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Qcercus (Ad Quercum), a town of Rhaetia, . on Plavis fl., below Belunum. Quer. QoERauANi, the people of Quercus, in

Rhaetia. Querouetuiani, an early people of La-


ftciNDA, a town of Cilicia, N. of Anchiale. Quintaka (Quintiana) castra, a town of

Rhsetia, on the Danube. Osterhoven. Quintans, Latium, i. q. Ad Quintanas. Quintiana, a maritime town of Etruria, on

Via Aurelia, bet. Martanum (3) and Villa . Regis(3). Quintihana, a maritime town of Tripolis,

Afr., bet. Ad Palmam and Minna. Quintodemus, a town of the Ciagisi, Dac.,

on the Danube, E. of Aluta fl. Quiza, surnamed Xenitana, a town of Mau­ritania on Laturus sin., s., bet. Arsinaria

and Portus Magnus. Oran.


Raabeni, a people of Arabia Deserta, on

the confines of Arabia Felix. Raamah, Arabia Felix, i. q. Machorbae.

A seat of Raamah, son of Cush. Rabana, a town of the Ambastse, at the

mouth of Lanos fl. Raban/ei, a people of Serica, E. of An-

iiibi m. Rabbath ammon, Philadelphia, capital of

Ammonitis, near the source of Arnon fl.

Restored and renamed by Ptolemy Phila-

delphus. Amman; Rabba. Rabbath moab (Ar, Areopolis), capital of

Moabitis, near Arnon fl., N. of Kir-Moab.

Nearly destroyed by an earthquake in the

time of St. Jerome. Rabba. Rabbium, a town of Mesopotamia, towards

the Tigris. Tur-raliden. Rack.*:, a town of Sittacene, Assyr., near

Ctesiphon. Radis (Ratis) ins., an isl. of Aquitania, N.

of Uliarus. Re. Rabbit, a town of Hibernia, 12 geog. m.

w. of Eblana. Enniskillen. Raemses (Rameses), a fortress and granary

of Egypt, 40 m. w. of Arsinoe-Heroopoli-

tana. Aben-Keyshed. Rag.e (Ragan, Europus), capital of Media.

Ragiana, bet. Bithia and Charax, 6 m. N.w.

of Caspise Pylse. Rag^ea, a town of Parthia-Arcticene, N. of

Nios. Rag/tan ?

Ragia, a town of Arabia, E. of Chiriphe.

Ragiane (Raga), a district of Media Magna, bet. Jasonius m. and Caspius m., x.w. of Choarene.

Ragondo, a town of the Ambilici, Pannonia, bet. Celeja(18) and Petavio (18). Win-dischferstritz.

Rahaba (Rabbath, Rehoboth, " great"), a town of Arabia, on the Euphrates, bet. Zaita and Auzara, 10 m. below the con­fluence of the Chaboras. There appears to have been a city of the same name higher up. Mesjia.

Rama, " eminence," a town of Benjamin, in Judaea, 6 m. N. from Jerusalem. The locality of the story of the Levite and his concubine. The birth-place of Saul. Er-ram.

Raiiathaim-zophim, a town in the land of Zuph. The birth and burial-place of Samuel.

Rambacia, Gedrosiae, i. q. Ora.

Rame, a town of Alpes Cottiae, bet. Bri-gantium (19) and Ebrodunum (17). Casse-Rom.

Rami, a people of Sarmatia, on the Mseotis pal us.

Ramidava, a town of the Cotenses, Dac., on Ararus fl., s.w. of Jassiorum munici-pium.

Ramisba, a town of the Jassii, Pannon., on Dravus fl., 18 m. E. from Petovium. Sau-ritsch.

Ramoth-gilead (Ramoth Mispeh, "watch-tower"), capital of Gileaditis, on Jabbok fl., N.w. of Rabbath Ammon (15). A city of refuge.

Ranaria ins., one of the Fortunatae ins., Africse.

Randamorcotta, a district of Serica, on Lauos fl., L., N. of Chalcitis regio.

Rap.e, a town of Rhastia, bet. Navoae (23) and Aug. Vindelicorum (18). Schwab-munchen.

Raphanea, a town of Syria, w. of Epipha-nia, 33 m. from Apamea. Rafaniat.

Raphia, a maritime town of Judaea, bet. Jenysus, N.e., and Rliinocura. The lo­cality of the battle between Antiochus the Great and Ptolemy IV.

Rapidi, a village of Mauritania Caesar., bet. Trinadi and Auzia.

Rapinium (Rapio), a maritime town of Etruria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Algae (3) and Graviscae (3). Turn Ortando.

Rapta (Rhapta), capital of Azania, labyae, on the coast, at Raptum prom.

Raptum prom., a pr. of Azania, on Bar-barum sin., s. of Paralai ins. Cape For-

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