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of Palestine, on Merom lacus. IV. a pon of Pamphylia, at the mouth of a river not named, 12 m. E. of Eurymedon fl. V capital of Seleucis, Syria, near the Orontes w1. of Imma. Built by Seleucus Nicator, and his burial-place. Kepse. VI. sur-named Sidera, a town of Pisidia, on the borders of Phrygia. VII. (Sele, Soloce), a city of Susiana Elymais, on Hedyphon fl. Sultanabad. VIII. a name of Tralles, in Lydia. IX. sumamed ad Belum, postea. Seleucopolis, a town of Apamene, Syrian, on the Orontes, near Belus mons, N.w. of Apamea. Sehjun. Seleucis, a district of Syria,' about Se-

leucia., a city of Pisidia, on Eurymedon fl.,

above Pidnelissus. Founded by Calchas,

and enlarged by a Lacediemonian colony.

Selgov^e (Selgovich, Celtics, " hunters,

freebooters," Elgovte), a people of Valen-

tia, Brit., bet. the Damnii and Otadeni,

N. and Ituna aest. s. On the Solway

(hence named), in Kircudbriyht and Dum~


Selia, a town of the Turtuli, Bsetica, N.e.

of Maenoba. Selinitis (Selentis), the district about Seli-

nus, in Cilicia.

Selinus, I. a r. of Achaia, rising s. of Trileea, and falling into Corinthiacus sin. S.E. of ^Egium. Vostizza. II. of Cilicia Trachea, falling into the sea at Selenus. Selenty. III. of Mysia, rising in Pindasus m., and falling into Caicus fl. towards Pergamum. Tabaklar-Tchay. IV. of Si­cily, falling into the sea at Selinus. Named from the parsley that covered its banks. V. (Sellenus), of Triphylia in Elis, falling into the sea s.w. of Scillus. VI. a town of Cilicia Trachea, N.e. of Syedra, at the mouth of Selinus fl. The death-place of Trajan, and hence, for a time, named Tra-janopolis. Selenty. VII. of Laconia, on Marios fl., 2J m. N.w. from Geronthrse. VIII. a port of Marmarica, bet. Zagylis and Trisarchi villa. IX. a city of Sicily, s.w., at the mouth of Selinus fl., bet. Pintia and Thermos Selinantise. Surnamed Palmosa, from its palm-trees. Pulci. Selinusia palus, a marsh of Ionia, formed

by Caystrus fl. at its mouth. Selleis fl., I. a r. of Achaia, falling into Corinthiacus sin., E. of Elisson fl. II. of Epea in Elis, rising in Pholoe m., and falling into Ionium mare below Ephyre. Alepochori. III. of Mysia, falling into the Hellespont at Arisbe. Sellet^, a people of Thrace, on the Euxine, bet. the Crobyzi and the Thyui.

Selli, a Pelasgic tribe in Epirus, about Do-dona, descendants of the Tyrrheni, who worshipped Jupiter in a peculiar way. Sellium, a town of the Lusitani, E. of Col-

lippo. Selur, a town of Pandionis regnum, Ind,f

s. of Modurla.

Selymbbia (Selybria, " town of Selys "), a town of the Odrysse, in Thrace, on the Propontis, bet. Regium and Perinthus Heraclea. A colony from Megara Nissea. Selibria. Semachid^, a demus of Attica, of the tribe

Antiochis, in Epacria regio. Semana silva, a portion of Hercynia Silva, in the territory of the Hermiones, on the confines of the Hermunduri. Semanthini mons, m. of Asia, extending N.w. from Sinarum sin., and separating the Seres from the Snwe. Sembobitis, a town of Tenesis, in ^Ethiopia,

oil Pseboa lac., s.w. Semene, a district of Tenesis, in ./Ethiopia,

N.e. of Pseboa lac.

Seminethus (Simmethus), a town of Caria, near Antiochia, whither its inhabitants were transferred by Antiochus. Semiramidis mons, m. of Carmania, N. of

Harmozia. fl., a r. of Bruttium, falling into Scylleticus sin., 12 m. N.e. from Scylle-tium. Simmari. Semisus, a town of Metelene, in Cappa-

docia. Semna, a town of Limyrica, Ind., 4 geog.

m. from Podoperura. Mangalor. Semni, a people of Taprobane, about Panti


Semnon lacus, a sacred grove of the Sem-nones, Germanise, on Viadrus fl., w. of Viritium.

Semnones, a tribe of Suevi, in Germania Magna, bet. Albis fl. and Viadrus fl., s. of the Vindili. Mecklenburg, Brandenburg, Lusace, Part of Poland, tfc. Semnus fl. Lucanise, i. q. Siria. Sena, I. a r. of Umbria, falling into the sea at Ad Pirum. Cesano. II. ins., an isl. of the Osismii, Lugdunensis III., s. of Gobseum prom. Sene. Senagallica (Senogallia, Sena), a town of Umbria, at the mouth of Misus fl., bet. Ad Pirum (0) and Ancona. The first Roman colony beyond the Apennines (283 B.c.), Sacked by Pompey. Sinigaglia. Sena julia, a town of Etruria, on Via Claudia, bet. Ad VI. and Florentia. A col. of Julius Csesar. Sienna.

, a town of Sicily, bet. Porthmus and Messana.

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