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falling into the Palus Mseotis, s. of Rhom-bites Maj. (100). Iselbasch.

Rhope (Rboge) ins., an isl. of Lycia, 6 m. w. from Megistus. Is. San Giorgio.

Rhopei, a people of Pamphylia.

Rhosphodusa ins., an isl. of Sarmatia, in Carcinites sin. Terlagon.

Rn5sus, a town of Seleucia, Syrise, on Issicus sin., 15 m. s. from Seleucia. Noted for its earthenware. Arsns.

Rhotanus fl., a r. of Corsica, falling into the sea N. of Alista. Tavignano.

Rhoziccs scopulus, a prom, of Cilicia Campestris, on the confine of Syria; the s. termination of Issicus sin., and of Ama-nus m. C. Hynzir.

Rhuana, a town of Arabia Felix, in the de­sert, s. of Gerrha.

Rhubon fl., a r. of Sarmatia Europsea, fall­ing into Sarmaticus oc. Duna.

Rhucantii, a tribe of Rhaeti. noted for their predatory habits.

RntiPi^ (Ad Quindecim), a Greek town of Peucetia, in Apulia, on Via Egnatina, bet. Canusium (15) and Rubi (10). Andria.

Rhugii, a people of Germania Magna, on Borealis oceanus.

Rhugium, capital of the Rhugii, Germania, near the E. mouth of Viadrus fl. Stet­tin.

Rhus, " rushing water," a village of Me-garis, near Megara. Palaio-Kondoura.

Rhuticlii, a tribe of Rugii, Germania.

Rhymmi, a people of Scythia, on Rhymmus fl., under Rhymmici m.

Rhymmici montes, m. of Scythia, towards the coast of the Caspian.

Rhymmus fl., a r. of Scythia, falling into the Caspian, E. of the Rha. Cjasuri.

Rhymozoli, a people of Sarmatia Asiatica, on Mseotis palus.

Rhyncus, a town of Acarnania, near Stra­tus.

Rhyndacus, I. a r. of Asia Minor, rising in Azanitis reg., and, after passing through Apolloniatis palus, falling into Propontis, on the confines of Mysia and Bithynia, opposite Besbicus ins. Lubad. IJ. a town of Mysia, on the confines of Bithynia, at the mouth of the cognominal river, where was the tomb of Briareus.

Rhyp,e, one of the twelve cities of Achaia, on Meganiteis fl., 4 m. s.w. from ^Egium. The birth-place of Myscellus of Crotona. In ruins in Pausanias' time. Patrte.

Rhypara ins., an isl. of Samos, towards Ampelus prom.

Rhytium, a town of Crete, near Gortys, whence the inhabitants were driven by noxious insects.

RrBLAH, a town of Syria, on the Orontes, 30 m. s. from Hamath (Epiphania). The abode of Nebuchadnezzar during the siege of Jerusalem.

Ricciacdm, a town of the Treveri, Bel-gica I., bet. Augusta Treverorum Jj.e. and Corenusca s.w.

Ricina, I. an isl. of Britannia Barbara, w., below Ebudse ins. II. a maritime town of the Garuli, in Liguria, on Via Au-relia, bet. Genua (7) and Ad Solaria (15). Recco. III. (Helvia Ricina), a town of Picenum, on Flosis fl., L., bet. Urbs Sal-via (12) and Auximum (14). A col. of Severus. Near Macerata.

Ricinum, a town of the Carni, in Venetia, on Tergestinns sin., bet. Fons Timavi and Tergeste. Noted for its fine, wholesome wine. Castel Duino.

Riconium, a town of Lycaonia.

Riduna ins,, an isl. of Gaul, N.e. of Sarnia. Aldemey; Aurigny.

Rig*, a town of the Celtiberi, Tarraconen-sis, on Salo fl., L., S.e. of Numantia.

RiGODtTLUM, postea Regiodola, a town of the Treveri, Belgica I., on the Mosella, R., bet. Ad Decimnm and Augusta Tre­verorum. Real.

Rigodunum (Coccium), a town of the Se-tantii, Brit., on Belisama fl., R., towards its mouth. Ribchester.

Rigomagum, a town of Germania, on the Rhine, s. of Bonna. Simayen.

Rigomagcs, a town of the Taurini, in Li­guria, bet. Cestife (8) and Ad Medias (10). Rinco.

Rimmon (En-remmon), I. a town, first of Juda, and then of Simeon, Judaea, N.n.e. of Beerseba. II. of Zebulun. A Levitical city.

Riobe, a town of the Senones, Lugdunen-sis IV., bet. Calagum N.n.e. and Agenti-cum S.e.

Ripa, a town of the Turtuli, Bastica, on the Baetis, L., above Ebora.

Ripepora, a town of the Oretani, Tarraco-nensis, s. of Arcilacis.

Risardir portus, Libyse, i. q. Mysocoras.

Risina, a town of Osrhoene, on the Eu­phrates, w. of Edessa.

Rithymna, a town on the N. coast of Crete, N.e. of Eleuthernse. Retimo.

Ritticm (Rictium), a town of Rhartia, 8 m. s. of Acimincum. Banovze.

Ritubium (Litubium), a town of the Ananes, in Liguria, s. of Tria. Noted for its wool. Retorbio.

Ritdmagcs, a town of the Veliocasses, Lng-dunensis II., bet. Ritomagus w. and Pe-tromantalum E.

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