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Pullopix, a maritime town of the Ingauni, in Liguria, on Via Aurelia, bet. Albin-gaunum (15) and Vada Sabata (12). Finale.

Pumentum, a town of Bruttium, on Nese-thus fl., R., towards Chone. Founded by Philoctetes. Cerenza.

Puxicum, I. i. q. Panapis. II. a town of the Triballi, Kites., on the Danube, bet. Lcderata and Cuppa. Plpluna, the Etruscan name of Populo-

iiium. PuruLUM, a maritime town of Sardinia, w.,

over against Sulcis. Massacara. Pura (Parsis, Persis), the capital of Gedro-sia, of uncertain position, hut assigned by Arrian to the R. bank of Arbis fl. More probably inland, S.e. of Rhagrea. Pukata, a town of the Sorse, Ind., on Cha-

beris fl., R., below Tennagora. Purgum, a town of Noricum, 5 m. from

Faviana, Buryk,

Pl'rpurari.e ins., isl. of Africa, .in the At­lantic, N. of Fortunatse ins. Named from the purple-manufactories established there by Juba. Madeira, fyc. Putea, a town of Syrtica regio, bet. Tu-malleni turres and Ad Templurn, S.e. of Zuchis.

Putxa ntgra, a town of the Psylli, in Africa Prop., on Syrtis Maj., bet. Astiagi and Euphranta.

Putka pallexe, a maritime town of Syr­tica reg., bet. Zuchis and Zitha. Puteolanus sin., an inlet of Cumanus sin.,

bet. Puteoli and Mysenum prom. Puteoi.i, " wells" (Dicjearchia), the E. port of Cumae, in Campania, on Cumanus sin., ?, m. S.e. from Curme. A settlement of fearaians. A col. of Nero. It was named Puteoli about the period of Hannibal, from the sulphureous exhalations about it. Pozzuoli. Puteus, a village of Gsetulia, on Tritonis

palus, bet. Mahatanzar and Aggcrsel. Putput (Pupput), a town of Zcugitana, on Neapolitanus sin., bet. Neapohs and Orasse. flamamet ? Pycxus rt., a r. of Crete. Pvdes, a town of Pisidia. Pydxa, I. Lyciee, i. q. Cydna. II. a town of Pieria, in Macedonia, on the Leucus fl., at its junction with the vEson fl., bet. Dium (20) and Methone (5). Noted for the definitive victory of Paulus yKmilius over the Macedonians under Perseus. Kitros.

Pvglla, " piles" (Phygcla, " flight"), a tov.-n of Ionia, on the coast, bet. Ephesus uud Neapolis. Built by some deserters

from Agamemnon, 1186 B.c. Noted for its wine. Here was a temple of Diana Munychia.

Pyl.e, I. a town of Arcadia. II. of Anco-baritis, Mes., on the Euphrates, bet. Tza-miesopolis and Ozogarda. Pyl.e sarmatic^, a defile of Caucasus, bet.

the Sanari and the Diduni. Pyl^ stride, a defile of Cilicia Campestris, in Amauus m., bet. Alexandria ad Issum and Antiochia.

Pyljemenia, a name of Paphlagonia. Pylene, a town of yEtolia, on the Corinthia-cus sin., s.w. of Chalcis, the inhabitants of which removed to Proschium. Pyi.leum, a town of Thessaly. Pylox, a fortress of the Dassaretee, in Illy-ria, on the borders of Macedonia, bet. Scirtiana (4) and Nicia (11). Pylora ins., an isl. of Carmania, in Persicus

sin., Tv. of Asaborum prom. Pylorus, a town of Crete. Pylos, I. a town of Epea, in Elis, 10 m. E. from the capital, 12 m. from Olympia, at the foot of Pholoe m., towards the source of Peneus fl. Founded by Pylus of Me-gara. Portes. II. of Triphylia, in Elis, on Amathus fl., 3f m. from its mouth, s.w. of Macistus. The royal city of Nes­tor. Pifikini. III. ofMessenia, at the foot of .^gialcusm., s.w. The earlier portion founded by Pylus, son of ^Eeson; the later portion, built by Demosthenes the Athenian, stood on Coryphasiuin prom. Pi/la, and Old Navarino. Pyra, the spot in Maliensis in Thessaly, on (Eta m., on Dyras fl., where Hercules lay down on the funeral pyre., a Greek town of the Ausones, in La-tium, on the coast bet. Formire and Min-turnre.

Pvr.-ka lacus, a sacred grove of Achaia, on Asopus fl., near Titane, in which were a grove and temple of the Furies. Pyrama, Ciciliae, i. q. Pirina. Pyramus, I. fl., a r. of Cilicia Campestris, rising in Cataonia, near Cucusus, and, after forcing a passage through Taurus m., fall­ing into Issicus sin., formerly near Mallus, but now 23 m. further E. ; a change ef­fected by the enormous quantities of mud carried down by its strong and rapid cur­rent. Gihooii. II. a village of Cilicia Cam­pestris, above Scrrepolis. Pyranthus, a village of Crete, near Gortys. Pyrasus, the harbour of Thebse Phthiotica, 2£ m. from the city, on Pagasaeus sin. In ruins in Strabo's time. Pyrea, a district of Thessaly. Pybex.ea, a town of Locris.

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