town of Paphlagonia. II. capital of the Sorze, Indiae, on Chaberis fl., to­wards its source. Arcot ? III. a town of the Volsci, in Latium, on Liris fl., R., on the confines of the Marsi. A colonia 302 B.c., and again of Augustus. Sara. Sorabile, a town of the Barbaricini, in

Sardinia, N.e. of Forum Trajani. Soracte m., a m. of Etruria, S.e. of Fale-rium, on which was a grove and temple of Apollo. Near it was a sulphureous lake, the exhalations from which were fatal to birds. M. San Silmstro, or Preste. Sor.*, a people of India i. Gangem, s. of

the Ambastge.

Sorba, a town of Hyrcania, on Maxera fl. Sorbiodunum, " dry hill," & town of the Belgse, on Alaunus fl., w. of Brigffi. Old Sarum.

Sordi (Sordiceni, Sordones, Sardones), a people of Narbonensis, on the Mediterra­nean, contiguous to the Pyrenees, about Illiberis.

Sordicen stagnum, an inlet of the Medi­terranean, in the territory of the Sordi. Etang de Leucate. Sohdus fl., a r. of Narbonensis, falling into

Sordicen Stagnum.

Sorek (Sorech, "fine shapes") fl., a r. of

Judsea, running through a cognominal

valley, and falling into the Mediterranean,

N. of Ascalon. Dalilah dwelt on its banks.

Soricaria (Soriba), a town of Baetica, near

Corduba, N. of the Baetis.

R^7G-E, a maritime people of India i.

Gangem, E., bet. the Arvanii and the


Soriph^ea, a town of Palestine, bet. Joppa

and Rama. Serpheat. Sornum, a town of the Senses, Dac., E. of


Soroba (Sobara), a town of Cilicia prefect., in Cappadocia, bet. Csesarea (13) and Fo-roba (14).

Soron fl., a r. of Galilaea, rising in Thabor m., and falling into the Jordan N.e. of Bethsan. Soronius nemus, a woody district of At-

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