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birth-place of Neoptolemus. The scene of Achilles' adventure with Deidamia, and of Theseus' death. Noted for its goats and its veined marble. Skyro.

Scyrth.ea, a town of Sicily, on Allava fl., towards Tricala. Noted in the Servile war. Acristia.

Scythe agricol.e, a tribe of Scythians, settled as husbandmen in Sarmatia Eu-ropsea on both sides the Borysthenes, s. of the Amadoci.

Scyth* regii, Basilii, a tribe of Scythians in Sarmatia, E., on the Tanais and Mceotis palus, towards Taurica Cheraonesus.

Scythe scoloive, a tribe of Scythians in the country N. and N.e. of Mseotis palus. Traditionally named from Scythes, son of Hercules.

Scythia, at first a country of Europe, bet. Carpathus m. and the Tanais ; afterwards, as Scythia Propria, understood by Ptolemy to be a country of Asia, extending bet. the Tanais and Serica, bounded s. by Sog-diana, Hyrcania, Margiana, &c. It was intersected by Imaus m., and distributed accordingly into Scythia intra Imaum w. and Scythia extra Imaum E.

Scythia minor, a province of Mcesia Infe­rior, on the Euxine, bet. the Danube and Hsemus m., occupying the country previ­ously called Pontus, and named from its original Scythian population.

Scythini (Scythes, Cercetse, Cseti), a people of Asia, separated from the Macrones of Pontus by Glaucus fl., N.w. of Harpasus fl.

Scythopolis, i. q. Bethsan.

Scythranius (Cyrthanius) portus, a port of Marmarica, bet. Cataeonium prom, and Antipyrgos.

Seba, the Scriptural name of the Sabsei, in Arabia.

Sebagena, a town of theTrocmi, in Galatia, bet. Soanda and Ochria.

Sebard.e, a people of Ethiopia, w. of the Nile, N. of the Radapi. In Sennaar.

Sebaste, I. a maritime town of Cilicia Trachea, 3 m. E. from Corycu?, opposite Eheussa ins. Built by Arclielaus of Cap-padocia. Ayash. II. a town of Phrygia Mag., bet. Acmonia and Blaundus. III. Samariae, i. q. Samaria. IV. of the Tec-tosages, in Galatia, E. of Ancyra.

Sebastia (Carana), capital of Caranitis, in Pontus, E. of the source of Halys fl., S.e. of Cabira. Siwas.

Sebastofolis, I. a town of the Bessi, in Thrace, w. of Cillmm. II. of Colchis, i. q. Dioscurias. III. a later name of Myrina, in ^Eolis Asiat. IV. of Pontus, i. q. Cabira.

Sebatum, a town of the Breuni, in Rhsetia, bet. Sublavium and Littamum (23). Sabs.

Sebennyticum ostium nili, Thermuchi-cum, the third mouth of the Nile, E. from Alexandria. Named from Sebennytus.

Sebennytus, a town of Lower Egypt, on the Sebennytic branch of the Nile, E. of Sais. Semmenud.

Sebethtjs fl., a r. of Campania, falling into Cumanus sin. near Neapolis. Named from the nymph Sebethis. Fornello, Fiume delta Maddalena.

Sebinus lacus, a lake of Gallia Transpad., bet. Larius lac. and Benacus lac. Logo d'lseo.

Sebounta, Arabise, i. q. Esbuta.

Sebrit^e, a people of Tenesis, in ^Ethiopia, s. of the Memnones.

Sebudinum, Gallise, i. q. Vindinum.

Sebum, a town of the Euganei, in Gallia Transpad., at the s. extremity of Sebinus lac. A municipium. Iseo.

Secerr^e, a town of the Ausetani, Tarra-conensis, near Ausa.

Secies (Secia, Gabellus) fl., a r. of Gallia Cispadana, rising in Letus m., and falling into Padus fl. above Hostilia. Secchia.

Secor, a port of the Pictones, Aquitania II., S.e. of Pictonum prom.

Securisca, a town of the Moesi, Moesia Inferior, on the Danube, bet. Nicopolis and Dunum.

Secusses, a people of Histria, bet. Pola and Tergeste. About Saguria.

Sedatum, a town of Germania Mag., on Aldus fl., N. of Vetoniana,

Sediboniates, a people of Novem Popu-lana, towards the Pyrenees. About Sebi.

Sedissa (Scydissa), a town of Pontus, bet. Thea (17) and Domana (24).

Sedula, a town of Liguria, on Padus fl.

Seduni, a people of Alpes Penninse, conti­guous to the Veragri. Val d'Aoste.

Seduntjm, capital of the Seduni, on the Rhone, R., above Octodurum. Sion.

Segalauni, a tribe of Cavares, Viennensis, on the Rhone and Druna m.

Segeda, I. a town of the Arevacae, Tar-raconensis, N.w. of Lobetum. A colonia (Julia Restituta). II. surnamed Augurina, a town of Bsetica, bet. Urgao N. and Tucci s.

Segedunum, a town of the Otadeni, Brit., on Hadriani murus, towards its E. termi­nation.

Segelocum, Brit., i. q. Agelocum.

Segesta (Egesta, Acesta), a city of Sicily, on Scamander fl., R., at its confluence with Simois fl. II. surnamed Tiguliorum, the port of Tigulia, in Liguria. Sestri.

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