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S A bora, a town of the Turtetani, bet. Teba N.e. and Sitia s.w.

Saboc^e, a people of Sarmatia.

Sabotha, Arabise, i. q. Saba.

Sabrata, pritis Abrotonum, a maritime city of Tripolis, Afric., bet. Pontes and Ad Ammonem. A colonia. Sabart.

Sabrina (Sabriana) fl., a r. of Britain, rising near Dorum urbs, and, after separating Britannia II. from Flavia Caesariensis, fall­ing into the sea below Glevum. Severn.

Sabrina .<estuarium, the mouth of Sabrina fl., bet. Herculis prom., s., and Octopi-tarum prom., N. Bristol Channel.

Sabtah, Arabiag, i. q. Zabida.

Sabura, a maritime town of India i. Gan-gem, E. bet. Podoca and Maliarpha.

Sabcs, a town of Cappadocia, bet. Teucila (28) and Dascusa (18). The station of the Equites Sagittarii.

Sac^e, a Scythian people, bounded N. and E. by Scythia, w. by Sogdiana, s. by Imaus m. Ptolemy describes them as having no towns, hut living in woods and caves. Their name was applied by some of the ancients to all the Asiatic Scythians, and by the Persians to the Scythians generally.

Sac Am, a people of Sarmatia Asiat., under Hippici m., S.e.

Sacala, a port of Gedrosia, towards Arabis fl.

Sacapeke (Sacasene), a district of Armenia Maj., towards the source of Araxes fl. Hence came the gum sacapenum.

Sacastene, a district of Drangiana, on Ety-mandrus fl.

Sacatia, a town of the Homeritae, in Arabia Felix, on the Red sea, bet. Aelu (16 geog. m.) and Musa (7). Hodeida.

Saccasena, a town of Morimene, in Cappa­docia, bet. Osiana (28) and Csesarea-Mazaca (30).

Saccea, a district of Arabia Des., on the borders of Auranitis.

Saccopodes, a people of Assyria, N. of the Absidri.

Sace (Sale), a town of Hyrcania, s.w.

Sacer, I. a r. of Corsica, falling into the sea at Aleria. Orbo. II. of Sardinia, falling into the sea at Neapolis. Uras. of Tarraconensis, w. of Asturica Augusta. IV. of the Cicones, in Thrace, towards Tempyra. V. a bay of Persicus sin., to­wards its N.w. extremity, at Coromanis.

Sachalites sin., a gulf of Erythraeum mare, in Arabia Felix, towards Syagrus prom. Bahr Seger.

Sachle, a maritime village of Arabia Felix, w. of Saphar.

Sacis ad padum, a town of Gallia Cispad., on one of the branches of Padua fl., s. of

Olane ostiutn, bet. Augusta (12) and Ne-ronia (4). Fisiaglia.

Sacole, a town of Meroe, on the Nile, R., bet. Napata and Sandace.

Sacorsa, a town of Paphlagonia, w. of An-drapa.

Sacra ins., the island formed by the two mouths of the Tiber.

Sacrani, i. q. Aborigines Ital.

Sacraria, a town of Umbria, on Via Fla-minia, bet. Spoletium (7) and Trebia (4). Vene.

Sacriportus, a place in Latium, towards Signia, where occurred the great battle between Sylla and Marius the Younger.

Sacrum ostium (Peuce, Teuce), the s. mouth of the Danube.

Sacrum prom., I. the w. extremity of Achil-lei cursus penins., Sarmatias. II.theN.N.w. extremity of Corsica. Capo Corso. III. the S.e. extremity of Hibernia, over against Octopitarum prom. Grenore Point. IV. the s.w. extremity of Lusitania, s. of Barbarium prom. Named from the belief that the sun plunged into the sea over against this point. Cape St. Vincent; Cabo San Vicente. V. (Chelidonium, Tauri), a pr. of Lycia, at one time popularly regarded as the termination, in this direction, of Taurus m. C. Kelidonia.

Sacus, a village of Laconia.

Sada, a maritime town of Argentea regio, Indise, 25 m. s. from Baracurra.

Sadagena (Salagena), a town of Sargarau-sene prefectura, Cappadociee.

Sadagothina, & village of Morimene, near Parnassus.

Sadame, a town of Astica, in Thrace, bet. Deultus and Tarpodizus.

Sadan^e (Sadanes), a maritime district of Ariaca, Indiae, towards Goaris fl.

Sadards fl., a r. of Gedrosia, falling into the Cophen.

Sadus fl., a r. of India e. Gangem, falling into Gangeticus sin. at Sada.

S*fes, an early people of Hispania, con­tiguous to the Cempsi.

S^epinum, a town of the Pentri, Samnium, on Via Numicia, bet. Allifae (16) and Sir. pium (6). A colonia of Nero ; a muni-cipium. Attilia, near Sepino.

S.epona, a town of the Turtetani, Baetica, on Barbesula fi., N. of Oningis. Eprds fl., a r. of Sardinia, falling into the sea below Sarabus. Flamendoso.

Sjjtabicdla, a town of the Edetani, Tarra­conensis, on Sucro fl., above Sucro.

Sjetabis, I. a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into the Mediterranean. Montesa. II. a town of the Contestani, Tarraconensis,

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