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into the Mediterranean, bet. Rusucurrum

and Rusubicar. Serbi, a people of Sarmatia As., on the

Caspian, bet. the Vali and the Udse. Serdi, a people of Moasia, on Scomius m.,

het. the Thunatse and the Tilatsei, s. of

the Treres.

Seres, the people of Serica. Sergetia fl., a r. of Dacia, rising N.e.

of Zarmizegethusa, and falling into the

Danube above Taurunum. Sergiopolis, a town of Chalybonitis, Syria;,

3 geog. m. s. from Sura. Seria, a town of the Celtici, Bseturia, near

the Anas, W.n.w. of Nertobriga. A co-Ionia (Fama Julia). Seria. Seriane (Chalybon), capital of Chalybonitis,

Syria, bet. Chalcis (45) and Androna, 3'2

m. s.E. from Salaminias. Serica, a country of Asia, bounded x. by

Terra Incognita, s. by India e. Gangem,

w. by Scythia e. Imaum, and E. by the f Sinse. Named, like its people the Seres,

from the silkworm (Ser), whose product

formed a staple of the country. Bucharia,

Kotschotri, and part o/ China. Serimum, a town of the Bastarnse, Sarmat.,

near the Borysthenes, L., below Sarum.


Serinoa, a district of Serica, with a cog-nominal capital. Sirhind. Serio, I. a r. of Novem Populana, falh'ng

into the Garumna at Ah'ngo. II. a town

of the Bituriges Vivisci, Aquitariia II., on

the Garumna, L., bet. Stomata and Ilingo.

Riom. Seriphus, I. an isl. of the ^Lgean, one of

the Cyclades, bet. Cytlmus and Siphnus.

In circuit 12 m. Under the Romans a

place of banishment. The scene of the

punishment by Perseus of Polydectes.

The frogs here were dumb. Serpho. • II. its capital, on the S.e. coast.

Serpho. Sermanicomagus, a town of the Santones,

Aquitania II., bet. Aunedonacum w. and

Cassinomagus E. Skrmiticm, a town of Corsica, near Circi-

dius fl., L., under Aureus m., N. sermo, a town of the Edetani,Tarraconensis,

s.w. of Csesar Augusta. Sermyle, a town of Sithonia, Macedonia,

at the N.e. extremity of the Toronaicus


Serna (Senna), a town of Pamphylia. Serota, a town of Pannonia Inferior, on Dravus fl., R., bet. Berebis and Mariniana

(20). Draus.

Serf A, a town of the Celtici, Bseturia, on the Anas, above Presidium. Serpa.

Serrapilli, a people of Pannonia, on Dra­vus fl. Serre (Gerre), a town of Cyrrhestica, Syr.,

13 m. s. from Bethammaria. Serrepolis (Scretile), a town of Cilicia Campestris, on Issicus sin., E. of Jamiaria prom. Serretes, a people of Pannonia, on Dravus


Serrheum prom., I. a headland of the Ci-cones, Thrace, E. of Ismarium prom. C. Makri. II. a fortress of the Cicones, Thrace, at Serrheum prom., under Isma-rus m. Makri. Serri, a people of Sarmatia, on the' N.e.

coast of the Euxine. Serus fl., a r. of India e. Gangem, falling

into Sinus Magnus. Menam. Serviodurum, a town of RhaHia, bet. Re-ginum (2fi) and PontesReuses (27). Strau-lina.

Servitium (Serbinum), a town of the Var-

ciani, Pannon., on Savus fl., R., at the

confluence of Verbas fl., bet. Preetorium

(23) and Urbate (25).

Sesama, a town of Cappadocia, bet. Na-

zianzus (25) and Andabilis (1C). Sesamus, '' sesame-growing," the early

name of Amastris, in Paphlagonia. Sesarethus, a town of the Taulantii, 10 m( S.e. from Acrolissus, on Isanus fl. Sers-dit.

Sesecrien^e ins., Indise, i. q. Heptanesise. Sesippi (Sibi) portus, a port of Arabia

Felix, on the Red sea, near Zabida. Sessites fl., a r. of Gallia Transpad., rising N.e. of Vitricium and falling into Padus fl. below Ad Medias. Scssia. Sestiarium prom., Mauritania;, i. q. Can-

narum. Sestinates, a people of Umbria, about


Sestinum, capital of the Sestinates, Um­bria, on Pisaurus fl. above Pitinum. Ses-tino.

Sestium, an inland town of the CEnotri, in • Bruttium.

Sestomagus, a town of the Volcse Tecto-sages, Narbonensis I., bet. Ad Fines w. and Ebromagus.

Sestos, I. a city of Chersonesus Thracia, on the Hellespont, over against (n.e.) Abydos, in Troas, from which it is distant 3 m. 6 furlongs. Celebrated for the loves of Hero and Leander, and for Xerxes' bridge, which, however, commenced on the European side, lower down the coast, towards Madytus, where the breadth of the Hellespont is only 7 furlongs. II. a town of Cyprus, towards Tamasus.

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