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Sibutzates, a people of Aquitania, N.e. of Lapurdum. About SoLusse.

Sibyllates, a tribe of Tarbelli, w. of the Osquidates. Vallee de Soule.

Sibyrtus (Sybrita), a town of Crete, (I m. s.w. from Eleuthernse. Hagios Basilios.

Sicambri (Sugambri, Sygambri, Salii), a tribe of IstEevones, Germ., bet. the Chat-tuarii w., the Cherusci E., the Bructeri N., and the Chatti s. Under Augustus they were removed into Belgica II., and later, under the name of Gugerni, and the epi­thet excisi, " separated," occupied a dis­trict of Germania II., N. of the Ubii.

Sicani, a Celto-Ligurian people, who settled in w. Italy, and, after the Umbri and Osci, or Opici, were probably its earliest inha­bitants. From Italy, colonies of them passed into Sicily, circa 1300 B.c., occu­pying its w. parts.

Sjcania, a name of Sicily, from its Sicanian colonists.

Sicanus (Silana), I. a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into the Mediterranean N. of Sicoris fl. Named from the Sicani. II. of Sicily, falling into Afric. pelagus, E. of Agrigen-tum. Named from the Spanish Sicanus.

Sicca venerea, a town of Numidia, on Bagradas fl., s. of Vacca. A Phosnician settlement, and named from a temple of Venus. Keft.

Sicdelis ins., an isl. of Britain.

Siceliot^e, i. q. Siculi.

Sicella, Jud., i. q, Ziklag.

Sicilia (Sicania, Trinacria) ins., an isl. of Italy, in the Mediterranean, bet. Italy and Africa. Named Sicilia from the Siculi, Sicania from the Sicani, and Trinacria from the three great promontories mark­ing its triangular outline. By some writers it is considered to be the Thrinakria of Homer. Sicily.

Sicilippa (Sicilibra), a town of Zeugitana, 11 m. N.e. from Valiis. Bazillah.

Sicilium, a town of the Hirpini, in Sam-nium.

Sicimina m., a summit of the Apennines, in Gallia Cispad., on Secies fl., s. of Papi-nus m.

Sicina, Hyrcanise, i. q. Zadracarta.

Sicinos, print GEnoe, I. an isl. of the ^Egean, one of the Sporades, bet. Phote-gandros and los. Noted for its wine. Sikyno. II. its capital, on the s.E. coast. Sikyno.

Sicoris fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, rising near Julia Libyca, and falling into Iberus fl. above Octogesa. Segre.

Siculenses, a tribe of Siculi, settled in the S.E. angle of Sardinia.

Siculi, a Celto-Ligurian people, who settled in w. Italy, coming next in order of colo­nization to the Sicani. From Italy colo­nies of them passed into Sicily, circa 126'0 B.c., and gave name to it. They occu­pied, more especially, its E. parts.

Siculium, an early name of Tibur, from its Siculian founders.

Siculum fretum, the straits separating the extremity of Italy from Sicily. Called also Porta, i. e. the door admitting the Tuscan sea into the Ionian.

Sicyon, olim jEgialea, Demetrias, postea Mecone, a maritime city of Achaia, bet. Aristonautse and Goras; formerly the capital of a distinct kingdom, founded by yEgialus. The birth-place of Aratus. Noted for its water, marble, and conger eels. Basilica.

Sicakabis (Siganeum, Neapolis), a town of the Manrali, Colchid., at the inouth of Singames fl.

Sidace, a town of Lycia.

Sidas, a district of Boeotia, on the confines of Attica, 8 m. E. of Plateea.

Siddim vallis, the site of Sodom and Gomorrah, covered by the s. extremity of Asphaltites lacus.

Side, I. a town of Laconia, onthe^Egean, N.of Malea prom. Named from Sida, daughter of Danaus. II. a maritime town of Pam-phylia, 10 m. E. from Seleucia. A colony of Cumseans from >Eolis. Sacred to Mi­nerva. The chief harbour and emporium of the Pamphyhan and Cilician pirates. Later, the metropolis of Pamphylia II. Eski Adalia. III. (postea Polemonium), a town of Pontus, in Sidene regio, at the mouth of Sidenus fl., If m. E. from Pha-disana. Renamed from King Polemo, the client of Augustus.

Sidele, a town of Ionia.

Sidene, I. a district of Pontus, E. of The-miscyra regio. II. a town of Lycia. III. of Mysia, on Rhesus fl. Destroyed by Croesus.

Siden-i, I. a people of Arabia Petraea, on the Red sea, s. of the Thamuditffi. Seni Djefteyne. II. a maritime tribe of Vin-dili, Germ., on Viadrus fl. w., bet. the Rugii and the Semnones.

Sidenus fl., a r. of Pontus, falling into the Euxine at Side. Sidin.

Sideris fl., a r. of Hyrcania, falling into the Caspian, w. of Socanas fl., the haven of Olympus, in Lycia. Porto Gcnmese.

Sidices, a people of Media Magna, N.w. of Choarene.

Sidiceni, descendants of the Umbri, or

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