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JEgjpti, on the sea-coast, bet. Gerrha and Ostracene. At one time 25 m. in length, and of extreme depth. Connected with the story of Typhon, whence the Egyptians named it "the exhalations of Typhon." Sebaket Bardoil.

Sirexus.e (Sirenes, Sirenum Petrae) ins.

islets of Campania, off Surrentinum prom.

The abode of the sirens. Galli.

Sirenusarum prom., a name of Surrentinum

prom., in Campania, from the Sirens who

frequented that coast.

Siriate, a town of Noricum, 15 m. from

Sarantium. Liezen. Siris (Semnus), I. a r. of Lucania, falling into Tarentinus sin. s. of Aciris fl. Sinno. II. a town of Lucania, at the mouth of Siris fl., L., 3 m. from Heraclea. Founded by a Trojan colony, and taken from them by Colophonians from Ionia, who changed its name to Poliseum, from Minerva Polias, whose palladium had been brought hither. Its inhabitants, who rivalled the Sybarites in luxury, were removed by the Tarentines to Heraclea, of which city Siris became the port. III. the town of the Siropseones, in Thrace, near Strymon fl. Serret.

Sirmium, I. a village, on a peninsula at the s. extremity of Benacus lac., bet. Bene-ventum and Ardelica. A favourite retreat of Catullus. Sirmione. II. a city of Pan­nonia Inf., on Savus fl., at its confluence with Bacuntius fl. Mitrmitz; Schabacz.

Sirnides ins., an isl. of Crete, off Sam mo-nium prom.

Siroce, a town of the Tapuri, Margiana, s.w. of Guriana.

Siropseones, a Pseonian tribe, in Thrace, bet. the Odomanti and Strymon fl. Per­haps a tribe of the Odomanti themselves.

Sirota, a town of Pannonia Inf., bet. Bolen-tum and Jovia.

Sirpium, a town of the Pentri, in Samnium, on Via Numicia, bet. Sspinum (6) and Beneventum (18V

Sisapo, I. surnamed Novus, a town of Tar-raconensis, N.e. of Mirobriga. Guadal-anar. II. surnamed Vetus, a town of Tarraconensis, S.e. of Mirobriga. Both noted for their silver and cinnabar mines. Almaden.

Sisar fl., Mauritania?, i. q. Audus.

Sisara lacus, a lake of Zeugitana, below Hippicus lacus.

Sisaura, a town of Mesopotamia, near Dara.

Siscia (Segestica), a town of the Varciani, Pannoniae, on Savus fl., R., at its con­fluence with Colapis fl. Szissek.

Sisium, a fortress of Cilicia.

Sismii, vide Timii. ;

Sissa, i. q. Cissa.

Sitace, a town of Babylonia, 6 m. N. from Medius murus, 15 furlongs from iic Ti­gris. Eski-Bagdad, Sitacus fl., a r. of Susiana, faffing into the

sea bet. Gogana (100) and Teratis. Sithonia, a district of Chalcidice, in Mace­donia, comprising the country at the head of the Toronaicus sin., and the peninsula bet. that gulf and the Singiticus sinus. Peopled by a gigantic tribe from Thrace. The Egyptian bean grew here naturally. Sitia, I. a town of the Ilergetes, Tarra­conensis, S.e. of Osca. II. of the Turte-tani, Bsetica, N.w. of Alostigi. Sitiberis, a town of the Cudupse, Indise,

on Serus fl. Sitifis (Sitifi), a city of Mauritania Csesar.,

s. of Igilgilis (80). A colonia. Setef. Sitilia, a town of the *Edui, Lugdunensis I., on the Liger, bet. Aquse Bormonis Tv. and Arioliea s.

Sitiogagus (Sitacus) fl., a r. of Persis, falling into Persicus sin. N. of Chersonesus prom. Sitomaghs, a town of the Iceni, Brit, on the

coast, near Ad Taum. Dunwich. Sitones, a people of Northern Germany.

In Norway. Sittace (Sitta),atown of Adiabene, Assyrise,

8 geog. m. S.e. from Artemita. Sittacene, a district of Assyria, about Sit-

tace. Sittiani, a name of the people of Cirta,

Numidise, from its colonizer, Sittius. Sittim, " acacias," a town of Moabitis, in the valley of Abel Sittim, over against Jericho.

Sittocacis fl., a r. of India i. Gangem, rising

in Vindius m., and falling into Diumana fl.

below its junction with Sambus fl. Sind.

Situpolis, a town of Phrygia.

Siuph, a town of Lower Egypt, near Sais.

The birth-place of King Amasis. Siur portus, a port of Numidia, N.w. of

Hippo Regius.

Siva, a town of Cilicia prefectura, in Cappa-

docia, bet. Campe (22) and Sermusa (16).

Smaraguus m., m. of Thebais, on the Red

sea, N. of Berenice. The kings of Egypt

derived a large revenue from the emeralds

found here. Djebel Zabarah.

Smenus fl., a r. of Laconia, rising in Tay-

getus m., and falling into Laconicus sin.

J m. from Las. Its water was peculiarly


Smila, a town of Chalcidice, in Macedonia, on the Thermaicus sin., bet. ^neia and Combrea. Smyrna, " myrrh-producing," I. the capital

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