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Rarapia, a town of the Celtic!, Lusitania, w. of Pax Julia. Ferreira.

Rarassa, a town of the Chatrisei, Ind., s. of Gagasmira.

Rarius campus, a portion of the Thriasius campus, in Attica, near Eleusis, where corn was first sown by Triptolemus, and where were his threshing-floor, his altar, and temple.

Rasena, the name given by Dionysius Hali-cam. to the Pelasgi Tyrrheni, a corruption of Tyrseni (Tyraseni).

Ratacenses, a tribe of Agathyrsi, in Dacia, on Carpathus m., N.w. of the Cotenses.

Rat^, a town of the Coritani, Brit., bet. Veromelum and Venonse (12). Leicester.

Rates, a maritime town of the Cantii, Brit., N., bet. Durobriva; and Regulbium.

Ratiaria (Raetiaria), a town of the Moesi, Moes. Sup., on the Danube, bet. Ad Ma-lum and Remetodia. Arzea-Palanca.

Ratiatum, a town of the Pictones, Aqui-tania II., on the Liger. St. Pierre et St. Opportune de Retz.

Ratomagus, i. q. Augustomagus.

Ratta, a town of Mesene Inf., Babyl., w. of Diridotis.

Rauda, a town of the Vaccsei, Tarraconen-sis, on Durius fl., 26 m. w. from Clunia. Roa.

Raudii campi, plains of Gallia Transpadana, 10m. N.w. of Milan. The locality of the defeat of the Cimbri by Marius, 100 B.c. About Rho.

Raugoxia, a town of Siracene, Armen., on the Araxes, at the junction of the Har-pasus. Erevandaschat.

Raumathi Vicus, a town of the Banizo-menes, Arab., on the Red sea, bet. Leu-cecome and Charamuthas. Mher,

Raunonia ins., i. q. Abalus.

Rauraci, a people of Maxima Sequanorum, on the Rhine, bet. the Tribocci and the Helvetii. About Bale.

Rauranum, a town of the Pictones, Aqui-tania II., bet. Limonum N.n.e. and Bri-giosum s.w. Raum.

Rauraris fl., i. q. Arauris.

Ravenna, a city of the Lingones, in Gallia Cispadana, on Utis fl., near its mouth, bet. Padunum and Ariminum, on Via Fla-minia. Founded by the Thessalian Tyr­rheni Pelasgi, and subsequently occupied by the Umbri, and again by the Tyrrheni Etrusci. It was built at first upon piles, among a number of small marshy islets, close to the shore ; but afterwards, by the encroachment of the land upon the sea, brought gradually three miles inland (the communication between the houses being

by boats and bridges). It was so healthy, that the gladiators were trained there. A col. of Pompeius Strabo, and the chief naval station of Rome on the Adriatic. Under the eastern empire it was the seat of an exarchate. Ravenna.

Ravius, I. a r. of Hibernia, the issue of Ravius lacus, N. of Libneus fl., separating the Erdini from the Venicnii, 5 geog. m. from Magnata. II. lacus, a lake of the Erdini, Hibernia. Loch Ern.

Rax ins., an isl. of Lycia.

Reate, a town of Sabinium, on Velinus fl., bet. Vicus Novus (16) and Cutilise (8), on Via Salaria. The first settlement of the Arcades Pelasgi. Named from Rhea. A municipium. Noted for its fine mules and asses, some of which were sold for between 40(M. and 5001. Rieti.

Rechem, a name of Petra, in Arabia.

Redones (Rhedones), a people of Lugdu-nensis, N.e. of the Veneti. Departments of file and Villaine.

Reduna ins., an isl. of Lugdunensis II., N.e. of Sarnia ins.

Refugium chale, a haven of Sicily, 18 m. E. from Plintee.

Refugium apolline, a haven of Sicily, 20 m. E. from Plaga Herea. Spacca-furno.

Regama, Arabia, i. q. Machorbffi.

Regemnezus, Galat., i. q. Minizus.

Regesalamara, a town of Pamphylia.

Regeta, a later name of Forum Appii.

Regia, I. a town of Hibernia, on Argita fl. Armagh. II. sumamed Altera, a town of Hibernia, X.e. of Juvernis, on Bubinda fl., R. Limerick.

Regime, a town of Mauritania Csesai'., on Cartenna fl., bet. Thaisacora and Ad Dra-cones.

Regiana, a town of the Turtuli, Bsetica, bet. Curgia s.w. and Arsa N.e.

Regianum (Forum Augusti, Augusta), a town of the Moesi, Moes. Inf., on the Danube, bet. Camistrum and Variana, 18 m. E. from Ciabrus.

Regias, a town of Syria. 1

Regiates, the early name of the Velejates. (Regilli), a town of Sabinium, near Eretum. The birth-place of Appius Claudius (Atta Clausus), the founder of the Claudian family.

Regillus lacus, a lake of Latium, bet. Labicum and Gabii. Laghelto delta Co-lonna.

Reginea, a town of the Osismii, Lugdunen­sis III., s.w. of Cosedia.

Reginum (Regina Castra, prius Artobriga, postea Radaspona), a town of Gennania

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