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Mag., on the Danube, below Artobriga, opposite the confluence of Reginus fl. The station of the Ala Secunda Valeria. Ratisbon; Regensburg.

Reginus (Campus) fl., a r. of German. Mag., falling into the Danube at Reginum. Reffen.

Regio strata, a district of Syria, s. of Palmyra.

Regio attene, a peninsula of Arabia, on Persicus sin., N.e. of Gerra. Khalt.

Regium, sumamed Lepidum, prius Forum Lepidi, a town of Gallia Cispad., bet. Ta-netium (10) and Pons Secies (13), on Via ^Jmil. Lepida. Founded by M. .Smilius Lepidus. The death-place of the Elder Brutus. Reggio.

Regium, a town of the Odrysse, in Thrace, on the Propontis, s.w. of Byzantium.

Regni, a people of Britannia I., bet. the Thames, the Atrebatii, and the Belgse N., the Durotriges w., the Cantii E., and the sea s. Surrey, Sussex, and part of Hants.

Regnum, capital of the Regni, towards the coast. Chichester.

Regulbium, a maritime town of the Cantii, Brit., N., bet. Rates and Cantium prom. Reculver.

Rehob (Beth-rehob), a town of Asher, N. of Csesarea Philippi.

Reii apollinares, the later capital of the Albioeci, Narbonensis, N.e. of Griselum. A colonia. Riez.

Remessiana (Remisiana, Romausiana), a town of the Triballi, Moes., bet. Uhnus and Latina, S.e. of Naissus. Piri ?

Remetodia, a town of the Moesi, Moes. Sup., on the Danube, bet. Ratiaria (20) and Almus.

Remi (Rhemi), a people of Belgica II., bet. the Veromandui and Tungri, N., the Sues-siones and Tricasses w., the Lingones s., and the Treveri and Leuci E. In Bel­gium.

Repaxduncm, a town of the Cornavii, Brit. Rom., bet. Margidunum and Etocetum.

Rephaim, " valley of the giants," a valley of Judaea, bet. Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Famous in the history of David.

Rephidim (Meribah), a station of the Israel­ites, on the Red sea, near Mount Sinai. The locality of the miraculous supply of water, and of the defeat of Amalek by Joshua.

Rerigoxium (Retegonium), a maritime town of the Novantse, Brit., N., on Reri-gonius sin. Strathnaver.

Rerigonius sin., a bay of Clota .Sstuar., at Rerigonium. Loch Rain.

Resapha (Reseph), postea Sergiopolis, a town of Chalybonitis, Syrise, S.e. of Bar-balissus, 20 m. w. from the Euphrates. El Ressafa.

Respa, a town of Peucetia, bet. Anfidus fl. (23) and Barium (13), on Via Frentana. Molfeta.

Respublica ruradensis, a town of the Oretani, Tarraconensis, E.n.e. of Castulo.

Ressaina (Ressania), " head of the spring,ff Callirrhoe, a town of Gauzonitis, Mes., at the principal source of Chaboras fl., 27 m. s. of Masius m., bet. Nisibis, 50J geogr. m., and Carrhae, 48 geogr. m. The lo­cality of the defeat of Sapor by Gordian. It was named by Theodosius, Theodosio-polis. Ras al Ain.

Retina, a villa at Misenum, in Campania, where Pliny the Elder received the first intelligence of the great eruption of Vesu­vius.

Retovinum, a town of Gallia Cisalpina, in Albana regio. The mart of the Lana Re-tovina. Retovino; Relibio.

Reunia, a town of the Carni, in Venetia, on Tilavemptus fl. Ream.

Revessio (Ruesium), a town of the Vellavi, Aquitania I., bet. Condate w. and Icid-magus E. St. Paulien.

Rha fl., a r. of Asia, which, after separating Sarmatia A. from Scythia, falls into the Caspian by numerous mouths. On its banks grew the plant rhabarbarum, cog­nate with the rhubarb, which derives its name from it. Wolga; Rama.

Rhaba fl., I. i. q. Arrabo. II. (Sargelia, Gilfil), a r. of Dacia, falling into the Danube. Syl.

Rhabana regia, a town of Arabia Felix, w.N.w. of Ophir. Gabrin.

Rhabanit^e, i. q. Rhamanit&e.

Rhacat.-e, a tribe of Quadi, S.e., on tlie Danube, and on Granua fl.

Rhacotis, the early name of Alexandria, in Egypt.

Rhadam^ei, a people of Arabia Felix, E. of Labris. Beni Maddar.

Rhacelus m., m. intersecting Chalcidice, in Macedonia, from w. to E.

Rh^teum prom., a pr. of Mysia, separating Dardania from Troas.

Rh/eti, a tribe of Tyrrhenians, driven by the Gaulish invasion of Italy to the Alps, called, from their leader Rhoetius, Alpes Rheetiae, and extending some distance N. of those mountains bet. the Helvetii and Vindelicii. They were subdued by Drusus and Tiberius Nero.

Rh/etia, a country of Europe, bounded N. by Germania Mag., at the Danube, s. by

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