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a tributary of the Fiumecino ,• according to some antiquaries, the Fiumecino itself. Rubra, a maritime town of Corsica, bet Syracusanorum portus and Graniacum prom. Torre Pinarello. Rubresus lacus, an inlet of Narbonensis, a the mouth of Atax fl. Etang de Sigean, Etang Je Gruissan. Rubricata, a town of the Lseetani, Tarra-conensis, near Rubricatus fl., L., above Fines. Near Monresa. Rubricatus fl., I. Numidise, i. q. Ubus fl II. a r. of Tarraconensis, falling into the Mediterranean bet. Barcino N. and Tar-raco s.w. Llobregat, Rubrum mare, generally the same with Erythrffium mare; specially, the gulf ol the Erythrseum mare, bet. Egypt and Arabia. The boundary of Asia and Africa. The name arose from a misconception on the part of the Romans of the meaning ol Erythraeum, which they supposed to indi­cate a colour. Rucconium, a town of Dacia, towards Dori-


Rucenates (Rucantii, Runicatse), a people

of Vindelicia, on Lycus fl., contiguous to

the Leuni. About Reusach.

Ruda, I. a town of the Ariaspse, Drangianae,

on Etymandrus fl., L., above Palacenti.

II. a town of Parthia Choroana, s. of


Rudiane, a maritime district of Carmania,

bet. the Camelobosci and Agdanitis. Ruesium, Gallite, i. q. Revessio. Ruffkium, a town of the Pentri, in Sam-nium, near AUifte. Sant' Angela Ravin -canino. Rufiana, a town of the Rauraci, Maxima

Sequanorum, w.s.w. of Argentovaria. Rufr.e, a town of the Hirpini, Samnium,

near Comsa. Ruvo. Rugusci, a people of Rhsetia, s. of the

Calucones. Vallee de Bellinzone. Rum a (Rimmon), a town of Galiltea, N.e. of

Dio Ctesarea.

Rumbodona, a town of the Cicones, in Thrace, on the Egnatia Via, bet. Epyrus (10) and Bistonia (10). Rumon, an early name of the Tiber. Runicates, a people of Vindelicia, on Isara fl., towards its junction with the Danube. Rusadir (Sestiaria), I. a pr. of Mauri­tania Ting., N. above Rusadir. Capo di Tres Forcas. II. a town of Mauritania Tingit., within Rusadir prom. Melilla. Rusazu, a town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Salda (35) and Rusippisir (23). A muni-cipium. Ruscino (Roschinus), I. a r. of Narbonensis,

falling into the sea at Ruscino. Tet. II. a port of the Sardones, Narbonensis I., on Ruscino fl., bet. Combusta N. and Illi-beris s. Roussillon.

Ruscinona, a town of Zeugitana, on Car-thaginensis sin., bet. Carthago and Ad Gallum. Ruscopoda fl., a r. of Pamphylia, falling

into the sea E. of Attaleia. Rusell.e, a town of Etruria, on ViaClaudia, bet. Saturnia and Ad Mensula, 2J m. N.e. of Prile lacus. A colonia. Hostile. Rusgonium (Rustonium), a maritime town of Mauritania Cassar., bet. Rusubricari (14) and Icosium (15). A coloma of Augustus. Rusibis (Rutubis), a port of Maurit. Ting.,

s. of Asama fl. Azamur. Rusicada (Rusicade, Rusiccadse), a town of Numidia, onNumidicus sin., bet. Paratianse and Cullu. A colonia. Sgegada. Rusidava, a town of the Potulatenses, Dac., on Aluta fl., L., bet. Pons Alutce and Acidava.

Rusippisir (Rusubesa), a maritime town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Rusazu (23) and Jomnium (42). A municipium. Rusp^e, a maritime town of Byzacene, bet.

Brachodes prom, and Usilla. RusplNA, a town of Byzacene, bet. Hadru-

metum and Leptis Min. Rustic ana, a town of the Vettones, Lusi-

tania, E. of Tgsedila. Corchucha. Rcstici, a town of Numidia, bet. Magri and

Ad Pisinas.

Rusubicari (Rusucibar, Rusubricari, sur-named Matidia), a maritime town of Mauri­tania Cffisar., bet. Cissi (12) and Rusco-nium. Tefessad.

Rusucurrum (Rusuccorse), a maritime town of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Jomnium (18) and Cissi (12), near the month of Serbes fl., R. A municipium. Algiers? Rusugunum, i. q. Rusconium. Ruteni, a people of Aquitania, contiguous to the Cadurci. They were previously in Narbonensis, towards the Allobroges. Ruttarata, a town of Susiana Messaba-

tice, on Tigris fl., above Sabata. Rutuba fl., a r. of Lignria, falling into Li-

gusticus sin. at Albintemelium. Rulta. Rutubis portus, a port of Libya, on the Atlantic., bet. Sala fl. and Soloentum prom.

Rutuli, descendants of the Umbri and Pe-lasgi, settled on the coast of Latium, about Ardea.

fi (Rutupae), a maritime town of the Cantii, Brit., E. bet. Cantium prom, and Dola. Celebrated by Juvenal for its oysters.

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