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the later capital of Salamis ins., on a neck of land towards Attica. Ampelachi. III. sumamed Vetus, the early capital of Sala­mis ins., at the mouth of the Boccarus fl. With a temple of Ajax, son of Telamon, who was born here. The birth-place also of Solon. IV. a city of Cyprus, at the mouth of Pediaeus fl., N. of Leucolla. Founded by a colony from Salamis ins., under Teucer, son of Telamon, upon the site of a village called Coronis. Restored after an earthquake by Constantine, and named Constantia. Here were temples of Jupiter and of Venus, where human victims were sacrificed. Noted for its em­broidery, and for its salt-works. Constanza.

Salaniana, a town of the Grovii, Tarra-conensis, on Minius fl., L., below Aquae Origenis.

Salapeni, a people of Arabia Fel., N. of the Manitee. Descendants of Saleph. Beni Meleyer.

Salapia (Salpia), I. a port of Daunia, Apulia, on Salapinus lacus, S.e. of Arpi, of which it was the s. emporium. Noted for the debaucheries of Hannibal. Founded by Rhodians, under Elpias. The inhabi­tants, in consequence of the insalubrity of the place, removed to Salapia Nova. Salpi. II. sumamed Nova, a port of Daunia, Apul., £. of Salapia Vetus, by the population of which it was, under the auspices of M. Hostilius, built and settled. Salpia.

Saj.apincs palus, a lake of Daunia, Apulia, bet. Salapia Vet. and Salapia Nova. Lago di Salpi.

Salaria, a town of the Bastitani, Tarra-conensis, bet. Apiarium E. and Turbula w. A colonia.

Salarcs fl., a r. of Gedrosia, falling into Paragon sin., bet. Carpella prom, and Pasida.

Salassi, a people of Gallia Transpadana, bet. the Libicii and Lepontii, bet. Duria Min. fl. s., Padus fl. E., Alpes Penninie N., and Alpes Graiee Tv.

Salate, a district of Ethiopia, S.e. of Ava-lites.

Salaterr*, a people of Margiana, on Oxus fl., w. of the Trybactse.

Salauris (Sellus) m., a m. on the coast of Tarraconensis, near Tarraco s.

Salcha, a town in the S.e. territory of Manasseh, E. of the Jordan. Sale fiat.

Salde (Saldis), a maritime town of Mauri­tania Csesar., bet. Vabar and Muslubium. A colonia of Augustus. Buaia.

Saldenses, a people of Dacia, on the Danube, bet. the Albocenses and the Ciagisi.

Saldis, a town of Pannonia, on Savus fl., R., bet. Tarsium and Basante.

Salduba, I. a r. of Baetica, falling into the Mediterranean at Salduba. Gordo. II. a town of the Turtetani, Bsetica, at the mouth of Salduba fl., L., bet. Ciluiana w. and Suel. N.e. III. the early name of Caesar Augusta, Tarraconensis.

Sale (Saloe), I. a bike or marsh of Lydia, on the site of Sipylus. Near it was the tomb of Tantalus. Il.atownoftheCicones, in Thrace, N.w. of the mouth of Hebrus fl. A Thasian colony.

Salebka, a maritime town of Etruria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Prile lacus (12) and Manliana (9). Burriano.

Salem, I. i. q. Jerusalem. II. (Shalem), a town of Judaea, s. of Bethshan, w. of CEnon. The city of Melchizedek.

Salemia, a town of Arabia Felix, under Zames m., S.e. of Idara.

Salera, a town of Zeugitana, near Car­thage.

Salernum, a maritime town of the Picen-tini, Campania, on Via Aquilia, bet. Nu-ceria (8) and Picentia (7). A colonia. Noted, later, for its school of medicine.

Saletio, a town of Germania, bet. Broco-magus (27) and Tabernae (16J). Seltz.

Salganeds, a town of Boeotia, on Euripus, N. of Aulis. Named in honour of the pilot Salganeus, unjustly put to death, here. Karababa.

Salia fl., a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into Cantabricum mare, bet. Nanasa fl. E. and Noeja w. Sella,

Salice ins., i. q. Taprobane.

Salientes, a town of the Lucenses, Tar­raconensis, on Minius fl., R., above Lucus Augusti.

Salii, i. q. Batavi.

Saline, I. isl. of India e. Gangem, off the mouth of Sabaricus sin. II. a salt lake of Africa, on Syrtis Maj., at Macomades. III. a town of the Catavellauni, Brit. IV. salt-works of Daunia, in Apulia, on the coast, bet. Anxanum and Aufidena (11). Saline. V. salt marshes of Etruria, on the Tiber, bet. Rome and Veii. Campo di Saline. VI. sumamed Ostienses, salt-pits at Ostia, formed by Ancus Martius. Near Caione del Sale. VII. (Salinum), a village of the Pwedavenses, Dac., bet. Marcodava (12) and, Patavissa (12). Named, as now, from its salt-works. Saltzwert. VIII. capital of the Sueltri, Narbonensis, S.e. of Sanitium. Castel-lane, IX. a village, with salt springs, of the Tursones, Germanise, on Sala fl., L., near its source. X. surnamed Thubu-

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