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Sennabris, a town of Galilsea, on Tiberias lac., s.w., bet. Hamath and Tarichsea.

Sennates, a people of Novem Populana. About Sennac.

Senomagus, a town of the Volcse Areco-mici, Narbonensis, bet. Arausio (15) and Acunum(18). St. Pierre de Senos.

Senones, a people of Lugdunensis IV., in Gaul, X,e. of the Lingones. A colony of them settled in Umbria, on the Adriatic, after pillaging Rome under Brennus. Seine et Oise: Seine et Marue.

Senonia, a later name of Lugdunensis IV.

Senses, a tribe of Getse, Dac., bet. the Cotenses and the Piephigi.

Sentiaxum, a town of Samnium, 33 m. S.e. from Equus Tuticus. Bisaccio.

Sentica, a town of the Vettones, Lusitania, s. of Salmantica. Zamora,

Sentii, a people of Alpes Cottise, about Sanitium.

Sextinates, a tribe of Senones, in Umbria, about Sentinum.

Sentinum, capital of the Sentinates, in Umbria, s. of Ad Ensem, towards the Apennines. Memorable for the devotion of the consul Decius. Sasso Ferrato.

Senus (Scena) fl., a r. of Hibernia, w., separating the Hiberni from the Autiri. Shannon.

Sepelaci, a town of the Edetani, Tarraco-nensis, on Sucronensis sin., bet. Etovesa N. and Saguntum s.

Sephab. Vide Saphar.

Sepharad, a district of Asia Minor, to­wards the Bosporus.

Sepharaim, i. q. Sepphara.

Sephet, a town of GaUlsea Sup., w.x.w. of Bethsaida.

Sephita campus, the plains on the coast of Judaea, bet. Lydda x. and Gaza s.

Sepia, I. a m. of Arcadia, bet. Stvmphalus and Pheneus, where jEpylus, son of Ela-tus, was killed by the serpent. II. a vil­lage of Argolis, near Tirynthus. The scene of a great defeat of the Argives by Cleo-menes.

Sepias prom., a headland of Magnesia, in Thessaly, bet. Casthansea and Magnesia: prom., whence Peleus carried off Thetis. The scene of the wreck of a considerable portion of Xerxes' fleet. C. Hagios De-metrios.

Sepinum, a town of Samnium, S.e. of Bovianum. A colonia of Nero. At-tilia.

Sepicssa ins., an isl. of Caria.

Seporas fl., a r. of Paphlagonia, rising in Psemen m., and falling into Parthenius fl. Seinder Sou.

Sepontio (Paramica), a town of the Vaccaei,

Tarracouensis, S.e. of Pallantia. Sepphoris, i. q. Dio Csesarea, Galilese. Sept^e (Setae, Salala), a town of Phrygia,

towards Attalia. Septem Aac^E, springs of Sabinium, near

Velinus fl., formerly the lake now called

Lago di Santa Susanna. Septem ar;e, a town of the Celtici, Lusita­nia, bet. Medobriga N. and Arunci S.e. Septem fratres m., seven hills of Mauri­tania Ting., on the coast bet. Lissa and

Abyla; so named from their resemblance

to one another. Septem maria, a town of the Veneti, in

Venetia, bet. Hadrianum (6) and Fossa

(6). Marozzo, Septem pagi, a district of Etruria, bet.

Cremera fl. and the Tiber. Septemiaci, a fortress of Vindelicia, on

Hadriani vallum, 7 m. N. of Opie. Near

Hochstadt. Septimunicia, a town of Byzacene, bet.

Tabalta (2U) and Madassuma (25). Septempeda, a town of Picenum, on Flosis

fl., R., bet. Prolaquem (15) and Treia (9).

5. Severino.

Septentrionalis oceanus, i. q. Borealis. Septimanca, a town of the Vaccsei, Tar-

raconeusis, on Durius fl. below Rauda.

Simancas. Septonia, a town of the Belgse, Brit., w.

of Sorbiodunum. Sepyra, a fortress of the Eleuthero Cilices,

in Amanus m. Sehuana fl., a r. of Gaul, rising towards

Andematunum and falling into the Atlantic

at Carocotinum. Seine. Sequani, a Celtic people of Maxima Sequa-

norum, bounded x. by Vogesus m., s. by

the Rhodanus, w. by the Arar, and E. by

Jura m. Departments of Ain, N. Saone,

E., Jura and Daubs, and Haute-Saone, s. Sera,' capital of the Issedones, Sericffi.

Pekin. Singan ? Seraca, a town of Sarmatia, near the source

of Varclauus fl. Procznoi. Seranussa, a town of Pontus, bet. Comana

and Cabira. Serapidis ins., an isl. of Arabia Felix, hi

Erythraum mare, bet. Didymi prom, and

Corodamum prom. Serapis, a mart of Azania, on the coast,

under the line. Serapium, I. a maritime village of Cyre-

naica, s. of Drepanum prom. II. (Su-

choth), a town of Lower Egypt, on the w.

bank of Amarus lacus, bet. Heroopolis

(18) and Etham. Sebbes fl., a r. of Mauritania Ctesar., falling

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